2015 • 138 minutes
106 reviews
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About this movie

Daanish and Akshara go to a voice hospital to get his check-up done, but doctors declare that his vocal chords are fully paralyzed and are unable to be treated. But, they assure him that with their advanced technology, Daanish could have a 'voice transfer'. They fit a chip inside Daanish's larynx with which a person could transfer their voice into the chip, and when the person would speak, the words would also come from Daanish's mouth. They set out to search for a person who could speak for Daanish every time, when they come across an old drunkard, Amitabh Sinha (Amitabh Bachchan), lying on the footpath. Amitabh also wanted to become an actor but was rejected because of his looks.

Ratings and reviews

106 reviews
Vraj Joshi
August 22, 2015
best movie ever...Greatest story and awsomness of AB sir and Dhanush also best....Too nice movie
16 people found this review helpful
Aditya Singh
August 20, 2015
AB at his best. Dhanush plays his role flawlessly. Great movie. 😊
6 people found this review helpful
Geeta Winsome
September 12, 2015
Loved the actors, hated the unrealistic story line.