Henri Henri (English Subtitles)

2014 • 99 minutes
5 reviews
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About this movie

(FRENCH VERSION WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES) Henri attends to the upkeep of the lights and lamps in the convent where he has been living since early childhood. Orphaned and forgotten by all, Henri is timid and withdrawn. One day, he is forced to leave the protective walls of the institution and is suddenly sent out into a world that is foreign to him. Led by his naivety, he tries to bring light into the lives of people who are, like him, alone. He especially tries to revive the fire in Helene's heart, the beautiful box office clerk, who lives in an obscure world and who Henri is secretly in love with.

Ratings and reviews

5 reviews
Ricardo Meloni Martins Rosado
October 25, 2021
Why can't we rent or buy this movie of we're located in Brazil? I've seen this movie once on My French Festival 2014 and never had the chance to watch it again.
Pat Lee
July 18, 2021
J'ai adoré chaque seconde de ce film lumineux. C'est un feel good movie.