2015 • 12 minutes
5.38K reviews
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About this movie

An Interstellar x Google Play collaboration. Building off the themes of Interstellar, this short film weaves submissions from people around the world into a story celebrating the human experience on Earth. Directed by David Brodie and creative directed by Angus Wall, the film will serve as a time capsule that shows future generations what life on Earth was like, should we leave this planet.

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5.38K reviews
Kurt Lehman
February 8, 2017
This film holds great value with how it can make us be present in life's little moments, cutting out a slice of life that we hold dear, and really think about what we love on this planet--by the memories we cherish most. As some of the reviews allude, it has a side to it that could be interpreted as if there's bleak intention as to where the human race may wind up in the future; this movie can either be inspiring or depressing, depending on your own perspective and where you choose to take it . . . sort of in the way that a masterpiece affects different people. As a TV producer, I'm not discrediting its effective merit by saying I felt that in the short time of this documentary, there could have been excerpts that had gone deeper and been even more contextually contrasting and dynamic--going further to elicit the human spirit and touch the human soul even more.
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Joel Huffstutler
March 17, 2015
I found this film interesting for its portrayal of the diversity and variety on this planet, but its view of the future is bleak and hopeless. The glory of humanity is not in itself but in the Creator who made us in his image. Hope for the future lies not ultimately in us but in the One who will make all things new. Read the book of Revelation and realize that there is an appointed end of this earth. It has to do with Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, whose kingdom is coming.
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M. A. Griesser
January 18, 2018
This was nicely done, produced professionally, top notch quality...but that's all I can say about it in a positive light. It was 10 minutes of pictures a d video clips of children playing, people working in 3rd world countries with nature images of earth and space alternated in the mix. It was noninformational, it didn't move me at all. I honestly feel like I wasted my time. Sorry but I'm only being honest
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