The Matrix Resurrections

2021 • 147 minutes
129 reviews
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About this movie

From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections ,” the long-awaited fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity.
129 reviews
Darken Rahl
May 21, 2022
A 1.5 star for at least making a "movie" no matter how stupid it is. I have never seen so many people check their watches or look at their phones through 90% of a movie like we all did with this one. When it was serious, everyone laughed, when it was funny, we all cringed. What a terrible way to "Resurrect" an already dying franchise and somehow make it die even faster. Giving this a full 5 star will just show everyone how stupid and out of touch you really are.
Bear “OSTBear”
March 20, 2022
It wasn't as revolutionary as the first trilogy, but nothing was ever going to be. There's not been a seen since that first bullet time that will hit that level of awe and wonder, and there probably won't ever be. The movie expertly rides the line of breaking the fourth wall by acknowledging that it's a nostalgia sequel, and does a pretty good job of telling a new narrative in the same world. Some beats fall flat, like the explanation of the machine war, what's motivated the machines to turn on each other, or the ending. Overall it was an ok movie, and definitely worth the price of the rental but perhaps not the price of a purchase.
Ibrahim Downey
January 22, 2022
A brilliant, exciting master of a follow-up movie. Excellent storyline that follows the theme of the other movies nicely. While some parts did not match completely they were in line with where the movie had to go... I give them that... and they pieced together the story very smoothly and in the end it was connection between Trinity and Neo that created the power of the One... I totally enjoyed this flick and would encourage everyone else to do so too. It started with them and ended with them and that is absolutely fitting. :-) I will be looking to watch it again soon... it is now one of my favourites.