The Hoarder

2016 • 85 minutes
62 reviews
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About this movie

Deep in the lower levels of a storage unit, Ella and a half dozen customers discover theres more than old furniture being locked away. A relentless psychopath has started his own collection and unless they find a way out, theyll never see the light of another day.

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62 reviews
Lori Switala
August 2, 2016
The only good actor was the lead, Ella. Could have been a decent movie if some real good money was thrown at the script, the cameras, the music, the actors and the director. Seemed more like a student project. Huge waste of money. With a capital HUGE!
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Sunny Scott
May 14, 2020
The Descent in a bunch of storage units. Who goes to a place like this with a candle and a Zippo lighter? Just because you can rent something for 99 cents doesn't mean you should.
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Lisa French
April 6, 2016
Everybody has a secret in this sucker...To many twists, Messed up ending! You can tell a man wrote this, was even a waste of time watching for free...ugh!!!
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