2019 • 70 minutes
5 reviews
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Kaikasha Mirza just removed her burka for the first time and now is battling against the harsh judgment of her community and family as she strives to become one of the only Muslims ever selected for the prestigious Mumbai Senior Women’s Cricket Team.

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5 reviews
Maria Munro
March 25, 2020
The film is about Kaikasha Mirza who is one of the only Muslim women cricketers in the massive city of Mumbai, India, and she is attempting to follow her dreams of making the prestigious Mumbai Senior Women's cricket team. What's remarkable is that Kaikasha is doing this all after just recently being allowed to remove her burka so that she can play the sport. Soon after we learn that young Kaikasha will only be allowed two years to make it professionally in the sport or else her parents will arrange her marriage, which would almost assuredly end her ability to play the sport. Now all of Kaikasha's hopes rest on the upcoming tryouts. This is just in the first half of the film! Purdah also delves into the fascinating lives of Kaikasha's sisters who experience their own struggles for personal freedoms as young Muslim women in Mumbai. It's a rarity that a documentary has so much going on and I found myself so invested in these women's stories. I didn't know much about cricket or even the lives of Muslim women in India, but I learned so much by watching this family and Purdah is really more of a slice of life about dreams, tragedy, and perseverance. It's a well made film with gorgeous cinematography and an equally interesting original score. This is really a great indie documentary that I enjoyed and I highly recommend that you give it a watch.
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November 2, 2019
Purdah (Burkha) is an emotionally bold, powerful and poignant story that leaves you wanting more. It follows the life of Kaikasha as she goes through several struggles in order to play the sport that she loves and is extremely good at, in a country that forces all women to wear a headscarf with no questions asked. Her father is adamant at first about her decision to pursue her dreams but then changes his mind, supporting his daughter despite facing criticism from family and the community. Many sad yet uplifting situations occur afterwards as the film progresses which makes it an interesting watch from start to end. Visually compelling, great storytelling. It's a must see for sure.
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Movie Dude
July 2, 2019
Purdah is a great film. The documentary is a really inspiring and dramatic story of three sisters in India who have to take on a mountain of obstacles. The girls are really charismatic and you can't help but root for them. I found myself both laughing with them at times and then crying for them at other times. This movie has some very big surprises in it. I highly recommend seeing this film as it is a beautiful looking film that transports you to a place and people that I would never otherwise learn about. The documentary is particularly timely nowadays too, given all of the controversy over proposed Muslim bans and even burka bans in some places. Purdah is a film for anyone who likes great documentaries, stories about strong willed women, or wants to learn more about different cultures. Watch it!
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