DCU: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

2013 • 81 minutes
6.38K reviews
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About this movie

We all wish for the chance to go back in time and change the things. For The Flash, that coveted chance is within reach. He traverses time to right a violent, decades-past crime against his mother, but the ripples of his good intentions prove disastrous, as a fractured, alternate reality now exists in place of the familiar one. Stumbling through this twisted reality where even Superman is nowhere to be found, The Flash seeks the trusted wisdom of Batman, only to find a grittier, more violent Dark Knight in his place. Together with the help of Cyborg, they race to restore the continuity of Flash's original timeline while this new world is ravaged by a fierce war between Wonder Woman's Amazons and the Atlanteans, led by a battle hardened Aquaman. With breath taking action and an all-star voice cast featuring Kevin Conroy, C. Thomas Howell and Dana Delany, it's a bold, emotional vision that will forever change the landscape of the DC Universe!
6.38K reviews
Glen Foster
March 1, 2015
I love to see how different these could be with some changes in their lives. And how one hero may be enough to help them make a difference. They did a really good job of following the Flashpoint crises. I'm also the biggest fan of The Flash (Barry Allen) there is. I'm not a fan of the animation though.
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Rovindra Singh
May 19, 2014
It's always great to see the spotlight passed to another DC Universe Hero. The Flash did not disappoint as the leading role. Many would think only Batman or Superman are worthy of a full fledged movie but this just proves that the other well known superheroes can too. I personally love the Flash so to see him in this leading role just makes this awesome. The storyline was superb, can't go wrong with altered timelines and what better way to tap into that other than the speed of the Flash! A Must see!
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Anthony KR
October 31, 2014
Time travel stories are a hard sell; once I know that's part of a story I let suspension of belief kick in and just sit back to enjoy. And enjoy I did! I never read the comic series this film is based on, but I knew the gist of the story. I won't give the details away, but just imagine the DC Universe grimmer and darker than the one in The Dark Knight Returns... The film is very violent (one of the few DC animations that has blood I think), with an adult story, but one that's basically about a boy's love for his mother. A few quibbles: some of the voice acting seemed a bit off. I had no idea it was Vanessa Marshall as WW, and I watched the JL and JL:U show often. Not a fan of Sam Daly as Supes. Also, there were some minor mistakes in animation (busted glasses in one scene, fixed seconds later, or blood missing and then appearing). Overall though, if you're a comics/animation fan (very kinetic action that flowed well here) or just love a fun time travel tale, I would highly suggest this film! However, it's definitely not for the kiddos. Watch it first!
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