2021 • 99 minutes
6 reviews
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About this movie

Founder of Wellness Engineering and ​New York Times​ Bestselling author Jonathan Bailor shares how personal tragedy led him to dedicate his life to finding a better way to eat, think, and live that reverses the causes and symptoms of diabetes and obesity (Diabesity). Featuring expert interviews on-location at Harvard Medical School with Dr. David Ludwig, Dr. JoAnn Manson, Dr. Kirsten Davison, and Dr. John Ratey, along with intimate testimonials of everyday Americans, we see the pain and struggle of the old-fashioned and ineffective "calories in, calories out" model, expose the lies that led to it, and provide a proven, practical, and pleasurable alternative. BETTER​ culminates in offering a proven path toward better living by introducing revolutionary methods to lower the body weight "Setpoint" through simple, evidence-based solutions that everyone can use to optimize their current diet (ex. keto, vegan, paleo, kosher, halal, etc.) to prevent and reverse many of today's most common diseases.

Ratings and reviews

6 reviews
Jessica Davis
June 11, 2021
Not just the most groundbreaking information but also an incredibly healing film that opens our eyes to the reality that those struggling with diabetes and obesity are not flawed or broken. We must treat diabetes as the disease it is rather than as a character flaw!
Paul Metaxas
May 30, 2021
Clean information, the best intentions. An olive branch and extended hand for those warring with "diabesty" and by extension-- themselves. Two thumbs up.
Nicole Ovchinnikova
January 19, 2022
Very motivating