The Operative

2017 • 99 minutes
7 reviews
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About this movie

Rookie Alex Hark’s tireless determination has earned him a spot on one of the most elite industrial espionage teams in the world. His mentor Daniel Frost believes he is destined for greatness if he can just trust his eyes and ears. On his first mission Alex serves as a lookout. He must keep the street clear. Alex softens when a woman needs help into the building, but only moments later Alex listens over the radio as his entire team is killed. When he returns to the safe house his superiors listen to the recording of the mission and assume Alex is the killer. Escaping torture, Alex finds himself on the run in a foreign country with only the recording to guide him. He must find the woman who killed his mentor, the one man who believed in him. After finding safety with Daniel s old friend Brana and his granddaughter Anja, Alex begins to piece together what happened in that room by listening to the recording. An unidentified sound sends him back to the original location of the mission for answers. Alex discovers that Daniel s closest allies betrayed him and he must track them down to avenge his beloved mentor.

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7 reviews
Leticia Augusto
September 14, 2017
I fell asleep twice trying to watch this movie
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