LA 92

2017 • 114 minutes
368 reviews
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Twenty-five years after the verdict in the Rodney King trial sparked several days of protests and violence in Los Angeles, LA 92 immerses viewers in that tumultuous period through stunning and rarely-seen footage. Produced by Oscar winner Simon Chinn and Emmy winner Jonathan Chinn and directed by Oscar winners Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the film brings a fresh perspective to a pivotal moment.
368 reviews
May 7, 2017
I followed the riots as a kid from the pages of Newsweek and evening network news updates. Many images, video clips, and harrowing accounts have surfaced over the years - more recently in Facebook videos that reduce events down to bite-sized snippets for the ADD generation to Like. Nothing captures in whole, the utter chaos and despair of LA that this documentary fits in its two hour run-length. Welcome, are the few cries of peace from decent citizens in the intense second half.
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A Google user
May 5, 2017
I was in college when this happened---watching this video brought back a wave of memories. I was typical white college kid going to school in Colorado when those cops were acquitted and I was mad, EVERYONE I knew was MAD---I cannot even imagine what African-Americans felt when hearing the verdict. The cause of the riots getting so out-of-control was a a direct result of police refusing to go into those certain neighborhoods at the onset of the anger----really the cops actions, or lack thereof, were a fire accelerant. They watched from the sidelines as people trashed their own neighborhoods; the police wanted these poor black people who had just been slapped in the face again, suffer the indignity of not even having a home left after the LA Police Dept. was done with their passive-aggressive plan to annihilate an entire community of people This the best doc I have seen of any of the documentaries on the 1992 riots as it does a great job of showing that the cops were just as much to blame for the destruction caused by the riots as the rioters themselves.
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Stephen Jacewicz
May 23, 2017
This is the best documentary that I have ever seen in my entire life tied with Ken Burns: America's National Parks, which I've been watching. It shows what happens when unforgiveness gets into people and goes that far. It speaks to today, and it is unbelievable. It shows what happens when people don't come to The Lord, and surrender to him. It shows how vile hate is, how vile unforgiveness is, how vile favoritism is, how vile ignorance is, how vile racism is, I can go on and on. Everybody needs to see this. I really liked Let It Fall on ABC but L.A. 92 nailed it. I wasn't born yet, but after watching both documentaries, that's it for me. What happened was unbelievable and absolutely incredibly insane and maddening. I saw The Watts Riots, but 92 was definitely alot worse. And yet we continue in this, although it's not as bad. We gotta come to The Lord and stop. What do you prefer, we want PEACE or we want madness? Because the peace movement was Heavenly, and it made alot more common sense. God Bless!!
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