Secrets of the Longleaf Pine

2018 • 54 minutes
5 reviews
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“Secrets of the Longleaf Pine” tells the story of the forgotten Longleaf Pine forest that once blanketed the coastal plain of the Southeastern United States. Once comprising ninety million sprawling acres, by the 20th century, human pressures had reduced the forest to just three million. Just a tiny fraction of precious old growth remains. These remarkable patches of old growth Longleaf forest possess more biodiversity than any other ecosystem in the northern hemisphere, rivaled only by the Amazon. “Secrets of the Longleaf Pine” takes you on an unprecedented journey to examine some of the unique plants and animals that can only be found here.

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5 reviews
Sara Bruya
August 3, 2019
Living in Florida, I enjoyed learning more about this ecosystem. The documentary focuses mostly on the conservation efforts to support/restore a few native animal and plant species. I would have liked a bit more thorough info on the species of plants and animals that are only found in Longleaf Pine environments, and though some mention was made of the human uses of the pine itself, particularly after the Civil War, some other cultural aspects were missed, like the local craft traditions of pine needle basket weaving, etc. Overall, worth watching as a reminder of the importance of protecting these forests and their inhabitants!
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Cheryl Pearson
February 24, 2022
Why is there an age. Restriction. on this that’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of for plants and animals natural nature film. I’m 46 in my phone won’t even let me watch it.
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Joan Green
February 20, 2022
I would love to see it ❤️
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