The Pathological Optimist

2017 • 93 minutes
6 reviews
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The Pathological Optimist explores the controversial Andrew Wakefield, who was stripped of his medical license for his infamous study suggesting a link between vaccines and autism that sparked one of the biggest firestorms in modern medicine.

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6 reviews
Zoey Roberts
November 18, 2017
ex dr wakefield is a fraud who's studies were retracted and its an insult to all autistics as it promotes fear of autism & misinformation about vaccinations..please pull this hoaxumentary
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Will Li
May 14, 2018
Misleading or not. Dr. W. swims against the flow of sea. Pity guy. On the other hand, when money and politics are involved in medicine, stronger wins. Dr. W., you are so lonely.
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watchman on the wall
September 13, 2019
After viewing the movie, "VAXXED," I started researching vaccines, vaccine injuries, VAERS reports, and holistic doctors who treat autism. I am a new grandmother of a bi-racial baby boy, so my concerns about the increased incidence of autism among African American male children who receive the MMR on schedule have motivated me to pouring hours of reading about vaccines. I had no idea how the vaccine schedule had increased until I had a grandson. And with states legislating mandated vaccines for children, that is a total violation of civil and personal liberty. It also reveals that there is an agenda when vaccines are forced upon the populace. I'm convinced that history will prove Dr. Wakefield a hero who sacrificed his livelihood and reputation for the vaccine-injured children and their families. The corrupt corporations and federal agencies have money and power, but the truth transcends money and will prevail. This movie is a glimpse into Dr. Wakefield's personal life and the toll this travesty has taken upon his family. I love his wife--she is feisty, loyal, and protective of her husband and children. I pray that every resource he needs for the truth to come out would become available to him. This is so much bigger than Dr. Wakefield--this is for every child. He and his family are in my prayers.
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