2020 • 71 minutes
10 reviews
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PRAY: THE STORY OF PATRICK PEYTON is an inspiring documentary about a poor, uneducated Irish immigrant who sets sail for America in 1928 with nothing but his faith and dreams of becoming a millionaire. Arriving in Pennsylvania and unable to find work, he accepts the position as a janitor at the cathedral, which rekindles his long lost desire to become a priest and changes the course of his life. Nearing ordination, his life takes a radical turn when he is stricken with tuberculosis. Facing certain death, he sinks into despair. A visit from his mentor, who delivers a simple message to pray, lifts the darkness. Taking his advice to heart, Patrick prays fervently to Mary, the Mother of Christ, for her intercession and he experiences a miraculous recovery. Feeling deep gratitude, he dedicates his life to telling all the world about the power of prayer and encourages families everywhere to bring prayer into their homes. Never taking "No" for an answer, he convinces Hollywood's biggest stars to help him spread the message, "The family that prays together stays together," through the power of mass media including radio, television, and film. Father Peyton's fame spreads around the world and audiences in the millions flock to his public prayer rallies. This is the story of a tireless missionary, an unlikely hero, and one of history's greatest advocates for family prayer.
10 reviews
Sharon Hardee Jimenez
December 23, 2020
We need the story of Father Patrick Peyton in 2020 to inspire us to return to daily prayer of the rosary. Father Willy Raymond and Father David Guffey became lifelong friends when I came to them in 2010 and asked them to pray with me for a foundation I was launching to Bring Hollywood Home. They took me into Family Theater Productions in Hollywood and invited me to speak about the need to fight for jobs, family friendly film and TV, funding for independent productions, greater fairness in distributions of tax credit incentives. Without prayer and the friendship of Family Theater Theater and these wonderful priests I could not have accomplishments 10 years of advocating for children to become a priority for the industry as I spoke out about the harmful influence of Los Angeles pornography films and the violence and hopelessness Hollywood was becoming a leader in moving away from the days of Father Patrick Peyton to a darkness of human trafficking. Watching PRAY my heart is ignited to win Hollywood back to a TV and film industry that will honor the work of now Venerable Father Patrick Peyton. I urge everyone to support this film and it’s message “a family that prays together stays together.” Like Father Peyton I found the power of prayer and the leadership of friends and family Diane Ladd, Bill Duke, Edward James Olmos, Jessica Jimenez Perry, Anna Jimenez Lyle, Yuri Jimenez, Claire Mansour, Paul Cummins, Mike Butler, Jose Rojas, Tracy Saunders, Martin and Dahlia Guigui, Jonathan Sheldon, Jane Sheldon, Deborah and Garry Hobday, Bill Mundell, Jerome and Yvonne Horton, Ron and Ana Calderon, Jan Tucker, Jerry Heller, Lydia Grant, Kevin James, Terri Thomas, Gary Visconti, Charles Jimenez, and most importantly the rosary helped me to have the courage to advocate for families. Jack Mansour, I will spread the word to see Pray. What a wonderful gift in this Advent season feeling the power of Mary and Jesus.
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Mrs. Cecile Gregory
October 14, 2021
This movie is a 5 +. It reveals the absolutely simple message powerfully proclaimed by this humble servant of God, Father Patrick Peyton. Nothing could hold him back...without fear and certainly without pride or ego he went wherever he was led by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the need for us to pray to God, to beg for the intercession of our Holy Mother. The loving bond that families who pray together can achieve will make you hunger to go forward and share this message. The movie is extremely well done; will make you smile and leave you in tears.
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Tom McKenney
December 22, 2020
Such an inspiring film about an amazing man and priest who dedicated his life to sharing the power of prayer! A must see for families and those looking to be entertained and engaged in the life and works of a saint to be, Father Peyton.
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