2000 • Syfy
93 reviews
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Season 5 episodes (22)

1 The Weight (Part 1)
Dylan ends up on Seefra, where the superstitious population has no technology. Rhade is there, none too happy to see Dylan.
2 The Weight (Part 2)
Beka is dumped on Seefra after the Andromeda is stolen, and Dylan must prove the ship is his.
3 Phear Phactor Phenom
Still on Seefra, Dylan finds Harper, who has adjusted to life there, and the mysterious Doyle.
4 Decay of the Angel
It turns out Doyle is an android, built by Harper to contain Rommie's core programming. During a battle with androids from the future, a way out of Seefra is destroyed.
5 The Eschatology of Our Present
Beka wins a prize from a radio DJ, learns the truth about Seefra, and locates the Meethus Diagram - but has no idea what it does.
6 When Goes Around...
A scientist from the original Commonwealth shows up, caught in a time loop.
7 Attempting Screed
Flavin returns, sparking a gang war, and helps Dylan develop as a Paradine.
8 So Burn the Untamed Lands
A crystal that can restore the Andromeda's power is discovered, but in order to get it, Dylan must work for the mine's owner - who uses slave labor.
9 What Will Be Was Not
Tunnels are discovered on Seefra which can be used to reach eight other Seefra planets.
10 The Test
When an old man is killed, Beka, Rhade, and Harper are the main suspects and stand trial.
11 Through a Glass Darkly
Rhade leads the rebels in battle against a warlord on Seefra-5. A scientist previously thought dead helps Harper rebuild the quantum teleporter.
12 Pride Before the Fall
Dylan discovers that Beka's boyfriend was really Drago Musevini, and he used Beka's DNA to create the Nietzscheans. She is their Alpha Matriarch.
13 Moonlight Becomes You
Beka and Rhade find a test that will either grant them great wealth, or drive them to madness.
14 Past is Prolix
Harper discovers a program that can destroy eight of the Seefra planets, killing millions. Trance tries to stop this.
15 The Opposites of Attraction
While Harper works on a way to save the Seefra system, a spy sneaks aboard Andromeda and attacks Beka.
16 Saving Light From a Black Sun
An attempt is made to fix the blinking sun of Seefra, but Trance is replaced by a doppelganger.
17 Totaled Recall
When Dylan is badly injured in a lab explosion, he travels through a series of alternate realities.
18 Quantum Tractate Delirium
Rommie is rebuilt to help evacuate the Seefra system.
19 One More Day's Light
A warlord convinces his followers that the approaching destruction of the outer planets is a plot to make it easier to loot their planet.
20 Chaos and the Stillness of It
Dylan, Rhade, and Beka work together to rescue Trance from Methus-2 and Harper from General Burma.
21 The Heart of the Journey (Part 1)
The crew finally makes it out of the Seefra system, and discover that Dylan is the only Paradine left; the World Ship wasn't destroyed; and Nietzscheans have begun their plan to destroy Earth.
22 The Heart of the Journey (Part 2)
In the series finale, the final battle to save the New Systems Commonwealth begins.

About this show

The long night has come. The Systems Commonwealth, the greatest civilization in history, has fallen. Now, one ship, one crew, have vowed to drive back the night and rekindle the light of civilization. On the starship Andromeda, hope lives again.

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93 reviews
Brenda Bisbiglia
November 22, 2018
I love this show and this is the only season that I've bought through Google play movies because the app I was watching it on didn't work any more it was called movie play box plus. But anyway the show in it's self is great I liked all the other seasons too 👍
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Jason Eldred
April 22, 2018
Never understood why this show got lost to history. It changed show runners a couple of times and doesn't make a very cohesive series, but I'd put it up against TNG or other Syfy favorites any day.
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Michael Lacurtis
September 24, 2019
Now this is another sci-fi sitcom that i liked.I was sadden that this too had stopped coming on.
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