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The Complete Fifth Season episodes (22)

1 No Compromises
As Captain Elizabeth Lochley takes command of Babylon 5, Sheridan is inaugurated as president of the InterStellar Alliance. A telepath thwarts an assassination attempt on Sheridan.
2 The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari
During a heart attack, Londo experiences an epiphany and apologizes to G'Kar. Lennier surprises Delenn with unwelcome news: he is quitting as her aide.
3 The Paragon Of Animals
Military crises threaten the ongoing formation of the InterStellar Alliance, but Sheridan asserts its power. Sheridan wants to use the telepaths for information gathering.
4 A View From The Gallery
An alien attack on Babylon 5 is viewed from the perspective of two lowly maintenance workers.
5 Learning Curve
Delenn receives a status report from the Rangers on Minbar. A Ranger-in-training visits Babylon 5 and fights a powerful criminal. Lochley has some surprising secrets in her past, including the fact that she fought on the side of the corrupt Earth government against Sheridan in the recent war.
6 Strange Relations
The secret of Sheridan and Lochley's past marriage is revealed. Psi Corps cop Bester tracks down the rogue telepaths. Londo's life is endangered, and G'Kar is assigned as Londo's bodyguard.
7 Secrets Of The Soul
A telepath is assaulted, and the others vow revenge. The Hyach are hiding their medical history, and Dr. Franklin tries to find out why.
8 Day Of The Dead
A comedy team (comedic magicians PENN & TELLER) visits Babylon 5. During a macabre alien celebration, station residents meet spirits of the dead.
9 In The Kingdom Of The Blind
Byron and other telepaths seek a homeworld of their own. On Centauri Prime, Londo's friend is murdered, and Londo fears for his own life.
10 A Tragedy Of Telepaths
Lochley asks Bester for help in dealing with a group of telepaths who have locked themselves in an area of Downbelow. The telepath resistance becomes violent. Alliance members accuse each other of the recent shipping attacks. G'Kar finds his former aide in a Centauri prison.
11 Phoenix Rising
The fight with Byron's followers gains intensity. Garibaldi and Dr. Franklin are inside the medlab when it is seized. The telepath crisis eventually comes to a horrific end, and Garibaldi swears a personal vendetta on Bester.
12 The Ragged Edge
Garibaldi is sent to retrieve a witness to the shipping line attacks from the Drazi homeworld. G'Kar returns to the station and finds he is a revered religious figure after his book is published.
13 The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father
While tracking an unstable telepath trainee on Babylon 5, Bester instructs two interns on the motives of the Psi Corps.
14 Meditations On The Abyss
Vir learns he is the new Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5. Lennier travels to the Centauri border for evidence linking them to the attacks on shipping lines. Sheridan attempts to preserve peace among the agitated Alliance members.
15 Darkness Ascending
Lennier's discovery of the Centauri's involvement in the shipping line attacks promises to cause all-out war. Lyta makes a deal with G'Kar to find a home for the telepaths. Garibaldi's alcoholism worsens.
16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Sheridan announces the Centauris' guilt. After a boycott is issued against them, they recede from the alliance and threaten to use force. Londo finds trouble when he returns home with G'Kar. Garibaldi takes on an awesome responsibility.
17 Movements Of Fire And Shadow
The seemingly purposeless Centauri attacks culminate in a bizarre and terrifying climax. The White Star fleet joins the war, while Minbari decides to help Earth build a destroyer-class ship.
18 The Fall Of Centauri Prime
Londo discovers that the Drakhs are really behind the war, planning to alienate the Centauris from the alliance. He also learns his fate. Sheridan searches for Delenn's lost ship.
19 The Wheel Of Fire
Lyta is arrested for terrorism, while the number of G'Kar's worshippers begins to grow. Garibaldi makes a decision after Sheridan confronts him about his alcoholism.
20 Objects In Motion
Lise and Michael learn they are the targets of an assassin, and G'Kar prepares to leave.
21 Objects At Rest
The end of 2262 brings many changes to Babylon 5. Amidst farewells and new beginnings, disaster occurs as Sheridan and Delenn travel to their new home, Minbar, where the alliance headquarters is located.
22 Sleeping In Light
The series finale. Twenty years after the formation of the InterStellar Alliance, Sheridan summons his dearest surviving friends for a bittersweet reunion.

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In 2259, Babylon 5's captain declares the station an independent state and forms a war council to battle the evil Shadows--and their allies on Earth.
917 reviews
Mari Adkins
November 6, 2017
this is how to write and air a tv show. JMS knows how to write and direct a story. that he wrote a four season arc with a heart-wrenching but beautiful and appropriate is something he should be praised for. In many ways, it's a shame that the fifth season had to be written and tacked on. however, it neither took away from the series nor added anything to it. Sleeping in the Light will always be the best episode of anything i've ever seen on television. i've been a fan of B5 since the first movies and the pilot aired. it's perfect as is. and i thank JMS for giving us this amazing gift.
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Amara MacLeod
June 26, 2015
Nothing compares to this series. It holds up brilliantly in rewatch value and the Story is fantasticly woven. Pull one thread of plot and it would all unravel. Even in the last two seasons that were uncertain of renewal. SyFy has destroyed all space series. We need Joe back.... With the right people, at the right place, at the right time. All alone in the night.
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A Google user
January 17, 2015
Back in the mid-90's when episodic television was king, along came Babylon 5 and creator J. Michael Straczynski's idea to tell a novel on television. Framed as a full story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, JMS was able to tell a sprawling story that showed that the Star Trek mentality of a perfect-society and reset buttons aplenty did not have to define science fiction television (disclaimer: I love Star Trek, up until Voyager, but too many shows followed the Star Trek formula, which was becoming cliched). Shows such as the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, where the problems the characters faced one episode continued to affect them for many episodes/seasons, had Babylon 5 to thank for setting the bar. Yes, the graphics seem dated, but that's true of many sci-fi shows, as they all rely on special effects, a field in which breakthroughs are occurring very quickly. And, yes, JMS' dialogue does veer into cheesy/boring territory. And, yes, the fight choreography is questionable. I prefer to view all of these as quirks which add to my love of the show!
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