Babylon 5

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The Complete First Season episodes (22)

1 Midnight on the Firing Line
Sinclair tries to calm things down after a Narn attack on a peaceful Centauri agricultural colony rekindles old hatreds.
2 Soul Hunter
Babylon 5's alien residents fear the alien soul hunter Sinclair rescues from a disabled spaceship is there to steal their soul.
3 Born to the Purple
Londo falls for a nightclub dancer who tries to get confidential information from him.
4 Infection
An artifact brought onto Babylon 5 by Dr. Franklin's mentor turns his assistant into a killing machine.
5 The Parliament of Dreams
An assassin stalks G'Kar while a conference on the religious beliefs of various alien cultures takes place. Sinclair meets an old girlfriend.
6 Mind War
Talia's former lover and teacher, who can kill with pure thought, flees from the cops and ends up on Babylon 5.
7 The War Prayer
Susan meets her old lover who is now part of a pro-Earth terrorist group that plans to kill an alien ambassador on Babylon 5.
8 And The Sky Full of Stars
Two mysterious men kidnap Sinclair in hopes of learning what happened during his 24-hour blackout at the Battle of the Line.
9 Deathwalker
A war criminal, whose experiments on sentient beings have lead to an immortality serum, comes to Babylon 5.
10 Believers
Dr. Franklin is troubled when the religious beliefs of a boy's parents prevent him from performing a life-saving operation on him.
11 Survivors
Garibaldi is framed for causing a fatal explosion.
12 By Any Means Necessary
The dock workers strike, crippling the station, after a shuttle bay accident kills one of them.
13 Signs And Portents
Londo finds a sacred Centauri relic. Pirate attacks on transport ships become more brazen.
14 TKO
Babylon 5 hosts a deadly martial arts competition. Susan's family rabbi helps her deal with her father's death.
15 Grail
A man who has spent his life searching for the Holy Grail arrives on Babylon 5.
16 Eyes
An investigation is begun on Babylon 5 by a bitter Earth Force special investigator that may remove Sinclair as commander.
17 Legacies
The disappearance of a young Minbari warrior's warriors threatens peace on Babylon 5. Ivanova tries to stop the PSI Corps from getting a telepathic woman.
18 A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1
Remnants of an ancient civilization found on the dead planet Babylon 5 orbits could lead to the station's destruction. First of a two-part episode.
19 A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2
Remnants of an ancient civilization found on the dead planet Babylon 5 orbits could lead to the station's destruction. Second of a two-part episode.
20 Babylon Squared
Babylon 4, which disappeared four years ago, suddenly reappears and its crew has no idea what year it is.
21 The Quality of Mercy
A doctor who uses an alien device to cure any ailment meets Dr. Franklin. Londo and Lennier go out for a night on the town.
22 Chrysalis
Garibaldi discovers a plot to assassinate the Earth president and is shot. Sinclair, who asks Catherine to marry him, learns about the hole in his mind from Delenn before she enters a chrysalis state.

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In 2259, Babylon 5's captain declares the station an independent state and forms a war council to battle the evil Shadows--and their allies on Earth.

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916 reviews
Mari Adkins
November 6, 2017
this is how to write and air a tv show. JMS knows how to write and direct a story. that he wrote a four season arc with a heart-wrenching but beautiful and appropriate is something he should be praised for. In many ways, it's a shame that the fifth season had to be written and tacked on. however, it neither took away from the series nor added anything to it. Sleeping in the Light will always be the best episode of anything i've ever seen on television. i've been a fan of B5 since the first movies and the pilot aired. it's perfect as is. and i thank JMS for giving us this amazing gift.
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Amara MacLeod
June 26, 2015
Nothing compares to this series. It holds up brilliantly in rewatch value and the Story is fantasticly woven. Pull one thread of plot and it would all unravel. Even in the last two seasons that were uncertain of renewal. SyFy has destroyed all space series. We need Joe back.... With the right people, at the right place, at the right time. All alone in the night.
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A Google user
January 17, 2015
Back in the mid-90's when episodic television was king, along came Babylon 5 and creator J. Michael Straczynski's idea to tell a novel on television. Framed as a full story, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, JMS was able to tell a sprawling story that showed that the Star Trek mentality of a perfect-society and reset buttons aplenty did not have to define science fiction television (disclaimer: I love Star Trek, up until Voyager, but too many shows followed the Star Trek formula, which was becoming cliched). Shows such as the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, where the problems the characters faced one episode continued to affect them for many episodes/seasons, had Babylon 5 to thank for setting the bar. Yes, the graphics seem dated, but that's true of many sci-fi shows, as they all rely on special effects, a field in which breakthroughs are occurring very quickly. And, yes, JMS' dialogue does veer into cheesy/boring territory. And, yes, the fight choreography is questionable. I prefer to view all of these as quirks which add to my love of the show!
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