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Barbie It Takes Two

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Vol. 2 episodes (13)

1 We've Got Magic To Do
Performing as assistants to an awkward party magician, a mishap onstage forces Malibu and Brooklyn embark on a wild chase to rescue his prized pigeon, while Rafa and his young cousin Izzy set out on a mission to book the girls better gigs.
2 Cut It Out
Malibu" and "Brooklyn" agree to let The Dash make a movie about their singing duo for an upcoming film festival, but it's a total disaster and could ruin their career before it even starts!
3 Studio Sleuths
When things at the recording studio suddenly start disappearing – including "Brooklyn's" phone, with "Brooklyn" and "Malibu" latest music on it – the girls become amateur detectives, with the help of Rafa and "Malibu's" sisters back home, and EVERYONE is a suspect.
4 For The Record
After accidentally breaking one of Kel's rare record albums, "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" turn to Jacks, Jayla and Lyla for back-up as they take off on a comedic romp across the city to replace it!
5 Knock It Off
When "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" decide to start their own business instead of doing odd jobs for other people, they suddenly find themselves in direct competition with The Dash, setting off an escalation of crazier and crazier sales tactics.
6 Costuned Capers
Performing as costumed characters in Times Square, "Brooklyn" and "Malibu" find themselves caught in a case of mistaken identity when two pranksters wearing the same outfits cause trouble around the city.
7 Cupis Shuffle
When "Brooklyn" and "Malibu", members of Handler's Spring Dance planning committee, are struggling to boost ticket sales, a letter "Malibu" receives from Ken inspires a creative solution… until an accidental mix-up results in them scrambling to set things straight!
8 Team No Screens
Epiphany challenges "Malibu", "Brooklyn", Daisy and Rafa to unplug from their electronic devices during a 24-hour camping trip outside the city, but when a talent booker urgently calls the café with a huge concert offer, Epiphany and Stefan race to find their phoneless friends!
9 Festival Fiasco
The West Coast Roberts plan to enjoy a fun-filled weekend at a California music and food festival, where "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" are set to perform their biggest gig yet and George hopes to win the annual chili-cookoff…BUT unexpected complications put everyone's plans in jeopardy!
10 Buddy's Is Booming
Business is bad at Buddy's Café, so "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" call their popstar pal Emmie to help save the place with some social media buzz, but the results may be too good for the small café to handle.
11 To Dye For
When "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" help Rafa dye some costumes, their skin accidently turns green from head to toe, right before a huge commercial audition.
12 Game Over
Needing more cash to pay for the last song on their demo, "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" decide to compete on a wacky game show, but get more -- and less – than they bargained for.
13 Race To The Finish
Both "Malibu" and "Brooklyn" get help from their friends and family to find Otto Phoenix and deliver their music demo before heading to California for the summer, but encounter a series of wild, unexpected obstacles.

About this show

Barbie Malibu and Barbie Brooklyn attend a performing arts high school in NYC for a year. They embrace their new life and adventures as besties including a job walking dogs to save up for their first record demo, delivering pastries which is not always sweet. Malibu gets homesick and as friends they always find ways to help each other out over 13 entertaining episodes.

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