Hardcore Pawn
Season 8

Season 8

1. Seth's Return

Dec 17, 2013
Les is devastated when he suspects Seth of doing deals behind his back with a competitor. Can he lure his son back to American Jewelry, or will their confrontation ultimately split the family apart for good? Plus, Ashley gets spooked by a skeleton rock band, Bobby J tosses the pigskin for a big win, and a vintage Dick Tracy radio watch leads to a very surprising offer from Les.

2. Fishing for Trouble

Dec 24, 2013
Les and Ashley get reeled in by the World's Largest Fishing Lure, but Seth thinks it will be a tough sell. Will they hook a big sale with this one of a kind piece? Or find themselves all washed up by the end of the day? Plus, things get physical when Byron is pushed too far, and Les squares off with a hot headed hillbilly.

3. Scent of Deception

Dec 31, 2013
When Ashley smells weed in the warehouse, the hunt is on to find out who is getting high at work. Will Les's big cash reward bring out the snitches? Or will Seth's plan to drug test their employees reveal the culprit? Plus, Les takes a ride on a sweet custom three wheeled motorbike, and a potential Picasso comes through the door at American Jewelry and Loan.

4. Growing Pains

Jan 7, 2014
Les is always on the lookout for deals, but when he hears about a hook up for truckloads of brand new goods, he makes a move that could change the store forever. Later, Seth takes a spin on a bar stool racer, Bobby J saddles up to a bucking bull, and Les goes toe to toe with a wanna be Liberace.

5. Daddy Daughter Dance

Jan 14, 2014
When Ashley snags a deal away from Les right under his nose, the family decides to hold a father daughter sales competition, with Seth as the judge. Can Ashley hustle hard enough to beat her father, the master? Or will Les sound the alarm on a huge last minute deal for the win? Plus, Bobby J goes for a dangerous ride he won't soon forget, and Seth calls in a favor from an old friend when some creepy Friday the 13th merchandise comes through the door.

6. Drama Online, Part 1

Jan 21, 2014
When Seth needs help in the online department, Les volunteers Ashley - who immediately oversteps by putting a rare Olympic torch from Seth's personal collection up for sale. When the item goes MIA, all hell breaks loose with the store's reputation and a lot of money on the line. Plus, Les gets his hands on some petrified animal anatomy that he may wish he never picked up and helps a tongue tied customer negotiate a sweet deal on a creepy Gothic Hope Chest.

7. Drama Online, Part 2

Jan 28, 2014
After tearing through the online department, Ashley has to face the consequences when her rash instruction leads to the destruction of an important shipment.?Plus, Seth takes a ride in a hovercraft, and Les puts up his dealing dukes to do business with Muhammad Ali Jr.

8. Seth's Soft Side

Feb 11, 2014
A valuable guitar strikes a special chord in Seth, a customer tries to buy a fancy watch with questionable coin, and Les does a deal - with his doppelg?nger?

9. Seth's Gamble, Part 1

Feb 25, 2014
When Seth has just five minutes to bid on a valuable sports card auction, he takes a shot - without telling his Dad. But when the big boss finds out he spent thousands without a word, Les throws down the gauntlet - sell everything in a week, or pay out of pocket. Will Seth be able to make the sale? Or will he lose his shirt? Plus, Ashley tries to make a deal with a dancer on a Chinese Dragon, and Les challenges some college boys to go shot for shot with potent Snake Wine.

10. Seth's Gamble, Part 2

Mar 11, 2014
After spending a fortune on sports memorabilia, Seth comes down to the wire to sell it all before his Dad's deadline, or else he'll be out thousands of dollars. Plus, Les checks out a sweet Starfire Convertible, and Ashley tussles with a woman who won't take rabbit for an answer when it comes to her fur.

11. Guards Go Home

Mar 25, 2014
When the security guards start spooking customers, the Les sends them home to teach them a lesson. Yet when some angry customers make outrageous demands, and the Golds have to fend for themselves, Ashley isn't so sure her dad's choice was the right one. Will the family be able to defend their turf on their own? Or will business as usual - but without security - put them in danger? Plus, a sweet 1972 Cadillac looks great, but smells less so, and a pair of WWII binoculars signed by an important historical figure.

12. Busted Deal

Apr 8, 2014
Les makes a major deal with a new supplier for a truckload of TVs, but with the store already bursting at the seams, Seth and Ashley don't want the goods. When Ashley goes behind her Dad's back to "fix" things, Les flips out - but he may just have something new up his sleeve that will change Ashley's role at American Jewelry forever. Plus, Les gets giddy over rare Detroit Tigers memorabilia and a pint sized classic car.

13. New Blood

Apr 15, 2014
When Ashley betrays her father's trust and cancels his big TV deal, Les decides to make a power play and offer a brand new item in the jewelry department - stainless steel. But when she refuses to sell it at her counter, Les must bring in a secret weapon to do what his daughter won't. Plus, a mistaken identi-kitty has a wild customer disrobing on the sales floor, Seth and Byron try their hand at judging the next "Detroit Idol" in the middle of the showroom.


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