Honor Guard

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Season 1 episodes (4)

1 Caisson
Witness the rigorous ten week training cycle of the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon, and take a trip through time to discover the ancient origins of the military horse and rider team. Long hours and hard work are only the beginning of what's required to be a part of the Army's only remaining full-time equestrian unit.
2 The Regiment
Discover the rich history of the U.S. Army's oldest active Infantry Regiment, and watch new soldiers take on the three week Regimental Orientation Program. Each week gets progressively harder as the soldiers are taught how to build their Army uniforms from scratch, train to stand for 75 minutes at attention, and learn weapons manual and marching required to serve in the Honor Guard.
3 Drill Team
Watch never before filmed footage of the U.S. Army Drill Team's three month training cycle. This prestigious platoon belongs to the U.S. Army's Honor Guard, who pursue perfection by performing death-defying drill and ceremony routines for audiences across the country. Join the men and women of the Drill Team as they share their secret training ceremony with the public for the first time.
4 Full Honors
Experience the timeless traditions of the U.S. Army Full Honors Casket Team, and learn what it takes for these soldiers to lay America's Veterans to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Watch the Delta Company "Undertakers" as they train to conduct flawless dignified transfers of fallen soldiers ranging from private, to the President of The United States.

About this show

Witness four intense training courses following soldiers of the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment. The Honor Guard performs Full Honors military funerals in Arlington National Cemetery for America's veterans. Created by former Honor Guard Soldiers, filmed with the U.S. Army, and narrated by Academy Award Nominated Actor Sam Elliott.

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