My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

2010 • Discovery Family
9.99K reviews
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Season 9, Volume 2 episodes (13)

14 The Last Laugh
When Pinkie Pie seeks help from her old friend, the super-silly Cheese Sandwich in finding her life’s purpose, she discovers the unimaginable has happened – somehow Cheese Sandwich has lost his laugh!
15 "2, 4, 6, Great"
The School of Friendship is starting a buckball team and Rainbow Dash has to come to terms with the fact that she won’t be coaching the team—she’ll be coaching the cheer squad.
16 A Trivial Pursuit
Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she’s unexpectedly paired up with Pinkie Pie who has never been to a trivia night before!
17 Summer Sun Setback
Twilight is determined to make Celestia and Luna’s last Summer Sun Celebration memorable. But when things start going horribly wrong, Twilight’s friends try everything they can think of to keep the news from Twilight so she doesn’t totally freak out.
18 She Talks to Angel
When Fluttershy's and Angel Bunny's relationship hits the skids, Zecora gives them a potion to help them understand each other--by switching bodies!
19 Dragon Dropped
When Spike stops making time for Rarity whenever she asks, she worries she’s done something to upset him. But the truth looks even worse when it seems like she’s been replaced by a new friend!
20 A Horse Shoe-In
Starlight decides to hire a Vice Headmare in preparation to take over the School of Friendship from Twilight. But when Trixie assumes the position is hers, Starlight realizes that hiring the right pony for the job is going to be a lot harder than she thought.
21 Daring Doubt
When another author releases his own version of the events in AK Yearling’s Daring Do books, Rainbow Dash is furious, while Fluttershy is curious to know the truth.
22 Growing Up is Hard to Do
When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grown-ups they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can’t be rushed.
23 The Big Mac Question
When Big Mac and Sugar Belle decide to propose to each other, everything their friends do to help ends up making a mess of the whole thing.
24 The Ending of the End - Part 1
A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria.
25 The Ending of the End - Part 2
A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria.
26 The Last Problem
Years from now, Princess Twilight, ruler of Equestria, is expecting a visit from a student with a problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together.

About this show

In the magical land of Equestria, a kingdom populated only by colorful ponies, TWILIGHT SPARKLE, a studious and slightly reclusive young unicorn intent only on enhancing her magical abilities, has been assigned by her mentor, PRINCESS CELESTIA, a very important task: get your muzzle out of those books and make some friends! In the quaint, fairytale village of PONYVILLE, TWILIGHT SPARKLE meets 5 new ponies, and through funny, offbeat experiences and exciting, enchanted adventures, they teach her about the most powerful magic of all: the magic of friendship!

Note: Seasons are split into two volumes and are priced accordingly.
9.99K reviews
Shanley McCray
May 9, 2022
Gran espectáculo, se lo puedo recomendar a cualquier aficionado a la animación. Puedo llamar a este espectáculo nada menos que alegría y felicidad concentradas. Nunca en mi vida hubiera pensado que un espectáculo sobre ponis parlantes de colores pastel sería tan encantador o me cautivaría tanto, pero estoy muy contenta de que así sea. Faust y su equipo trabajaron con mucha magia mientras hacían este espectáculo, y ha traído alegría a muchos y ha creado un fandom que es una fuerza del bien en el mundo. Honestamente puedo decir que casi todo el mundo debería al menos ver algunos episodios, ya que cuando vi esto por primera vez no podía comprender cómo era tan popular. Después de ver varios episodios, me reía, cantaba junto con la música y, en general, me divertía mirando.
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Wes Hadden
April 4, 2015
I rarely watch TV there a few tv show I watch brba, sons, bates motel, and my name is earl. And really don't watch cartoons that much either but this show is amazing. I watched it at least 8 times. It's that good. Really intelligent writing, animation is probably the best. Just waiting for season 5 to be put up on the Google play store. If I'm in a bad mood. I could just come to watch an episode or two and it'll make me a whole lot better. Every time I watch an episode, it just put a smile on my face. Never really watch mlp before fim, I thought it was a "little girls show." Fim is not a little girls show, because there are a bunch a references that the older audience can get. The songs are amazing as well. My favorite song is a true, true friend. I can go on and on and on about how much I love this show. This show isn't just for kids it's for the whole family. I have a t shirt. A rainbow dash figure (best pony), and equestria girls rainbow rocks on bluray. Whatever you're doing right now, go watch this amazing show. All of the seasons are on netflix and the movies. So if you have time go watch it now. /)
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January 7, 2013
This show is a media embodiment of a fat, ugly, unattractive woman giving birth to a little girl that grew up to be the hottest chick on the planet. Horrible franchise, excellent show. Back in the day, MLP was awful. It was cheap, stupid, cardboard, pointless, ugly, horrible trite. Everyone here can agree with me on that. This iteration of MLP was made in 2010, and words cannot describe its quality by comparison. It is LEAGUES better than its predecessors, with smooth and believable animation, very deep and interesting characters, a well-structured plot, grade-A voice acting and a fully-orchestrated musical score by Daniel Ingram. This generation of MLP has an enormous fandom of TEENAGE BOYS. Yeah. It's THAT good. They made this show so well, DUDES watch it. And it came out of a franchise for little girls. If that doesn't describe how high-quality this show is, I don't know what will. If you like Disney, you should check this out, regardless of your age or gender. This show has the kind of beautiful, honest effort that we all see in Disney productions.
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