Operation Repo
Season 12

Season 12

1. It Ain't No Joke!

Dec 11, 2013
In this kick-off to the final season, the cast takes viewers back through the most outrageous, comical, and memorable repos of the series. And, get a sneak peek of the final season of Operation Repo.

2. Reclaiming the Plane

Dec 18, 2013
In the premiere of the final season of Operation Repo, the team must recover an airplane and return one-hundred thousand dollars. But after two members of the team bail when it's time to save the company, will the others be able to bounce back in time to avoid a jail sentence?

3. First Rule of Repo

Dec 25, 2013
Froy and Sonia encounter a city employee who tries to give them the boot, and a mechanic's shady scheme comes crashing down on Matt and Ronnie. But with Froy still in debt to Sonia, an RO's offer to make a quick buck convinces Froy to break the first rule of repo.

4. M-U-T-I-N-Y

Jan 1, 2014
Ronnie and Froy go tomato-to-tomato with an organic farmer who won't give up his tractor, and a Hollywood agent offers Matt a shot in the big leagues in order to keep his car. Meanwhile, Froy's plan to get the Lamborghini begins to unravel when Sonia uncovers the truth about the car missing from the lot.

5. It Takes Two to Lambo

Jan 8, 2014
A hoarder with a secret tries to pull a fast one on Matt and Froy, and Sonia takes sides in a dramatic lover's quarrel. Froy finally gets a shot at recovering the Lamborghini, but will his ingenious plan come crashing down around him?

6. The Magic Touch

Jan 15, 2014
Ronnie and Froy repo from a stripper who leaves them tongue tied, and a magician's stunning sleight of hand backfires on Carlos. Sonia is forced to put her faith in Carlos for the team's next big job, and news from her lawyer puts the pressure on more than ever.

7. Bulldozed

Jan 22, 2014
A run-of-the-mill repo takes a disastrous legal turn for Sonia, and the owner of an expensive hovercraft gets snooty with Matt and Froy. Sonia announces the sale of the company to the team, but will it all fall apart when they rely on Carlos to recover the bulldozer?

8. All in the Same Boat

Jan 29, 2014
A professional stunt driver slips through Froy and Sonia's grasp, sending them on a violent high speed chase. Matt offends a pretty RO who seeks womanly revenge, and Froy and Carlos go undercover at a lowrider show. And when Sonia announces a dangerous plan to save the company from the lawsuit, the team must decide whether they're willing to risk it all.

9. The Final Operation

Feb 5, 2014
In this special hour long series finale, the team gears up for their last repossession. As the plans fall into place for recovering the yacht, Matt and Carlos contend with a slimy sign-maker, and Froy and Sonia find themselves in an unexpected foursome with two scandalous ROs. And then, as the team heads to the high seas, they put it all on the line to escape the lawsuit and finally get the big payday they've all been waiting for.


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