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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Pilot
In the series premiere episode, security consultant/bouncer Alfred meets Thomas Wayne and Esme Winikus (recurring guest star EMMA CORRIN), an actress/dancer at the Golden Slipper nightclub that employs him. In a much darker part of London, Lord Harwood (series star JASON FLEMYNG), leader of the Raven Society is having a man tortured for a name which happens to be none other than Thomas Wayne. Courting Esme, Alfred brings her home to meet his doting mother and often-disapproving father (series regulars DOROTHY ATKINSON and IAN PULESTON-DAVIES), but the night ends in disaster when Esme is brazenly kidnapped by Bet Sykes (series star PALOMA FAITH). Working for Harwood, Sykes offers to trade Esme for Thomas Wayne. When Alfred is betrayed in the exchange, he and Thomas realize that Harwood and Sykes cannot be trusted, and that they'll have to work together to rescue Esme.
2 The Landlord's Daughter
After fate dragged Alfred and Esme into a plot against the government, they escape relatively unscathed and decide to get engaged, despite their ups and downs. While Lord Harwood is arrested and tortured mentally and physically in the Tower, his lethal operative Bet Sykes takes the fall for the murder of Lord Fairfax and is sentenced to execution in Tyburn. But Bet gets some help from her older sister, Peggy (recurring guest star POLLY WALKER).
3 Martha Kane
After meeting Esme’s wealthy family, Alfred calls off the wedding. Burying his heartbreak in smalltime work, Alfred accepts a high-paying, seemingly low-profile job from American photojournalist Martha Kane (series star EMMA PAETZ) to transport a scientist out of the country. But the job is complicated by Raven Society gunmen. When the dust settles, Martha reveals that she has been working for the No Names. She agrees to not deceive him again, if he agrees to work freelance only for her – that way, he’s not pledging his loyalty to one side or another. Desperate to reunite with Esme and finance a better life for her, he somewhat reluctantly agrees.
4 Lady Penelope
When Inspector Aziz (guest star RAMON TIKARAM) from Scotland Yard offers Alfred a job, he abruptly refuses, but feels guilty for working with Martha Kane and the No Names. Meanwhile, Thomas Wayne meets Martha for the first time as the designated leader of her No Name cell. He assigns her and Alfred a dangerous mission – to uncover the new leader of the Raven Society, who’s been betrayed by an informant. Although Martha and Alfred bond during the mission, tragedy strikes when Alfred returns to London.
5 Shirley Bassey
Devastated by Esme’s murder, Alfred sinks into a dark depression – from which neither his friends nor family can rescue him. Although Martha comes to him with an offer of work, he wants nothing to do with her. It’s only months later, when the local undertaker John Ripper (guest star DANNY WEBB) pays a visit that he convinces Alfred to face the world again. Meanwhile, Peggy and Bet Sykes discover the broken and disfigured Lord Harwood who’s lost his mind and his identity. Taking the madman back home, they set out to nurse him back to health.
6 Cilia Black
After Ripper gives Alfred the name of a mad genius able to help him solve Esme’s murder, he sets out to visit an asylum and talk to the inmate – Baroness Ortsey (guest star FELICITY KENDAL). Meanwhile, Thomas arrives at Martha’s and asks her to look after his high-life, wild sister Patricia (guest star SALÓME GUNNARSDÓTTIR) while he arranges her return to Gotham. Although they have little in common, Patricia convinces Martha to attend a debauched party at the lavish mansion of celebrity magician Aleister Crowley (guest star JONJO O’NEILL) who charms Martha and confides in her that he’s actually the Devil.
7 Julie Christie
Martha returns home after waking from the Crowley party with no memory of what happened. Enraged, Thomas Wayne informs her that she’s been missing for days. Together, they go to confront Crowley and recover Patricia. Innocent and polite, Crowley returns Patricia, who is now a different woman than she was before. Meanwhile, Alfred, Bazza and Dave Boy track down the identity of Esme’s murderer – a soldier who served with all three of them during the war. Lastly, Lord Harwood suddenly regains his memory… and his shock turns to rage.
8 Sandie Shaw
At the Annual General Meeting of the Raven Society, Bet Sykes reintroduces their long-lost beloved leader, Lord Harwood, who takes back control by humiliating his defeated rival. Later, Harwood meets with local officials, including Mr. Pennyworth, and reveals that they both share a personal connection in Alfred. Meanwhile, Alfred and the lads run into the Sykes Sisters with both on the hunt for Esme’s killer. Although he’s suspicious of Bet, they agree to work together as they both want the same thing – the capture and killing of Esme’s killer.
9 Alma Cogan
The government is facing a public relations nightmare with the return of Lord Harwood who is rallying the rank and file troops with rousing patriotic speeches and demands of restitution from the Prime Minister. The leader of the No Names reaches out to Thomas with a new directive – Harwood must die. Reluctantly, Thomas returns to reinstate Martha, on the condition that she persuades Alfred to assassinate Harwood… by any means necessary.
10 Marianne Faithful
In the season one finale, Thomas and Martha plead with Alfred to join their cause, but Alfred opts to stay out of it and refuses to take a side. However, when the Queen is abducted by the Sykes Sisters and its revealed that Alfred’s father is deeply involved with the Raven Society, Alfred and the lads join Thomas and Martha to take action. Lord Harwood’s plan goes even deeper though, and the explosive result has lasting repercussions for Alfred and his friends and family.

About this show

The DC origin series PENNYWORTH follows Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier in his 20s, who forms a security company in 1960s London and goes to work with young billionaire Thomas Wayne, years before he becomes Bruce Wayne’s father. With England balancing on the brink of a civil war, the first skirmishes of an undeclared secret war have begun. In this world of secrets and betrayals, we find Alfred Pennyworth. After nine years in the British Army, his training with the SAS has taught him to be a cynical optimist – expecting the worst, but knowing that he can handle it. Now, thrown back into the civilian world, Alfred’s looking for freedom, security… and love. With his SAS mates, “Bazza” and “Dave Boy,” Alfred’s in search of an independent life, being “his own man” where he doesn’t take orders and never has to kill anyone. That’s easier said than done for a man with his skillset.

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18 reviews
Firefly Arc
April 18, 2020
Good acting and plot threads. Very..gritty version of what alfred had done before becoming a butler. Violently done, but it's got its own charm.
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Teresa O'Connell
May 24, 2021
Thought it would be great but season one went bad. Not planning to continue
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Tumble Weed
May 1, 2020
First episode had me hooked. Brilliant show can't wait to see more of this world.
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