Season 3

Season 3

1. El Gran Canon

Jan 13, 2013
In the third season premiere, the shameless Gallaghers are back-- as Fiona scrounges for cash, Lip gets arrested, and Frank wakes up in Mexico -- with no money or passport.

2. The American Dream

Jan 20, 2013
Fiona wakes in a panic. She can't believe she gave Meg a thousand dollars. She has no idea how to run a club night. Plus, the property tax is two weeks overdue. Lip finds out; and he's outraged. When Frank stumbles home drunk looking for a bed, nobody wants him back, except Debbie. Debbie not only tends to Frank, but she also helps Sheila with fussy Hymie. Unfortunately, for Sheila and Jody, however, Frank may be the only one that can keep him quiet. Lip begins his community service where he meets Casper (guest star JOSEPH FUHR) and the kids from City Youth, a group of North Side do-gooders helping to clean up the South Side. Lip comes up with a scam, however, to put these kids to work for his own financial benefit. Despite all her hard work, Fiona fails to make any money off the club, leaving Lip to use his newfound yuppie friends to make some money back. Kev's wife Cheryl (guest star CAMERON RICHARDSON) returns with her son Kyle. Frank calls Child Services on his own family.

3. May I Trim Your Hedges?

Jan 27, 2013
Frank tells Carl he has cancer in order to scam a charity foundation. Fiona is blown away by what's asked of her in her new job. Lip hunts for a neighborhood pedophile.

4. The Helpful Gallaghers

Feb 10, 2013
Carl says his goodbyes as he heads off to cancer camp, but he isn't sold on the camp's activities. No rifle range, no water skiing, no horseback fun! Always resourceful, Carl manages to find new friends and make the best of a sad situation. With Frank on babysitting duty, Sheila wants to introduce Jody to "Toy Time." As a favor to Sheila (and to literally save his own ass), Frank agrees to be a reluctant Jody's sex coach. After realizing Bobby the grocery store manager uses his entire staff for his personal pleasure, Fiona attempts to unite her coworkers against their boss. Lip and Mandy rescue Mandy's half-sister, Molly (guest star MADISON MOELLERS), from foster care. Debbie practices holding her breath so that she can protect herself from the savage city-pool girls. Kev and V are trying to have a baby. Jimmy learns his parents are getting divorced and his dad is a little bit gay.

5. The Sins of My Caretaker

Feb 17, 2013
Child Protective Services pays a visit. Jimmy faces his first true family crisis and, when Fiona fails to provide the support he needs, he turns to Este (STEPHANIE FANTAUZZI).

6. Cascading Failures

Feb 24, 2013
The Department of Family Services hauls the Gallagher children away, leaving Fiona desperate to get them back. Lip and Ian tough it out in a group home that's more like a prison. Debbie is placed with Kamala (guest star JUANITA JENNINGS), a God-fearing woman who believes in "tough love." Carl and Liam live the posh life with gay couple Cassius and Lanier (guest stars CHRIS BUTLER and MIKE DOYLE), but Carl doesn't have any time to enjoy it as he fears they will try to adopt Liam. With Monica nowhere to be found, Fiona is forced to find Frank and get him ready to make a 'Father of the Year' appearance in court in order to win the kids back. All goes according to plan, until Fiona discovers that Frank's not only the solution to her problems with the DFS...but the cause of them! Jimmy dodges calls from his dad while he plays babysitter to Molly. Kev and Veronica recruit V's mother as a surrogate. Terry Milkovich (guest star DENNIS COCKRUM) catches his son, Mickey, with Ian.

7. A Long Way From Home

Mar 3, 2013
Frank and Fiona go to extreme lengths in court to claim sole custody of the kids. While Hymie's family arrives to take their son from Sheila and Jody, Karen returns home.

8. When There's A Will

Mar 10, 2013
As the family gathers at Aunt Ginger's fake funeral, Frank's cousin Patrick (guest star BRENT SEXTON) arrives with another forged will granting him ownership of the house.

9. Frank The Plumber

Mar 17, 2013
Fiona starts a new job and a new romance, while Frank may become the new face of the gay rights movement, thanks to an influential member of the Velvet Mafia (BRADLEY WHITFORD).

10. Civil Wrongs

Mar 24, 2013
Fiona's job at Worldwide Cup has brought structure into her life -- both at work and at home. Everything is perfect, until Jimmy drops a bomb on her: He's seriously considering going back to medical school. Fiona slowly warms up to the idea of med school until Jimmy drops another bomb: The med school is in Michigan. Frank enjoys his newfound celebrity as the face of the gay rights movement. His speeches inspire. His enthusiasm is contagious...and he is handsomely compensated. Frank meets Alistair Huddleston (guest star DAN DONOHUE) who works for a transformational ministry specializing in conversion therapy, where Frank discovers there's even more money (and sex) to be made in having to straighten out. With Karen in a coma, Debbie continues to look after Sheila at the hospital. Ian struggles to wrap his mind around Mickey's decision to get married. V anxiously awaits her mom's pregnancy test results. And Lip finally realizes the awful truth about what really happened to Karen.

11. Order Room Service

Mar 31, 2013
Fiona takes the kids on a camping trip. Essentially homeless, Frank seeks out the help of Carl who sneaks him into the Gallagher van for the night. Jimmy gets a surprise visit.

12. Survival of the Fittest

Apr 7, 2013
Lip contemplates his future post-graduation as Fiona contemplates her future after landing a full-time job at the cup company. And Frank contemplates having a future at all.


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