The Bionic Woman

1975 • NBC
362 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Welcome Home, Jaime Pt 1
The Six Million Dollar Man episode that launched The Bionic Woman spin-off series, Oscar Goldman arranges a job for Jaime as a schoolteacher, but she also insists on taking on missions for the OSI.
2 Welcome Home, Jaime Pt 2
Jaime Sommers begins a new life teaching school during the week and working for OSI on weekends.
3 Angel of Mercy
When Jaime is sent to Costa Brava with ace helicopter pilot Jack Starkey to rescue the US ambassador and his family, the mission becomes infinitely more complicated when the ambassador's wife is trapped in a collapsed building.
4 A Thing Of The Past
Jaime is the only one who can help an old friend and bus driver when thugs discover that he has been hiding out in Ojai since witnessing a murder years ago. Lee Majors co-stars.
5 Claws
Fur is sure to fly when Jaime protects a lion and the other creatures of a wild animal ranch from ranchers out for blood.
6 The Deadly Missiles
Jaime is forced to investigate her friend, J.T. Conners, after a missile is launched from his property at the very moment the US missile warning system breaks down. Lee Majors co-stars.
7 Bionic Beauty
Beauty and brawn are on display when Jaime enters a Miss United States pageant in order to infiltrate a nefarious espionage plan.
8 Jaime's Mother
Jaime's dream about her mother leaves her feeling disturbed -- especially when she receives word that her parents' graves have been vandalized.
9 Winning Is Everything
Hoping to obtain vital information from a foreign country, Jaime becomes a navigator in an international desert auto race.
10 Canyon of Death
When she is captured by a group that is scheming to steal an atomic-powered device, Jaime's life depends on a small boy who has "cried wolf" in the past.
11 Fly Jaime
In an effort to protect a doctor and his top-secret formula, Jaime heads to the skies and goes undercover as a flight attendant.
12 The Jailing of Jaime
Jaime fights to clear her name after the valuable decoding instrument she delivered is discovered on the international market.
13 Mirror Image
A woman undergoes plastic surgery in order to become Jaime's double and steal privileged information from Oscar's files.
14 The Ghosthunter
Jaime turns ghosthunter as supernatural forces disrupt a critical secret project in New England.

About this show

Nonstop science fiction action races across the screen in this spectacular adventure starring two of television's greatest super heroes, the Six Million Dollar Man (TV's Fall Guy, Lee Majors) and The Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner). This extraordinary story casts Wagner as Jaimie Somers, aspiring tennis pro crippled in a sky-diving accident. When all seems lost, Jaimie's longtime love, Steve Austin (Majors), has her undergo an ultra-advanced operation turning her into the world's first female super-being.

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362 reviews
Will Stape
November 13, 2015
Here you'll come to know Jamie Sommers - Lindsay Wagner in her Emmy Award winning role. The Bionic Woman was so successful and influential on pop culture, it led to Joss Weedon - creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer - to give his creation her last name. Miss Sommers will make you laugh, have you in tears and dazzle you with extreme cyborg action. Above all, she'll make you believe a tennis pro/school teacher can jump over a tall fence in a single bound.
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Dale Long
August 17, 2019
fantastic show to grow up with and watch today. it is available on the NBC app and they finally released it on DVD. of course this is the more convenient way these days to enjoy a wonderful show with a fantastic Emmy winning star in Lindsay Wagner. just as super human in real life today as a great humanitarian, you dont hear about the good she does as it isnt the sensationalist horror stories that usually get shoved down our throats. Look her up sometime.
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Ginger Dill
February 1, 2016
I grew up watching the "Bionic Woman," and the "Six Million Dollar Man." Even though times/technology and so much more have changed I still love watching these old movies. Thank you for offering them on Google Play, and I will definitely recommend them to others of my generation.
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