The Walking Dead

2010 • AMC
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The Walking Dead: Season 11 episodes (24)

1 Acheron: Part I
Daryl leads a mission team to scavenge the military base he discovered. Maggie tells her story, prompting a new mission for survival that only Negan can lead. Eugene and his group go through assessment by the Commonwealth's paramilitary police.
2 Acheron: Part II
Maggie's mission takes the team through a subway tunnel, challenged by lurking walkers and a recalcitrant Negan. With Eugene's group, Yumiko seeks answers about her brother and demands expedited processing into the Commonwealth.
3 Hunted
Maggie's mission team gets separated and hunted by the Reapers. Carol, Rosita, Magna, and Kelly attempt to catch horses for Alexandria. Judith, RJ, Hershel, and Gracie cope with their parents going away.
4 Rendition
Daryl and Dog get captured by the Reapers. Taken to the Meridian, they reconnect with a familiar figure from their past.
5 Out of the Ashes
Aaron, Carol, Lydia, and Jerry go to the Hilltop ruins for blacksmith tools and nearby game. Eugene's group goes through orientation at the Commonwealth. Maggie and Negan trudge through the woods. Judith and the kids clash with teenagers.
6 On the Inside
Escaping from walkers, Connie and Virgil hide in a house occupied by mysterious creatures. Pope tests Daryl's loyalty to the Reapers with a conflicting mission. Kelly leaves Alexandria in search of Connie.
7 Promises Broken
Maggie and Elijah learn a new survival tactic from Negan. Eugene's group clears walkers to pay their fines, while Yumiko interviews for an upper class job. Daryl learns more about Leah and the Reapers. Gabriel encounters a man of God.
8 For Blood
The Reapers defend Meridian from an incoming herd. Pope suspects Maggie is behind the attack, while Daryl treads carefully. Meanwhile, Alexandrians scramble to protect themselves when a violent storm leaves them vulnerable to walkers.
9 No Other Way
Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, Negan, and Elijah battle the Reapers for food. Meanwhile, Aaron and the Alexandrians must survive a storm.
10 New Haunts
Our heroes experience Halloween in the Commonwealth. Daryl and Rosita undergo military training.
11 Rogue Elements
Eugene looks for Stephanie after she mysteriously goes missing. Connie investigates a story on Trooper Davis. Carol helps Hornsby with a labor dispute at a drug farm.
12 The Lucky Ones
Aaron and Maggie meet Governor Pamela Milton as she tours Alexandria, Oceanside, and Hilltop. Ezekiel finds himself lucky during a routine check-up. Eugene processes Max's story.
13 Warlords
Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah help a stranger from another community called Riverbend. They run into Aaron, who tells them about a mission he embarked on with Gabriel, as emissaries for the Commonwealth.
14 The Rotten Core
Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah help Aaron and Gabriel on a rescue mission. In the chaos, Negan finds himself watching over Hershel. Elsewhere, Sebastian coerces Daryl and Rosita into pulling a heist.
15 Trust
Hornsby marches Daryl and troops to confront Maggie at Hilltop. After a harrowing heist, Rosita gets Connie, Kelly, Eugene, and Max to investigate the Miltons. Post-surgery, Ezekiel uses his new lease on life to help hospital patients in need.
16 Acts of God
Maggie prepares to defend Hilltop and the people of Riverbend against Hornsby.
17 Lockdown
Daryl and Negan rush to the Commonwealth to stop Hornsby from going after their families. Pamela deals with protestors demanding justice for Sebastian's crimes. Mercer needs Rosita's help to fight a swarm.
18 A New Deal
Carol makes a deal with Pamela to wipe the slate clean on behalf of her friends. Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, and Elijah get on the road to Oceanside to fill them in on a plan. The Commonwealth celebrates Founders Day.
19 Variant
Eugene is on the run. Mercer is tasked to find him. Aaron's group faces a complication on the road.
20 What's Been Lost
Daryl and Carol search for their disappeared friends.
21 Outpost 22
Separated from their children, our survivors track a military convoy to a mysterious destination.
22 Faith
Ezekiel and Negan plan a work camp revolt. Eugene stands trial with Yumiko as his defense attorney.
23 Family
The Alexandrians and the prisoners head back to the Commonwealth to confront Pamela Milton. Meanwhile, a swarm approaches the city.
24 Rest in Peace
The series finale of the landmark series The Walking Dead.

About this show

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors who travel in search of safety and security during the zombie apocalypse. The series explores the challenges of life in a world overrun by walkers who take a toll on the survivors. At times, the interpersonal conflicts present a greater threat to their continuing survival than the walkers that roam the country. Over time, characters are changed by constant exposure to death, and some grow willing to do anything to survive.

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185K reviews
Troublecmj51 Dennis1939.
December 12, 2015
Greatest drama suspension filled show ever. The characters are amazing,truly gifted actors,amazing twist and turn edge of your seat storytelling. I can never get enough I truly get depressed not to see the show when they are on break for the holidays. And when the season ends. I love that Norman Reedus loves his fan's the way he dose is amazing have chatted with him,and he truly cares about what we think and feel about what's happening on the show. I love the talking dead Chris Hardwick amazing totally love him. I love fear the walking dead and the mini episodes of fear the walking dead. I have never followed a show so closely before. I can't say enough great things about all of it. I was going to go to the primer in NY had tickets it was going to be my Christmas present from my son I became too I'll to travel and was heart broken I didn't get to go. I'm still upset lol. Best wishes to all Happy holidays can't wait until it all returns.
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A Google user
April 3, 2014
I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead just to see why it was so popular. I quickly found out. While this is a television series, it stuns the viewer with an amazing cinematic quality. Every aspect of The Walking Dead screams of quality: the acting, special effects, writing, editing, directing, etc... I don't know how they managed to find so much talent and put it together in one show. I honestly don't know how they do it each week. I warn you that this show is addictive. From the very first episode I became a TWD junkie. After having purchased every episode from season one on, I am all caught up, now I have to wait for the next episode. I highly recommend this series to anyone, even if you don't think you are a horror or a zombie person (you will quickly change your mind).
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October 28, 2016
Lots of people are turned away about 'ficticious' tv and zombies, so let them go back to believing CIS or Grey's Anatomy happen in everyday life and aren't made up stories either. They are good shows too, it's just some peoples perceptions are off. Sure it's more likely to happen then zombies, but doesn't make it any more real. People that don't like plot and want all action are a little crazy too. Overall this is just a great show. Been watching since day 1 and was never that into zombies. It's even better if you can focus on the show and not your phone at the same time. Texting/playing games while watching tv isn't how you learn whether a show is good or not.
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