Van Helsing

2016 • SYFY
449 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 Help Me
Three years after 'The Rising' began, Vanessa - a mysterious dead woman - is resurrected in a world now ruled by vampires. Holed up in an abandoned hospital with other human survivors, she fends off both vampires and treacherous humans and discovers special powers even she didn't know she had.
2 Seen You
In the days leading up to 'The Rising', Vanessa is attacked and left for dead by an intruder. When Doc discovers anomalies in Vanessa's bloodwork, Axel and the marines come to retrieve the body, only to become marooned in the hospital when 'The Rising' erupts outside the building.
3 Stay Inside
When the hospital's power source is damaged, Vanessa and the survivors only have three hours of reserve power for the UV lights - the only thing keeping the vampires at bay. While Vanessa and Axel head into the ruins of Seattle to scavenge parts, the others are left to fight: against both vampires and amongst themselves.
4 Coming Back
Vanessa and Mohamad head into the vampire-controlled streets in search of Dylan, the daughter that Vanessa orphaned when she 'died'. Back at the hospital, Cynthia is found dead. Doc soon discovers that what looked like a suicide is actually a deliberate murder. Is there a killer amongst the group? On their return to the hospital, Vanessa is captured by vampires while Mohamad leads a new group of refugees to the hospital.
5 Fear Her
Vanessa, now in the clutches of Julius and his vampire brood, is forced to demonstrate her powers against someone from her past. Afterwards, she escapes, jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Meanwhile, the refugees discover a serial killer among the other residents, and plot to wrestle control from Axel. In the aftermath, Mohamad is banished from the hospital.
6 Nothing Matters
Vanessa and Susan are pursued through the sewers by mutated feral vampires and arrive back at the safety of the hospital only to find the aftermath of a hostile takeover. Vanessa hatches a plan to take it back by force.
7 For Me
Vanessa and Axel lead the others in the hospital's last stand against a siege by Julius and his vampire soldiers. Later when Dmitri's vampire 'Death Squad' arrives, it looks like civil war is brewing among the two vampire factions.
8 Little Things
Axel leads the surviving members of their group towards his old military base for shelter but finds it abandoned and in disrepair. With vampires closing in all around them, Axel decides they need a safer refuge and decides to go underground. Separated from Vanessa and the group, Mohamad tries to catch up while navigating hostile territory.
9 Help Out
The group is trapped inside 'The Farm' - an underground lab for military experiments - and Vanessa discovers that Axel has been hiding a secret from her that concerns her past. Outside, Mohamad befriends a beautiful girl who doesn't fear vampires. Meanwhile, Rebecca makes a calculated play against the Resistance leadership.
10 Stay Away
Still reeling from the dire events of 'The Farm', Vanessa and the group find refuge among a band of humans who have bargained with vampires for peace. Their leader, however, appears to be hiding a terrible secret. Meanwhile, the true serial killer among Vanessa's group is finally revealed.
11 Last Time
Vanessa and the group take shelter in Susan's family farm, finding both glimmers of hope and reasons for grief. With Sam finally outed as the serial killer, Vanessa and Mohamad take drastic action against him. Meanwhile, Rebecca's latest experiment to create Daywalkers has failed, and Dmitri's patience grows thin.
12 He's Coming
While on the road to a vampire-controlled camp, Vanessa and Mohamad find themselves in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse against Sam. Sheema discovers a secret that can bring down the ghetto-cell of the Resistance, while Julius takes a clandestine meeting with Dmitri. Ultimately, Vanessa and Mohamad walk into a trap that places one of them in great peril.
13 It Begins
Now in Dmitri and Rebecca's clutches, Vanessa learns secrets from her past and finds herself at a crossroads - is she a vampire or a human? Flesh and the Resistance accelerate their timeline to rescue Vanessa, while Mohamad and Sheema finally come to blows over their allegiances.
101 Sneak Peek
It's Vanessa Helsing vs. vampires in post-apocalyptic Seattle.
102 Season 1 Preview
The cast and showrunner of Van Helsing give an extended preview of the show, and how it will turn the vampire genre on its head.

About this show

Kelly Overton stars as Vanessa Helsing, descendant of the legendary vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing in this drama series set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by vampires. Recently resurrected, Vanessa leads the fight against vampires to take back the world for humanity. The series is created by screenwriter Neil LaBute ("The Wicker Man," "Possession").

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449 reviews
Alex McCann
September 14, 2017
It's okay. The effects are decent and you get the idea that it's post apocalypse, does a good job there. The head vampires are honestly not that scary or tough and I can't believe they haven't been overrun by the others by now. The thing I have SUCH issues with, please learn how to actually shoot a gun. They waste so much freaking ammo on one vamp that would only take one shot to the head. Entire magazines are gone through for one stupid vampire. Also, when your walking down a quiet hallway, trying to sneak through a place or find someone, what's with making all the stupid noise, and start having conversation halfway into it. Half the the time I'm thinking, okay these people deserve to die for just how stupid they are.
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Jermaine Kngdom
May 19, 2017
The rating is troll worthy. It is so boring. It is literally like watching paint dry. All characters are badly written and has no motives for what they do. They threw away logic for plot which doesnt help. They so much directing mistakes that it isn't funny. More than one scene a person put their finger in a cage with a vampire who forgets she is vampire. The main plot is also dumb.
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February 18, 2022
Wish they killed doc off,she's a coward.after shutting the door in axel faces she throws sum hysterical fit and told Vanessa not to save him lying to her abt everything,she needs to be killed off pronto.. also Julius is more of a pervert than a vampire.oh one more thing.quit gender swapping characters! Every doing that now and it's annoying, dracula has always been a male. People making Thor a woman too now. Today's age everyone trying to change characters
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