Arrested Development

2003 • Netflix
699 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Pilot
Moments after Michael Bluth decides he's leaving the family business because he was passed over for a promotion, his father is arrested for shady bookkeeping.
2 Top Banana
Michael realizes that running the company isn't going to be as easy as he thought, especially since his father seems to be pulling some strings from inside the joint.
3 Bringing Up Buster
Buster moves in with Michael after their mother kicks him out of her penthouse and a distraught George-Michael realizes he has to kiss a boy in the school play.
4 Key Decisions
Jealous when his girlfriend is nominated for a "daytime Desi", Gob decides to stage a publicity stunt for his magic act by breaking out of the same prison where George Sr. is being held.
5 Visiting Ours
Sex is in the air as Gob seduces his father's former secretary, Lindsay and Tobias go see a marriage counselor, and George Sr. and Lucille have a bizarre conjugal visit.
6 Charity Drive
Lucille's scheme to upstage her rival, Lucille Austero, at a bachelorette auction backfires when Gob mistakenly bids $10,000 on the wrong Lucille.
7 My Mother, The Car
If Lindsay is disappointed that none of the inmates yell out obscene catcalls when she visits her father, Lucille is outraged when none of her children show up at her surprise birthday party.
8 In God We Trust
The family attorney announces that if $20,000 in bail money is raised, George Sr. can be released from prison in time for the Christmas "Living Classics Pageant."
9 Storming The Castle
Michael is so smitten with Gob's girlfriend that he decides to let her know that Gob has been cheating on her, and Lucille tries to break up Buster and Lucille Austero.
10 Pier Pressure
When Buster asks George-Michael to score him some marijuana, Michael asks some male "cop" strippers to stage a phony bust to help scare his son straight.
11 Public Relations
Convinced that the family's image is hurting his son's future, Michael hires an attractive publicist who proceeds to write a scathing article after Michael rebuffs her advances.
12 Marta Complex
Despite his crush on Marta, Michael agrees to help Gob figure out if she has a new lover while George-Michael tries to figure out his feelings for his cousin Maeby.
13 Beef Consomme
As Tobias struggles to overcome his nude phobia so he can accept the movie role of "Frightened Inmate #2," Michael, Buster and Gob fight over who gets to go out with Marta.
14 Shock And Aww
Things get awkward after Michael dates George-Michael's ethics teacher then learns his son has a crush on her. George Sr. receives a visit from Cindi, a fan of his "Caged Wisdom" tapes.
15 Staff Infection
After discovering that most of the family picks up weekly paychecks from Bluth Company even though they don't have jobs, Michael tries to put them all to work.
16 Missing Kitty
Michael finally stands up to George Sr. and fires his old secretary, and Gob performs the ultimate magic trick when he makes the family yacht disappear.
17 Altar Egos
While Michael experiences his first one-night stand with a blind woman named Maggie, George Sr. learns that Cindi is actually an undercover agent who has fallen in love with him.
18 Justice Is Blind
Michael attempts to do the right thing and end his relationship with Maggie, the prosecutor on George Sr.'s case, but sex keeps getting in the way.
19 Best Man For The Gob
Gob tries to scare a company accountant who notices a discrepancy in the company's bank account and threatens to reveal the truth if asked to testify in court.
20 Whistler's Mother
When the family begins fighting over company funds that have recently become available, Michael decides it would be best to invest the money in land their Uncle Oscar is selling.
21 Not Without My Daughter
While Michael is questioned by the police about Kitty's disappearance, Gob takes George-Michael shoplifting at the department store where Lindsey just got a job.
22 Let Them Eat Cake
After learning that his father is in prison for doing business with the old Iraqi government, Michael decides to wash his hands of the whole family and leave town for good.

About this show

In this critically acclaimed series, Michael Bluth is forced to help his wildly eccentric family pick up the pieces after its wealthy patriarch is arrested and its assets frozen.

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699 reviews
A Google user
September 5, 2016
Better than Seinfeld, Friends, Modern Family & The Office combined. I wish all who love this show now had actually watched it when it initially aired on Fox: maybe we'd have more than four seasons. The fourth season would most certainly have been better. I'm still quite grateful that #4 was finally produced, I just can't help but wonder how amazing it could have been had the cast & crew been able to nurture and maintain their connections instead of having to go their own ways for a few. Ça va.
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August 30, 2015
Arrested Development is my favorite show. Ever. After watching it over 6 times I can confidently say that this is the best TV comedy ever. You may disagree with me, but comedy fans will LOVE this show. It is truly amazing. The Netflix Season 4 was not as good as the first 3 seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 are where the show is really at its highest point.
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June 7, 2019
"There is ALWAYS money in the banana stand..." This show is pure joy and really makes you laugh out loud! The jokes are so quotable and is great if your a fan of Parks and Rec and/or The Office, both of which I love as much as this.
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