Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

1995 • USA
359 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 The Wrong Path
When his stepmother, demonic snake-woman Hera, destroys his family, Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) is so consumed by hatred that he loses sight of his purpose to help people in need. Hercules declares he will take on the demon face-to-face. Entering the darkness of her cave, he is immediately confronted by her sensuous, tantalizing form. Using her demonic charms, she attempts to seduce him into submission. A battle of wits and strength ensues, taxing all of Hercules' powers. Michael Hurst co-stars as Iolaus.
2 Eye of the Beholder
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) learns the real reason why a giant Cyclops (Richard Moll) has been terrorizing a village. In a spectacular battle against Hera's executioners, they join forces in victory.
3 The Road to Calydon
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) accompanies a town's citizens, cursed by Hera because of a theft at her temple, on a perilous journey to a city offering safe haven. On their exhausting trek they are attacked by a huge pterodactyl-like bird. Hercules wages a long and desperate battle against the winged monstrosity, which he ultimately buries in a pit of quicksand. Norman Forsey co-stars as the seer.
4 Festival of Dionysus
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) uncovers an elaborate plot calling for the murder of a king (Noel Trevarthen) during a celebration honoring the god of wine. Hercules must grapple with a ten-foot eel-like creature and try and reach the festival and stop the virgins from drinking the wine possessed by Ares which will cause them to slay the king. Norman Forsey co-stars as the seer.
5 Ares
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) aided by the alluring and powerful Atalanta (Cory Everson) confronts his wicked half-brother Ares, the god of war, who uses a band of boy-soldiers to quench his undying thirst for bloodshed. Hercules goes to Ares' cave, and there he sees his wicked half-brother, rising from behind a pool of blood, his huge bulbous skull-head atop a body of mangled corpses of fallen warriors. A fierce battle ensues.
6 As Darkness Falls
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) attends a friend's wedding where Nemis the Centaur (Cliff Curtis) arrives and kidnaps the bride (Jacqueline Collen) and her maid of honor (Fiona Mogridge). Hercules is temporarily blinded as he seeks to rescue them and is forced to battle in the dark. Lucy Lawless guest stars as Lyla.
7 Pride Comes Before a Brawl
Hercules' friend Iolaus (Michael Hurst) fights for his life when Hera decides to punish him for an act of pride. Lolaus must battle thieves and monsters before earning a reprieve through a selfless act of friendship towards Hercules. Kevin Sorbo stars.
8 The March to Freedom
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) comes to the aid of a young couple (Lucy Liu; Nathaniel Lees) taken hostage by a slave trader (Stig Eldred). Hercules buys the young woman from bondage and battles the notorious slave trader to try and save her fiance from being sacrificed to the lions.
9 The Warrior Princess
A power-hungry princess, Xena (Lucy Lawless), bent on killing Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) uses his friend Lolaus (Michael Hurst) to trap him. Hercules goes to rescue his friend and falls into her trap. Blinded by Xena's guile Lolaus turns on his friend and wears him down in an emotional confrontation.
10 Gladiator
Hercules and Lolaus (Kevin Sorbo; Michael Hurst) challenge a wealthy couple's (Ian Mune; Alison Bruce) practice of forcing slaves to battle wild animals as a form of sadistic entertainment. They deliberately get themselves thrown into prison and when the sadistic wife orders the gladiators to fight to the death, Hercules is brought forth to battle.
11 The Vanishing Dead
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) intervenes in a battle between the late King Memnos' children, Poena (Amber-Jane Raab) and Daulin (Erik Thomson). Hercules discovers that Ares has manipulated the battle and fights him and his vicious flesh-eating dog for the souls of the fallen soldiers. With Michael Hurst.
12 The Gauntlet
Hercules' (Kevin Sorbo) enemy, Xena (Lucy Lawless), wreaks havoc across the land, but when she stops the slaying of an infant, her ruthless lieutenant, Darphus, denounces her act of compassion as weak and forces her to succumb to the gauntlet -- a deadly warrior ritual. Xena survives and staggers alone into the wilderness where she later challenges Hercules to a duel. With Matthew Chamberlain.
13 The Unchained Heart
Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) and Xena (Lucy Lawless) the warrior princess, together pursue the marauding Darphus (Matthew Chamberlain). Unbeknownst to them, Darphus is feeding the victims of his bloody crusade to Ares' man-eating dog, Graegus. With every bite, the evil beast grows larger and nearly unstoppable. During this dangerous pursuit Hercules and Xena take their personal relationship to a new level.

About this show

From blockbuster director Sam Raimi comes this internationally beloved action series! Follow Hercules from his humble beginnings to his amazing adventures! Hercules encounters fantastic monsters, mythical beasts, wicked queens with over-the-top action and a comic edge. The most fun you'll ever have in front of the television!
359 reviews
Erica Wilburn
April 3, 2018
I really love this show. The actors are great. I would watch this over and over. The only thing is, they need to add the other seasons. I started watching it again and couldn't finish the show because only one season is available. Google please add the rest.
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Bro Gar
November 25, 2017
Very fun, if not very faithful representation of greek/roman mythology. Episodic adventures, monster of the week style adventure. Mostly shallow, popcorn mellow drama, that's not above making fun of itself.
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Cheese Whizz
March 16, 2019
the show is great the problem is I can't watch the last three episodes I want my Goddamn money back ridiculous Google can you license f*** you God damn idiots
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