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Season 3 episodes (24)

1 Better to Reign in Hell...
In the Season Three premiere episode, Gordon works seeks answers about the escapees from Indian Hill, and why their powers appear to be killing them. Meanwhile, Bruce’s doppelganger roams the streets, and Barbara and Tabitha open a new nightclub called The Sirens.
2 Burn the Witch
Fish Mooney takes matters into her own hands to locate Hugo Strange, forcing Gordon to reluctantly team up with journalist Valerie Vale (guest star JAMIE CHUNG) to find her. Penguin rises in popularity after criticizing the work of the GCPD, and Bruce’s investigation of the Court of Owls is compromised. Meanwhile Ivy Pepper is reintroduced into Gotham City.
3 Look Into My Eyes
Hypnotist Jervis Tetch, aka Mad Hatter (new series regular BENEDICT SAMUEL) arrives in Gotham to search for his sister, Alice (guest star NAIAN GONZALEZ NORVIND), and hires Gordon to help find her. Meanwhile, Penguin decides to run for mayor, and Bruce’s doppelganger begins to channel him, causing some confusion around town .
4 New Day Rising
Penguin gains power as he narrows in on the nomination for Mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile, Gordon turns Alice into the GCPD for the bounty. Also, Bruce and Alfred race to find Bruce’s doppelganger after learning he’s assumed Bruce’s identity.
5 Anything For You
With crime in Gotham at an all-time high, Penguin struggles to uphold his promise to the city. Meanwhile, Butch goes down a dark path with the infamous Red Hood Gang, and Bruce begins to investigate Ivy’s whereabouts.
6 Follow the White Rabbit
Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Gordon to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, the relationship between Penguin and Nygma evolves. And a familiar face comes back into Nygma’s life.
7 The Red Queen
After coming in contact with a substance by the hand of Mad Hatter, Jim Gordon gets led on a psychedelic trip and must confront his past, present and future. Meanwhile, Penguin struggles with Nygma's new relationship.
8 Blood Rush
Feeling the effects of a recent incident, Barnes begins to go mad. Meanwhile, Nygma is out of his depth in his relationship with Isabella (guest star CHELSEA SPACK) and Carmine Falcone (guest star JOHN DOMAN) throws Lee and Mario (guest star JAMES CARPINELLO) an engagement party.
9 The Executioner
Gordon and Bullock become suspicious of Barnes, and comb through evidence of the murder at Lee and Mario’s engagement party. Nygma goes to Penguin when he hasn’t heard from Isabella. Meanwhile, Ivy reveals her identity to Selina and Bruce, but quickly leads them to trouble.
10 Time Bomb
On the eve of their rehearsal dinner, a threat to Mario and Lee is exposed, and Carmine Falcone looks to Gordon for help. Meanwhile, Nygma seeks revenge and Bruce learns more about the Court of Owls.
11 Beware the Green-Eyed Monster
As the virus begins to spread in Gotham, the laboratory that is developing a cure is compromised. Mario and Gordon face off before the wedding; Selina meets an unexpected face and Barbara comes to Nygma with information about Isabella in the mid-season finale.
12 Ghosts
Falcone places a hit on Gordon after learning that he shot Mario. Gordon and Bullock discover a follower of Jerome (recurring guest star CAMERON MONAGHAN), who plans on bringing him back to life. Meanwhile, Penguin spirals out of control before the biggest television interview of his Mayoral career; and Bruce and Selina deal with her mother’s return to Gotham. Guest star PAUL REUBENS returns as Elijah Van Dahl.
13 Smile Like You Mean It
On the run from Gordon and Bullock, Dwight (guest star DAVID DASTMALCHIAN) tries to revive Jerome (recurring guest star CAMERON MONAGHAN) and, in turn, activates his acolytes around Gotham City. Meanwhile, Selina’s mom’s intentions are revealed; and the power play between Penguin and Nygma escalates as Barbara’s plans are set in place.
14 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
With Jerome one the loose and one target in mind, Bruce and Alfred’s safety is compromised. Meanwhile, Gordon’s uncle Frank (guest star JAMES REMAR) pays him a visit. And Nygma and Penguin are forced to confront their issues face-to-face with possible deadly consequences in the winter finale episode.
15 How the Riddler Got His Name
Convinced that he doesn’t need Penguin to succeed, Nygma begins to introduce himself to Gotham as “The Riddler” in the spring premiere episode. While Bullock and Lucius Fox get caught up in Nygma’s mind games, Gordon learns troubling news about his father’s death. And the Court of Owls reveals its next move.
16 These Delicate and Dark Obsessions
The Court of Owls devises a new plan regarding the future of Gotham, as Gordon uncovers information about his father and uncle’s past, connecting him back to the organization. Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up in the temple and learns of the Shaman’s wish for him.
17 The Primal Riddle
Some of Gotham’s most unhinged villains – including Mr. Freeze (recurring guest star NATHAN DARROW) and Firefly (recurring guest star CAMILA PEREZ) – band together, while the Riddler continues his conquest of the city. Meanwhile, Gordon is on a search for answers, and all roads keep leading him back to the Court of Owls. And, as Alfred begins to notice a change in Bruce, Bruce 2 confides in Selina.
18 Light The Wick
Gordon discovers the weapon that the Court of Owls will use to destroy Gotham, which leads him on a dangerous path as he tracks it down. Meanwhile, Kathryn (guest star LESLIE HENDRIX) and the Temple Shaman (guest star RAYMOND J. BARRY) reveal their next move to Bruce; and Ivy comes to Selina’s aid.
19 All Will Be Judged
The Temple Shaman reveals his hand to Bruce Wayne and sets up the next phase of training. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock are put into danger as they come across a crystal owl that reveals the most coveted secrets of Gotham’s underworld; and Nygma and Penguin are forced to work together to get out of a tricky situation.
20 Pretty Hate Machine
Gordon races against the clock to save the city from the Alice Tetch virus, when Lee Thompkins intercepts with a plan of her own. Meanwhile, Alfred sees a significant change in Bruce Wayne after this work with The Shaman; and some of Gotham’s most deranged villains band together. JADA PINKETT SMITH returns as Fish Mooney.
21 Destiny Calling / Heavydirtysoul
With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues as Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra’s al Ghul (guest star ALEXANDER SIDDIG) and completes his last task in order to fulfill his destiny, but realizes he can’t let go of his past. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to win back Lee, as past alliances in Gotham City are broken and new alliances formed in the two-part season three finale.
101 2016 Comic-Con Panel
Join the cast and Executive Producers of Gotham Season 3 at the San Diego Comic Con 2016!
102 A Sneak Peek at Gotham Season 3
All will be judged this season. From the heroes to the villains, none can escape the darkness of Gotham, and what will emerge this season, as the true ancient power of the Court of Owls.
103 Madness Rising: The New Villains of Gotham
Gotham has been long plagued by the most nefarious of villains. This early primer gives us a deeper look into the motivations of The Mad Hatter, Ivy, and the ever elusive Court of Owls

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Before there was Batman, there was GOTHAM. The origin story of some of DC Comics greatest Super-Villains and vigilantes, this one-hour drama follows Detective Jim Gordon’s rise to power in a dangerously corrupt city that would spawn iconic characters such as The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler and a young Bruce Wayne.

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10K reviews
Mike Torres
April 18, 2017
All I know is it goham is great people like the last three comments think there directors and know how to act and produce and do all of that s*** and they don't so you people just need to keep your mouth shut amd leave the work to the professionals that make the TV shows. move on with your life because it's great and you're just f****** idiot
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Jc Bridges
November 10, 2014
Great to see the time put in to build up characters compared to the over night we see in the comics & movies. Never really liked jada Pinkett smith till now. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock keep you coming back for more. It's going to real hard to fill the Penguin shoes. It"s gonna be hard pressed to see how they plan to do the next future criminal.
35 people found this review helpful
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WolfCenturies AJ
December 17, 2016
ALL you ignorant people, GOTHAM IS BEFORE BATMAN EXISTED. And the characters were modified to be more fit, and to attracts more people. Stop your yapping, because the creators of the DC COMICS THEMSELVES, CREATED THIS SHOW. THEY PORTRAYED It the way they wanted it to be. People didn't mock it, the creators decided to make it more interesting, with a twist too. You're all too ignorant to realize that.
11 people found this review helpful
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