1982 • CBS
163 reviews
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Season 4 episodes (26)

1 Birth, Death, Love and Rice
Frasier returns to Cheers with news that Diane joined a convent.
2 Woody Goes Belly Up
Sam and Diane surprise Woody with a visit from his hometown girl.
3 Someday My Prince Will Come
Diane finds a coat and believes the mysterious owner is the man of her dreams.
4 The Groom Wore Clearasil
Carla's 16-year old wants to marry his high school sweetheart.
5 Diane's Nightmare
Diane is convinced the crazy actor from her past is out to get her.
6 I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday
Sam tries to cover up the truth when he loses Diane's priceless book.
7 2 Good 2 Be 4 Real
The guys of cheers try to lift Carla's spirits when she places a personal ad.
8 Love Thy Neighbor
Norm hires a private investigator to find out if Vera is having an affair.
9 From Beer to Eternity
The Cheers gang challenges a rival bar to a bowling tournament.
10 The Bar Stoolie
Cliff learns his estranged father is leading a secret life.
11 Don Juan Is Hell
Sam is used as the subject of Diane's research paper.
12 Fools And Their Money
Sam takes action when Woody gets addicted to gambling.
13 Take My Shirt Please?
Sam realizes his baseball days are history when no one bids on his jersey.
14 Suspicion
Diane doesn't trust anyone when she's certain revenge is coming her way.
15 The Triangle
Diane comes up with a plan to pull Frasier out of the dumps.
16 Cliffie's Big Score
Cliff invites Diane and Carla to the annual ball and both unexpectedly accept.
17 The Second Time Around
Sam Flips when Frasier wants to marry the first girl he dates after Lilith.
18 The Peterson Principle
Norm gets a tip at work that could guarantee his promotion over the competition.
19 Dark Imaginings
Sam can't accept the fact that he's getting older.
20 Save the Last Dance for Me
Carla enters a dance competition with her ex-husband, Nick.
21 Fear Is My Co-Pilot
Sam and Diane reveal their true feelings for each other while on the verge of death.
22 Diane Chambers Day
Fraiser plans a pick-me-up party for Diane, but she thinks it was Sam's idea.
23 Relief Bartender
Woody feels replaceable when an entertaining bartender overshadows him.
24 Strange Bedfellows - Part 1
Sam expresses interest in politics when he falls for a woman running for city council.
25 Strange Bedfellows - Part 2
Diane quits when she finds out Sam's girlfriend wants her fired.
26 Strange Bedfellows - Part 3
Diane tries to make Sam's life miserable for pushing her out the door.

About this show

Top-rated, 28-time Emmy-winning half-hour comedy series centering on the colorful characters who frequent a Boston bar owned by a former Red Sox pitcher.

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163 reviews
Eduardo Reaza
February 27, 2020
From all the sitcoms that I have seen, this one is my second favorite after Friends! Never stop laughing and the joke writing is sometimes just out the world! I highly recommend it
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Tom McAlpine
December 12, 2015
I can watch each one over and over and still catch something new every time. It never gets boring. I will buy every season if they become available.
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Daphne Kim
September 22, 2020
Cheers is a beloved time relevant group of folks who are still able to get society and put them in a feeling of being right at the bar with the gang when watching the show!
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