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I'm Alan Partridge

262 reviews

Season 2 episodes (6)

1 The Talented Mr Alan
When Alan bumps into Frank 'Sweaty' Raphael at the service station, he blackmails his former teacher into allowing him to give a talk at his old school.
2 The Colour of Alan
As Alan launches his new conferencing company Apache Presentations, his girlfriend Sonja decides his face will help sell her mugs in Norwich market.
3 Brave Alan
When Alan meets Dan at the Service Station they find they have a lot in common: they both love Directors' Bitter, use Lynx deodorant and drive Lexi. This seems to be his chance to make inroads into Norwich's social elite.
4 Never Say Alan Again
Alan is planning a bank holiday weekend watching every single James Bond film back to back, but considerately makes room in the schedule to drive Lynn to visit her mother's grave.
5 I Know What Alan Did Last Summer
Concerned about a visit from the Inland Revenue, Alan lies to Sonja about the extent of his friendship with U2 singer Bono.
6 Alan Wide Shut
It's the end of the line for Alan's book, but the house is ready and there's Lynn's baptism to look forward to.

About this show

Comedy series charting the fortunes of the former chat show host who is reduced to a lowly slot on Radio Norwich, starring Steve Coogan

Ratings and reviews

262 reviews
Spencer Luxford
July 14, 2016
What's not to like, it's Alan Partridge! One if the greatest English comedy characters ever. It doesn't matter how many times I watch the episodes, they never lose the magic.
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Brud Thomson
September 21, 2014
£5.49 what a rip off can watch all Steve Coogan on netflix
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Rorie Malkin
November 22, 2014
Love alan partridge! Its so funny! I cant get enough of it!
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