1989 • NBC
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Season 4 episodes (22)

1 The Trip: Part 1
While Jerry is asking George to join him on a trip to California to appear on "The Tonight Show," Kramer is still trying to get his show business career off the ground after his "Murphy Brown" appearance, living in a Hollywood boarding house as he tries to sell his treatment for a film. After an embarrassing incident with airport security, Jerry and George finally board their flight to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, at a casting call in which he fails to get a part, Kramer meets a struggling young actress named Chelsea. Discussing his career plans over coffee with Chelsea, Kramer spots actor Fred Savage and nervously approaches with his treatment. Meanwhile, at their hotel in Los Angeles, Jerry is upset to find that the maid accidentally threw out a scrap of paper on which he had written down some new jokes. At "The Tonight Show" taping, while Jerry takes care of some business, George accosts actor Corbin Bernsen with an idea he has for "L.A. Law," and then lectures "Cheers" star George Wendt about changes he would make in the show. After the police find Chelsea murdered, a fragment of his treatment found with the body makes Kramer a suspect in the case. As the police pursue Kramer, Jerry is shocked when both Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt discuss their hallway encounters with George on "The Tonight Show." Finally, as Jerry is blaming the maid for ruining his monologue, he and George are surprised by a television newscast identifying Kramer as the "Smog Strangler." © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
2 The Trip: Part 2
Hearing that Kramer is being sought as the Smog Strangler, Jerry and George decide to locate their friend and vindicate him in the killings. Calling from a pay phone and admitting he cannot find his way to the police station, Jerry identifies himself as George and is told to wait for someone to pick him up. However, when their police escorts have to answer a call about a crime in progress, they are forced to share the back seat of the patrol car with new suspect Toby Nagy. Admitting to being friends of the suspected serial killer, George debates Toby on just how much one should tip the maid during a hotel stay. When the police are called to apprehend another suspect and Jerry and George rush to help, they leave the car door ajar allowing Toby to escape. Relishing the publicity at the center of a media circus, during a visit by his friends, Kramer talks enthusiastically of his life in Hollywood before pleading with them for help. Then, after a harsh interrogation, Kramer suddenly finds himself a free man when the killer strikes as he is in custody. Insisting upon staying in Los Angeles, Kramer accuses his friends of having no faith in his ability to make it in show business. However, back in New York after their west coast adventure, they are surprised when Kramer drops into Jerry's apartment to borrow some mustard. Finally, when a television news broadcast reveals Smog Strangler Toby Nagy somehow managed to escape from the back of a patrol car, his description fits George to a tee. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
3 The Pitch/The Ticket
Asked if he might be interested in doing something on television, Jerry accepts the NBC network's invitation to meet about developing a new series. While discussing the meeting, George suggests doing a show about nothing, using-Jerry and his friends as the main characters. Taking George along to NBC, Jerry runs into Joe Davola, a writer who sees the same psychiatrist as Elaine. After he accidentally lets on that Kramer is having a party, to which Joe has not been invited, Jerry insists on warning his neighbor but is interrupted as he and George are called in for their meeting.Interrupting Jerry as he pitches their idea, George explains how, without any plot or story, the show will simply observe the everyday lives its main characters. Pressed for details, George insists he will not compromise his artistic integrity by changing it in any way, only to be later lectured by Jerry about how his stupid idea ruined any chance of getting a deal. Dismissing Jerry's criticisms, George wonders if he would have a chance at getting a date with Susan, one of the executives at the meeting.While Jerry is warning Kramer about Davola, George and Susan arrive to announce that she has convinced her NBC colleagues to pursue their idea for a series. However, when Kramer drinks some old milk in the refrigerator, Jerry and George watch in horror as he suddenly vomits on Susan. As George later laments the effect the vomiting incident will have on their deal, Kramer arrives after having been attacked by Davola on the street and warns Jerry that he is next. With Kramer suffering after effects from his encounter with Crazy Joe Davola, Jerry suggests Kramer see a doctor right away. Then, after getting everyone to agree to chip in for Susan's dry cleaning bill, Jerry and George are surprised when they are invited back for another meeting with the network to discuss their show. While on their way to the meeting, Jerry throws his faulty watch in the trash before being met on the street by his Uncle Lou. Cutting their conversation short, Jerry and George hail a cab to the meeting, unaware that Lou has recovered the discarded watch for himself.Complaining about how bad his-relatives can make him feel when he doesn't have time to talk, Jerry gets George to agree to be more flexible as they prepare for their meeting. Then, after George reverses his position for the show, they are offered a deal to write a pilot episode for $13,000. Meanwhile, having been ticketed for speeding, Newman claims he was trying to get home to help a suicidal friend, but Kramer's erratic behavior undercuts his alibi and he is forced to pay the fine.As Jerry gets a call at NBC from his mother to complain about how he insulted Uncle Lou, George is disappointed when Susan actually accepts the money to pay her cleaning bill. Then, as Elaine's psychiatrist worries about having left enough medication for his psychotic patient, Jerry spots Davola outside a diner waiting for him. Asking a police officer for help, he is dismayed when the cop decides to eat before escorting him out. Finally, after Newman and Kramer arrive with news that Davola isn't outside, Newman discovers his car is being ticketed. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
4 The Wallet
While Jerry and his parents, Morty and Helen, are on their way to New York for his father's appointment with a back specialist, George is telling the NBC executive who championed their show that the network's offer for the pilot episode is too small and that he and Jerry have agreed to pass. Then, as his mom worries after learning that Crazy Joe Davola is out to get her son, Jerry's parents notice he isn't wearing the watch they gave him as a present. Claiming it is out being fixed, Jerry admits to Kramer that he actually tossed the defective watch in a trash can and asks that he not tell mom and dad -- unaware that it was retrieved by his Uncle Leo. Arriving for his appointment and surprised by all the forms he needs to complete, Morty gives only his name and address before being taken in for his x-rays. However, upon returning to the examination room, he discovers that his wallet is missing. Meanwhile, Jerry criticizes George for turning down the offer for their show, claiming the network will simply move on to someone else's script. Upon returning from her trip, Elaine is forced to admit her relationship with Dr. Reston is not working out and that the psychologist is using his professional insights to manipulate her. With his wallet and money gone, Morty accuses the doctor and his staff of thievery and leaves without paying. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to break up with Dr. Reston by telling him that an old boyfriend has suddenly come back into her life. But, panicking when he presses for details, she says his name is Kramer and agrees to have him call Dr. Reston to discuss their relationship. Finally, as Morty is complaining about the theft, Uncle Leo arrives at Jerry's wearing his discarded watch. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
5 The Watch
When Jerry's mom and dad come for a visit, Jerry desperately tries to buy back the watch the bought for him, which was recovered by his Uncle Leo after Jerry had thrown it in the trash. Across town, a sweaty-palmed George tracks down a TV executive to negotiate his series deal -- at a lower figure.
6 The Bubble Boy
Left without his date for a weekend at Susan's cabin, Jerry agrees to ask Elaine. However, still sensitive about his vomiting on Susan, Jerry and George keep the trip a secret from Kramer, who has been invited to play golf at an exclusive country club. Approached by a delivery truck driver whose son Donald must live inside a plastic bubble, Jerry is asked to pay him a visit for his birthday. After Elaine insists that Jerry do it, Susan points out that Donald's house is on the way to the cabin and says they can all stop during the trip. When he and Elaine find themselves left behind because of George's manic driving, Jerry admits he doesn't have directions to the bubble boy's house. Meanwhile, when his golf date is cancelled, Kramer is browsing in Jerry's apartment when Naomi calls to say she has changed her mind about the trip and he agrees to take her to the cabin himself. Arriving at the bubble boy's house, Susan and George are introduced to the irascible and rude Donald, while Jerry tries to recover an autographed photo he reluctantly gave to a waitress. Finding himself being beaten and taunted by Donald during a game of Trivial Pursuit, George tries using a misprint to gain an advantage and is attacked, causing the bubble to spring a leak. Arriving at the cabin, Kramer breaks in and waits with Naomi for everyone else to arrive. As Jerry's argument with the waitress escalates into a fight, word arrives that the bubble boy was attacked and, hurrying to the house, Jerry and Elaine see Donald being rushed to the hospital as the locals prepare to avenge the attack. Finally, while he is on a late night swim with Naomi, Kramer's cigar sets the cabin ablaze and, arriving to find the roaring inferno, a horrified Susan watches as her family's lakeside retreat is destroyed. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
7 The Cheever Letters
While preparing for the dinner at which he is to tell Susan's father about the loss of his cabin, George sits down to begin working with Jerry on their script for the network. Then, reminded to call Elaine but forced to talk with her assistant Sandra, Jerry complains about Sandra's keeping him on the phone too long. However, Elaine tries talking to Sandra about the problem and ends up upsetting her, causing Sandra to quit. Meanwhile, as they struggle with the script, Kramer asks for another box of Cuban cigars, noting that, without them, he will be unable to play golf at the Westchester Country Club. Told of Sandra's quitting, Jerry reluctantly agrees to apologize and then ends up accepting her offer to meet for a drink. However, after Sandra makes a pass at him at his apartment, Jerry unconsciously says something that offends Sandra and she storms off. Worried that having convinced her to return to work, she will talk about the episode, Jerry insists that Elaine fire Sandra, claiming she is unfit to be working for her. While at dinner with Susan's family, George notes the comic irony in the fact that Mr. Ross' cigars were responsible for the cabin being burned to the ground. Deciding to take a break from their script writing, Jerry and George stop by the Ross' just as a package of letters recovered from the fire is being delivered by the doorman. However, when Susan begins to read one aloud, her family is shocked to find they are from author John Cheever, which describe a sexually active affair he had with Mr. Ross for many years. Politely excusing themselves, Jerry and George return home to resume writing, while Kramer drops by on his way to play golf with his new Cuban friends and Elaine makes a passing reference to the remark that upset Sandra so much. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
8 The Opera
Unaware of a threatening message left by Crazy Joe Davola, Jerry is persuaded to join Kramer, Elaine and George for an opening night gala at the opera. After hearing Davola's message, Jerry is counseled by Kramer to stay calm and call Davola to explain that there has been a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, wanting to surprise her date with the tickets, Elaine arrives to find him working out to the strains of "Pagliacci", after having converted his apartment into a shrine by covering the walls with surveillance photos of her. Insisting on leaving, Elaine then sprays him in the face with breath freshener to make a getaway. When George announces that his date, Susan, will not be able to join them, he is stuck with a hundred-dollar ticket for the opera. But, with George and Elaine not bringing their dates, Kramer insists they can sell the tickets for five hundred dollars apiece. As Kramer and George agree to meet Jerry at the theater, Davola makes himself up as the clown from "Pagliacci" as he prepares to track down Elaine at the opera. Insisting on being allowed to sell Susan's ticket himself, George is attacked by a wealthy patron who once ejected him from his son's wedding for making a lewd toast, while Jerry and Elaine panic upon realizing that Crazy Joe Davola was her date. As Jerry and Elaine are harassed by a hapless street performer dressed as a clown, Kramer is approached by Davola with an offer to buy his extra ticket. However, when Davola approaches them outside the theater, Jerry and Elaine mistake him for the street performer outside -- until they detect the distinct smell of her breath spray. Meanwhile, after selling his extra ticket, George is surprised when Susan arrives to attend the opera after all. Finally, upon making it to the safety of their seats, Jerry and Elaine are shocked to learn that Kramer sold his extra ticket to someone dressed as a clown. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
9 The Virgin
When Jerry runs into a woman that he once considered dating, he is happy to learn that Marla is no longer with her boyfriend. Then when George expresses interest in Marla's friend Stacy, Jerry points out that he already has a girlfriend and that breaking up with Susan could ruin their deal at NBC. Inviting Marla over to his apartment and finding Kramer there watching his television, Jerry learns that Marla is still a virgin. While Marla is getting some unsolicited advice about men from Elaine, Jerry asks Kramer to get his own TV back from George. However, claiming that watching TV is an addiction, Kramer insists that he can't keep a TV set around the house. Ordering Chinese food before a critical meeting at the network, George suggests doing a show about an uninsured motorist ordered to compensate an accident victim by being his butler. Meanwhile, Elaine's jaywalking causes an accident, which prompts a lawsuit by restaurant deliveryman Ping. Arriving at the network, George excuses himself to speak with David Letterman about getting rid of Susan, forcing Jerry to start their meeting without him. With few ideas to speak of, Jerry proposes the butler show as their pilot, and is surprised when everyone is taken with the idea. However, when George kisses Susan upon entering the room, their hopes are dashed when the gesture causes her to lose her job at the network. Finally, Jerry cringes upon hearing the advice Marla has been getting from Elaine, while George finds that being a television writer is not his ticket to meeting women. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
10 The Contest
After catching him masturbating causes his mother to fall and end up in the hospital, George insists he will never do it again. But, when his friends claim he could never quit so easily, George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer make a bet to see who can hold out from having sex the longest. However, when Kramer notices a neighbor walking around her apartment without any clothes on, and Elaine ends up in an exercise class with John F. Kennedy, Jr., their resolve is put to the test. Meanwhile, George discovers that a beautiful woman sharing a hospital room with his mom gets a regular sponge bath during visiting hours, and Jerry gets ever closer to having sex with Marla, testing their self control, too. Unable to resist the temptation of the nude neighbor, Kramer is the first to bow out and pay up on the bet. Frustrated by the tension, Jerry decides to tell the neighbor to keep her blinds drawn but is dissuaded by Kramer's impassioned plea. Though George admits to being excited by the nightly sponge bath ritual and Elaine reveals that she shared a cab ride with the young Kennedy, they both insist they are still holding out. But, after discovering that JFK, Jr. is interested in a date, Elaine gives in to the pressure and pays off on the bet, too. With George at the hospital to witness another sponge bath, Jerry is finally asked by Marla to take her to bed. However, when he casually reveals the terms of the bet, Marla is appalled with their insensitivity and runs crying from the apartment. Finally, after giving up on her rendezvous with Kennedy outside Jerry's apartment, she and Jerry spot Kramer in bed with the nude neighbor, and George arrives and tells Elaine that JFK just met with the distraught Marla. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
11 The Airport
After losing a bet to Jerry, George agrees to pick him and Elaine up at Kennedy Airport after a trip. But, when the flight is cancelled and they are offered a pair of seats on another plane to LaGuardia Airport, Jerry and Elaine discover that one of them is in first class. After vying for the seat of their choice, Elaine is forced to travel in coach and struggles with an overcrowded cabin, while Jerry enjoys himself in a roomy seat next to a gorgeous model named Tia. Meanwhile, having meticulously planned their trip to the airport, George is shocked when Kramer puts them squarely in the middle of a horrendous traffic jam. Upon arriving at JFK and learning about the flight cancellation, George finds himself fighting over the last copy of a newspaper with a prisoner on his way to jail. Then, as George mocks the convict and gets the paper for himself, Kramer spots an old roommate who has owed him money for the last twenty years. Meanwhile, as Elaine struggles just to get to the bathroom, Jerry and Tia playfully relax in the comfort of their first class seats. Though George convinces him to go to LaGuardia, Kramer is obsessed with collecting the debt from Grossbard. So, after arriving at LaGuardia to discover the flight has been rerouted back to Kennedy, Kramer realizes he will have his chance to get even after all. After agreeing to buy a pair of airline tickets in order to catch up with Grossbard, George finds himself in the bathroom face to face with the vengeful convict as Kramer is being arrested for assault and dragged off the plane. Meanwhile, when Jerry suggests Elaine take a vacant seat in first class, she is caught and forced to return to her coach seat. Finally, after everyone arrives at the baggage claim, Elaine discovers her bags are missing as the friends relive the pleasures and horrors of the trip. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
12 The Pick
Listening to George lament about missing Susan, Jerry reminds him of just how much he disliked her when they were dating, and Elaine suggests George seek some professional advice, referring him to a therapist and friend. After Elaine agrees to have Kramer take a photograph for her Christmas card, Jerry entertains Tia at his apartment and discovers she is wearing the same fragrance Kramer had proposed to Calvin Klein a year ago. Although Jerry tries to keep it a secret, Kramer discovers the truth about his perfume and threatens to get revenge on the executive who originally ridiculed his idea. As George and the therapist start his session, they are distracted by a stuck zipper on his jacket. Meanwhile, Elaine discovers that the picture she sent out with her Christmas cards clearly shows too much décolletage. Then, though Jerry is only scratching his nose while stopped at a traffic light, from an adjacent cab Tia thinks she sees something much more disgusting and suddenly refuses to return his calls. When Elaine gripes about the problems her card has caused, George complains that he didn't receive one and she angrily gives him a close look at what he missed. Told that Tia is at Calvin Klein's office, Jerry and Kramer depart to settle their scores. As George persuades Susan to give him another chance, Kramer confronts Calvin and soon finds himself as a model for the designer's exclusive line of underwear. Meanwhile, Jerry is unable to change Tia's mind about what she saw, while Elaine is dropped by her religious new boyfriend after he receives her card. Finally, realizing that he truly dislikes being with Susan, George get himself thrown out of her apartment. © 1992 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
13 The Movie
Learning that his show at a comedy club has been delayed, Jerry agrees to a later spot and hurries across town to another club where he has also been booked before meeting his friends to cancel his plans to join them for a movie. But, accosted by comedian Pat Buckles and forced to share a cab, Jerry arrives to find he missed his other show. Meanwhile, arriving to find George standing in the wrong line and the movie sold out, Kramer waits for Jerry while Elaine and George go to another theater to buy four tickets. After arguing over how to repay George for her ticket, Elaine agrees to save three seats and sends George to find Kramer and Jerry. However, with Kramer off getting a hot dog, Jerry and George each arrive and find no one there at all. Then, just as Jerry goes inside to find his friends, Kramer returns. As Elaine is holding off the other patrons trying to take their seats, George returns but ' having lost his own stub, is forced to use one of the extra tickets he is holding for Jerry and Kramer. But, after missing Elaine because she is at the concession stand, George inadvertently walks through an exit and finds himself locked outside. Unable to find his friends, Jerry takes a cab to make his rescheduled set, while George is forced to use the remaining movie ticket and then ends up in the wrong theater. Meanwhile, Kramer has no problem getting past the usher when he claims to be looking for his friends and, unable to find Elaine, unwittingly takes her seat. Then, returning with her popcorn, Elaine cannot find her seat, while Jerry's cab driver stops for gas and he misses his spot when Buckles is recruited as a last minute replacement. Frustrated that his plans have been ruined, Jerry agrees to join Buckles for a movie and is unexpectedly reunited with his friends. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
14 The Visa
As George and Elaine argue over getting the mail she picked up while Jerry was on the road, George admits he met an attractive immigration lawyer. Then, after they run into Babu Bhatt, the Pakistani immigrant Jerry helped get an apartment and a job after causing the failure of his restaurant, Elaine agrees to deliver Jerry's mail when they go to the Auto Show on Saturday. While at dinner with Cheryl, George is shocked when Jerry and Elaine drop in to join them on their way to the auto show. Asking for legal advice about the lawsuit brought by the deliveryman at the local Chinese restaurant, Elaine discovers that Cheryl is handling the case for her cousin Ping. As Cheryl excuses herself to use the phone, George worries that Jerry is too funny and persuades him to lose his sense of humor when Cheryl returns. Upon delivering Jerry's mail, Elaine notes that Cheryl has convinced Ping to drop the lawsuit while, returning early from a New York Yankees fantasy baseball camp, Kramer reveals that it closed after he punched Mickey Mantle in the mouth. Meanwhile, Babu is arrested because of an expired visa, and Jerry finds Babu's renewal application in his mail. Realizing he is responsible for Babu deportation, Jerry asks George to contact Cheryl for help. Admitting to the misplaced application, Jerry reassures Babu that the case is being handled. But, when Cheryl admits to being attracted to Jerry's dark side, George sees his plan backfiring and insists he is as disturbed as anyone she will ever meet. Learning that Babu has been deported to Pakistan, Jerry wonders what could have gone wrong until George reveals that he told Cheryl the truth about their deception. Finally, Ping announces that his lawsuit is back on and he is doubling the damages while, stuck in Pakistan with no way to return to America, Babu swears he will get revenge on Jerry. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
15 The Shoes
After running into a woman Jerry dated a couple of times but was never able to kiss, Kramer is thanked for his loyalty when he reveals that he snubbed the elusive Gail Cunningham. Then, during a meeting with Elaine at the coffee shop, Jerry tries to explain why he and George have cut her character out of their script. But, when Gail arrives to complain about the Kramer's snub, she makes a snide remark about Elaine's expensive shoes. Meanwhile, George complains that his therapist didn't find the script funny, and Kramer announces that he kissed Gail. Learning that Gail told Kramer, about her shoes, Elaine tracks her down at the restaurant where she works to complain. However, failing to get any satisfaction, Elaine sneezes on an order of pasta Primavera as it is on its' way to the table of NBC executive Russell Dalrymple. Forced to meet at Russell's apartment because he suddenly took ill at lunch, Jerry and George arrive to find he is too sick to talk about their pilot. However, after asking to reschedule their meeting, Russell catches George leering at the cleavage of his fifteen year-old daughter. When Jerry and George's deal with NBC is suddenly cancelled, Jerry blames Elaine... who reminds him that it was no doubt cancelled when George was caught staring at Russell's daughter. So, hatching a plan to show Russell how easily one can be distracted by the cleavage of a passing stranger, Jerry has Kramer ask Gail to call the next time Russell is in the restaurant. When Russell arrives at the restaurant for lunch, Jerry and George hurry over to plead their case. However, when Elaine walks by wearing a low cut dress, Russell is oblivious to her presence, although another customer asks her for a date. But when Russell finally notices, the pilot deal is back on after Elaine agrees to join him for dinner. Finally, as she persuades them to put her character back in the script, Jerry and George realize something is wrong with their pasta Primavera. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
16 The Outing
After Jerry is unsuccessful reaching a college reporter about an interview, Elaine notices two women eavesdropping on their conversation. To give them something interesting to hear, she casually mentions that Jerry and George have admitted they are gay, unaware that one of them is Sharon Lennard, the reporter waiting for the interview with Jerry. As Jerry prepares for the interview, George drops by to discuss his latest girlfriend and, while Sharon recognizes them immediately, they fail to realize who she is and proceed to argue like an old married couple. However, when it finally occurs to Jerry what has happened, he and George insist that what she overheard was just a joke. While Jerry is scolding Elaine for the misunderstanding, Kramer arrives to deliver a two-line phone for his birthday. Elaine then rushes out to exchange a similar phone Jim bought Jerry as her gift, when Sharon calls to say she has decided not to pursue the gay angle. But, when Jerry takes another call from George and sarcastically tells him that they must have fooled the reporter into believing they are not gay. What he discovers is that Sharon was able to hear his conversation. Failing to convince her that it was just another joke, Jerry discovers that he and George have been "outed" after the story is picked up by newspapers all across the country. As Kramer complains about being kept in the dark about their relationship, Jerry fields a call from his mom and dad while George panics and hurries to see his own mother, finding her hospitalized after an accident she had while reading the story in the paper. Meanwhile, after a gay sailor claims their courageous decision has inspired him to come out of the closet, too, Jerry decides that going to a Broadway musical together might not be the best idea given the circumstances, while George realizes that the newspaper story might be just the thing to get rid of his psychotic girlfriend. Despite George's claim that he is gay, Allison asks to speak with Jerry and arrives at the apartment as he and Sharon are on the couch kissing. Though George insists he tell Allison they are lovers, Jerry claims not to know what he is talking about. Finally, as Sharon bolts from the apartment and Jerry turns on his friend, George tries to convince Allison that he is a pornographic film star. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
17 The Old Man
When Elaine volunteers to work with senior citizens, George rises to the occasion and is assigned to help eighty-five-year-old Ben Cantwell. Although Jerry claims he himself is too self-absorbed to participate, he caves in to pressure from his friends and agrees to work with eighty-seven-year-old Sid Fields. Meanwhile, Kramer and Newman try to sell Jerry's old record albums but, told they are virtually worthless, vow to return with a more valuable cache. Greeted by Sid's West Indian housekeeper before meeting a grumpy and rude Sid, Jerry notices stacks of old records and convinces him to let his friends have them. Meanwhile, George is incredulous over Ben's enthusiasm for living in the face of his advanced age, while Elaine nearly faints after discovering an unsightly goiter on Mrs. Oliver's neck. Telling them about Sid's albums, Jerry takes Kramer and Newman along to recover the records, and allows George to tag along, too. But, when Sid insists that everyone leave, an argument ensues and he loses his false teeth, which George then accidentally mangles in the garbage disposal. Insisting on taking him to the dentist right away, Jerry loses Sid once they have reached the street, while Elaine discovers that Mrs. Oliver was once the lover of Mohandas Ghandi and knew Winston Churchill. Offered only twenty dollars for Sid's entire collection, Kramer and Newman end up in a fight with the shopkeeper and destroy the albums. Then, as Jerry is being reprimanded for losing Sid, the old man's son arrives to find out what happened to his father. But, when Jerry explains that his friends were only clearing out some unwanted records, Tim demands that the valuable collection be returned just as Kramer and Newman arrive to announce that they were destroyed. Calling the apartment and finding his line is busy, everyone hurries to Sid's, arriving just in time to find George seducing the housekeeper. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
18 The Implant
While discussing Sidra, a woman he has been dating from their health club, Jerry is shocked when Elaine claims that Sidra has had implants. Worried that she may be right, Jerry asks Elaine to investigate by spying on Sidra in the sauna. Meanwhile, having gotten nowhere after nine dates, George is about to make his move on Betsy when a phone call brings the news of the death of her Aunt Clarisse. In the gym sauna, Elaine is certain that Sidra has breast implants and, upset with the news, Jerry claims he cannot date her any longer. Complaining about his lack of progress with Betsy, George is encouraged to take advantage of her aunt's funeral to advance his cause. Though he is reluctant to fly to Detroit because of the expense, Kramer tells George about a special fare for family deaths and offers to pay half of the cost in order to get the frequent flyer miles for himself. As Elaine is in the sauna listening to Sidra complain about being dumped by her boyfriend, Elaine accidentally stumbles and grabs her voluptuous breasts to break her fall. With Elaine now claiming they are real, Jerry is determined to find out for himself, while George is told that he will need to produce a copy of a death certificate in order to get the discount fare. Playing the role of the loyal boyfriend, George is making progress with Betsy until an argument over chip dipping causes a fight with her brother Timmy. Appalled by his behavior, Betsy and her family throw George out of the house, leaving him without the death certificate he needs. Having invited Sidra over to his apartment, Jerry is upset when Kramer stops in to borrow a bathing suit for a trip to Puerto Rico. Then, when Elaine drops by, Sidra realizes she was set up and leaves after criticizing Jerry for sending his friend to investigate her breasts. Finally, despite having a photograph of him standing next to Aunt Clarisse's coffin, George cannot convince the ticket agent to give him the discount. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
19 The Junior Mint
When an artist she stopped dating because of his weight is admitted for surgery, Elaine asks Jerry to pose as her new boyfriend during her visit. Taking Kramer along, Elaine is surprised to find that Roy is now thin and, told that she was responsible for the dramatic change, her romantic interest is rekindled. However, when Kramer expresses some concern about the surgical procedure, Roy's doctor invites him and Jerry to observe the operation along with some of his students. But, while watching from the operating room balcony, Kramer accidentally drops a mint and he and Jerry watch in horror as it lands inside Roy. Meanwhile, Jerry sets out to learn the name of a woman he has been dating, while George discovers a lost childhood bank account containing nineteen hundred dollars. After agreeing not to tell Elaine about the lost mint, Jerry and Kramer are told that Roy's condition has taken an inexplicable turn for the worse. Though Jerry claims he can't live with the accident on his conscience, Kramer insists they keep quiet, while George senses an opportunity to make some money and asks Elaine to buy him nineteen hundred dollars worth of the ailing artist's triangle paintings. Then, after catching Jerry going through her purse before he can learn her name, The Mystery Woman rebuffs George and Kramer’s attempts to uncover her identity. Despite George's insistence that they do nothing to interfere with fate, Jerry calls the hospital to confess and discovers that Roy has made an inexplicable recovery. Though the artist claims it was George's investment that inspired him to recover, Dr. Siegel suggests that something must have happened during the operation which helped him stave off a deadly infection. Realizing that he will only get fat now that he is well, Elaine again tries to avoid seeing Roy after he is released, while the Mystery Woman abandons Jerry after discovering he doesn't know her name. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
20 The Smelly Car
Upon leaving a restaurant after dinner with Jerry, Elaine discovers that a parking valet's body odor has permeated Jerry's car and, after latching onto them, prematurely ends her date later that same night with Carl. Claiming that the smell caused Carl to leave her in such a hurry, Jerry expresses his fear that the odor is permanently attached to their bodies. Meanwhile, after spotting Susan holding hands with another woman at the video store, George learns she became a lesbian after they broke up, unaware that her lover, Mona, has fallen in love at first sight with Kramer. As Jerry is persuading the restaurant's owner to pay half the cost of cleaning his car, George discovers that a video he was to return has been stolen. While at the store trying to explain the loss, George meets Susan and discovers he, too, has been infected with the overpowering stench. Then, as Jerry discovers that an expensive auto deodorizing treatment has failed, Elaine's efforts at the beauty parlor to remove the odor from her hair proves to be unacceptable to Carl's sensitive nose. Unable to stop the odor, Jerry decides that his only alternative is to sell his car, while an angry Susan looks for her girlfriend at Kramer's apartment. As he is consoling Susan about losing her lover, and admitting to being attracted by her lesbianism, George is then confronted by another old girlfriend, with some unexpected results. Finally, a frustrated Jerry leaves his car to be stolen by an unsuspecting gang of thieves, while Elaine seeks an extreme deodorizing treatment, and Kramer discovers that borrowing Jerry's jacket has cost him his affair with Mona. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
21 The Handicap Spot
Having been invited to an engagement party for Drake, Jerry and his friends debate what kind of gift to bring. Convincing George to borrow his father's car, they stop at a shopping mall while on their way to the party and, after parking in a handicap space, head off to buy a big screen television. When they return to the car, they discover that a wheelchair-bound woman's accident has drawn an angry crowd around their illegally parked car and, retreating to plan their escape, they return to find it has been totaled by the mob. While George tells his father that he and his friends were attacked by an irate gang, Kramer announces that he has fallen in love with the injured woman while visiting her in the hospital. Insisting on helping Lola out, Kramer takes George to buy a used wheelchair, while Jerry and Elaine discover that Drake has called off the wedding and has given his fiancé all of the party gifts. Determined to get the TV back, Elaine calls Drake's ex-fiancé only to find that she has donated the gifts to a charity -- one at which George's father also happens to be a volunteer. However, during the meeting where he is being singled out for his years of faithful service to the organization, Frank is arrested for George's illegally parking in a handicap spot. To repay his father for the damage and, the ticket, George takes a page from his pilot for NBC and agrees to become his father's butler. Meanwhile, dumping Kramer after being given the wheelchair, a faulty brake causes Lola to careen out of control while going down a hill. Learning of the accident, Frank decides to give Lola a big screen TV that was recently donated and orders George to get his friends to help deliver it. So, after picking up the set and returning it to get their money back, George is persuaded to park next to a fire hydrant. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
22 The Pilot, Part 1 and 2
While Jerry and George await news of the future of their pilot, Kramer lobbies to play himself in the show, as NBC President Russell Dalrymple pressures Elaine to go out with him again. Worried about what will happen to him now that he is on the verge of success, George goes to see his therapist. But, when Dana notices a slight discoloration under his lip and suggests he see a doctor, he immediately assumes it is cancer. As everyone at NBC worries about Russell's failure to show up for the auditions, Jerry and George help select the cast. Then, determined to get a shot at a part, Kramer arrives to try out, only to have his audition cut short by a sudden need for a bathroom. But, unable to find a bathroom, he sprints for home and is mugged along the way. Meanwhile, Jerry and Elaine notice that the coffee shop's new owner hired only large-breasted waitresses, and George panics when his doctor orders a biopsy on his lip. Invited to the taping, but fearing another confrontation with Russell, Elaine arrives in a disguise, only to be recognized by a childhood acquaintance. Meanwhile, George gets some good news about his biopsy, Kramer takes extreme measures to regain regularity and the psychotic Joe Davola suddenly leaps from the studio audience and attacks Jerry. As everyone arrives to watch the completed pilot on TV, Kramer announces his success in curing his constipation, while Jerry discovers his father’s long-missing wallet beneath the cushions of his couch. But, just as they are getting used to the idea of being rich television producers, Jerry and George learn that Russell has been fired after mysteriously disappearing and that his replacement is not picking up their show for the new season. Blamed by Jerry for their show’s failure, Elaine presses her case and finds that the coffee shop waitresses are actually the owner’s daughters. Finally, after Russell becomes an environmental activist to redeem himself in Elaine's eyes, he is lost at sea while intercepting a whaling ship. © 1993 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

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A stand-up comedian and his three offbeat friends weather the pitfalls and payoffs of life in New York City in the '90s.

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288 reviews
Nina Witham
February 2, 2019
The show about nothing yet it kept us all watching & either cheering them on or wanting to see how they fail. I didn't think I would like it at 1st but my folks watched it. They grew on me, like a fungous. I didn't want to like them but glad I gave them the chance. If you have friends who you say hi to but don't want to invest time in them then these guys will give you lots of ways to handle it. I found the new adventures of old Christine & I'm happy to see the humor again. 👏🤣❤️💜💛💚💙💜👍💯
100 people found this review helpful
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David Michael Zee
February 8, 2021
Without a doubt, one of the best shows ever created. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are comedy GENIUSES! So was the whole cast. I've seen every episode a few hundred times and it NEVER EVER gets old. I laugh just as hard as I did when I first watched. I still literally fall off of the couch sometimes laughing. "I met this My AKC King German Shepherd's name is 7 Costanza Zwayer.
14 people found this review helpful
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Sean Criswell
November 23, 2017
Like it or hate it, it can't be denied that Seinfeld has left a lasting impact on the genre of the TV sitcom. Plenty of memorable lines and moments came from this show, like Elaine's off-kilter dancing and the Soup Nazi's bellowing of "No soup for you!".
50 people found this review helpful
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