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Season 4 episodes (8)

1 Episode 1
Cleaver’s runaway hot-air-balloon ride abruptly ends when he smashes through the window of old colleague turned wanted criminal, Edgar Thompson. As Cleaver recovers in the hospital, Scarlet and David consider bringing their relationship out into the open.
2 Episode 2
On the run from Edgar and his hitmen, Cleaver hides out in the country with the help of a reverend and his flirtatious daughter. Back in Sydney, overnight celebrity Barney gets his own TV special, and Melissa returns from the United States in disgrace.
3 Episode 3
Cleaver narrowly avoids torture when Edgar’s new lawyer, Roberta Huntley-Brown, convinces Edgar to bring Cleaver back to Sydney to help with his case. With no other options, Cleaver agrees to be Huntley-Brown’s junior counsel.
4 Episode 4
When a witness at Edgar’s trial points the finger at Cleaver for drug trafficking, Cleaver starts to realize that he’s being set up to take the fall for Edgar’s crimes. Meanwhile, Cal takes advantage of Melissa’s worsening cocaine addiction.
5 Episode 5
Barney and Cleaver defend a photojournalist accused of lewd acts and breaking into celebrities’ houses. David resigns as leader of the opposition amid murder charges, and Wendy wants Cleaver to move out of her house.
6 Episode 6
Cleaver represents David at his murder trial, but Barney can’t bring himself to help defend David. Melissa escapes her forced detox at Wendy’s house with Fuzz’s help, as Cleaver’s sister Jane begins her political campaign.
7 Episode 7
After an old-school judge hands Cleaver’s client a heavy sentence, Cleaver goes on a rant that has devastating consequences. Cleaver is jealous when Wendy considers a life abroad with Jack, while Bevan takes his relationship with Nicole to the next level.
8 Episode 8
Aided by Jack, Cleaver’s new political campaign starts to take off, but his competition includes Jane—helped by Cal—and now David. Trying to be less selfish, Cleaver attempts to bring Nicole and Barney back together.

About this show

Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge!, Van Helsing) is Cleaver Greene, a brilliant barrister battling self-destructive tendencies in this hit Australian comedy-drama. As a lawyer, Cleaver prefers to defend those who are utterly hopeless and probably guilty; his clients include murderers, bigamists, and even cannibals. In his personal life, he dodges debt collectors and the Tax Office, while pining after a former prostitute (Adrienne Pickering, The Reef) and flirting with his best friend’s wife (Danielle Cormack, Wentworth). Despite his roguish ways, Cleaver’s wit and charm have won him many cases and loyal friends over the years. Guest stars in this “smart, cheeky, and funny legal series” (Newcastle Herald, Australia) include Oscar® nominee Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings films), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), and Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones).

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3 reviews