Friends: The Best of Couples and Roommates

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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 The One with the List
Joey and Chandler try to help Ross with his decision to date Julie or Rachel by making a list of the pros and cons of each.
2 The One with the Prom Video
Monica and Rachel's prom video reveals Monica's former girth, Rachel's former nose and the way Ross has always felt about Rachel.
3 The One Where Ross and RachelYou Know
Ross and Rachel finally sleep together. Monica becomes infatuated with one of her parents' friends for whom she caters a party.
4 The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy
Ross reveals a fantasy to Rachel involving a certain "Star Wars" character.
5 The One Where Monica & Richard Are Just Friends
Monica's will power is tested when she runs into Richard at a video store. (Original Broadcast: Season 3, Episode 13)
6 The One where Chandler Crosses the Line
Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Joey's girlfriend. Ross' musical talents are not as amazing as he and Phoebe think.
7 The One with the Embryos
Phoebe undergoes an embryo transplant and becomes pregnant. A simple challenge escalates into a full-blown contest between the guys and the women--and the result of the bet is that they switch apartments.
8 The One where Everybody Finds Out
Ross rents an apartment with a window facing Monica and Rachel's place. While checking out the apartment, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler having sex and learns the truth. Finally, Ross finds out that they are dating as well.
9 The One Where Phoebe Runs
Chandler learns how obsessively neat Monica is when he attempts to do her a favor. Joey desperately tries not to flirt with his sexy new roommate. Phoebe's running style embarrasses Rachel
10 The One With The Proposal Part I
Chandler's romantic marriage proposal is ruined when Monica's former boyfriend (TOM SELLECK) returns. Joey accidentally buys a boat. A dormitory incident reminds Ross of how young his girlfriend is. (Original Broadcast: Season 6, Episode 24)
11 The One With The Proposal Part II
Rachel and Phoebe choose "backup" husbands. Chandler fools Monica into believing he hates the idea of marriage--and she seeks consolation with Richard. However, Monica and Chandler finally become engaged.
12 The One Where They're Up all Night
Monica falls asleep during sex. Rachel argues with Tag. Ross and Joey get stranded on the roof.
13 The One With The Videotape
Ross and Rachel's attempt to explain to everyone how they ended up in bed together six weeks earlier quickly devolves into an argument over who pursued whom. Then, Ross shocks them by announcing that he has the whole encounter on videotape. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler return from their honeymoon, excited at the prospect of socializing with another recently married couple whom they met on the flight home . . . until they discover that their newfound "friends" gave them a fake phone number.
14 The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss
Still in Barbados after Ross' keynote address, the friends cope with a variety of dilemmas. Ross has kissed his colleague Charlie Wheeler, although she is still officially dating Joey. Joey and Rachel have kissed as well, but they agonize over how to tell Ross. Phoebe's former boyfriend, Mike, has followed Phoebe to the island and proposed marriage to her, despite his being in a relationship with someone else. And Monica has developed really big hair, due to the humidity. Chandler's problem is that he can barely restrain himself from making fun of his wife. Phoebe, Monica and Chandler learn about all the romantic drama by listening through the thin hotel room walls to hear Joey and Rachel's amorous conversation on one side and Ross and Charlie's on the other. Feeling as if he is betraying Joey, Ross seeks him out to confess that he wants to date Charlie.
15 The Last One (Part 1 and Part 2)
Filled with humor and bittersweet emotion, the series finale of "Friends" finds Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross embarking on the next chapters in their lives. The six of them have been there for one another through all the ups and downs of becoming adults. Now it's their last day together, and it's one of momentous events and last-minute surprises. Even as the friends make major decisions about their futures, they share a bond that will last forever--no matter where their paths lead.

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One of television's top-ranked series, "Friends" is a smart, sophisticated comedy that looks into the hearts and minds of a group of friends living in New York.

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9 reviews
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December 4, 2015
I love friends i like matt lebrac
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