Star Trek (Remastered)

1966 • NBC
727 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (24)

1 Spock's Brain
Kirk pursues aliens who have taken Spock's brain.
2 The Enterprise Incident
Disguised as a Romulan, Kirk steals a cloaking device.
3 The Paradise Syndrome
Kirk loses his memory and begins a life in a native village.
4 And the Children Shall Lead
A group of children are being controlled by an evil force.
5 Is There In Truth No Beauty?
The sight of a Medusan ambassador causes insanity.
6 Spectre of the Gun
As punishment for trespassing, Kirk and crew are forced to re-enact the shootout at the OK Corral..
7 Day of the Dove
A malevolent entity pits Klingons against the Enterprise crew.
8 For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
An inhabited asteroid is on a collision course with a Federation planet.
9 The Tholian Web
Kirk is trapped in interphase, while the Enterprise is trapped by a powerful energy web.
10 Plato's Stepchildren
Platonians use psychokinetic power to toy with the crew.
11 Wink of an Eye
Hyperaccelerated aliens, invisible to the naked eye, take over the Enterprise.
12 The Empath
The landing party is used to test an empathic race.
13 Elaan of Troyius
Kirk is distracted while the Enterprise is threatened.
14 Whom Gods Destroy
Kirk is confronted by one of his heroes, now criminally insane.
15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
Two survivors of a devasted planet remain committed to destroying one another.
16 The Mark of Gideon
Kirk is abducted by aliens who wish to use him to help solve their overpopulation problem.
17 That Which Survives
A deadly computer image protects a long dead outpost.
18 The Lights of Zetar
Zetarians threaten Lieutenant Mira Romaine.
19 Requiem for Methuselah
Kirk and crew meet an immortal human named Flint.
20 The Way to Eden
A charismatic leader and his followers hijack the Enterprise in their search for "Eden."
21 The Cloud Minders
Kirk is forced into negotiating peace on a planet with severe class inequities.
22 The Savage Curtain
Kirk and Spock are forced into a battle of good and evil.
23 All Our Yesterdays
Kirk, Spock and McCoy enter a time portal and get stuck in the past on a planet about to be consumed by a nova.
24 Turnabout Intruder
A woman from Kirk's past exchanges bodies with him and takes control of the ship.

About this show

This classic science fiction series, set in the 23rd century, follows the voyages of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise as it explores the endless universe - seeking new life, new worlds, and new civilizations.

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727 reviews
Kris Kris
August 26, 2020
All my things are not authorized in any way to people that are not good, including this comment to be read, used or in other ways. I love this series so much. One of my favorites. Good vs. evil is one of my favorites. Shore leave is pretty relaxing. Much better than Picard series in my personal views, as I couldn't stand Star Trek combined with thriller, it is of course comedy and love. Though I just plan to buy around 40% of shows of what I watch, this serie 100% must have in collections.
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Marc Elvy
February 9, 2015
These shows are comforting, familiar and enlightening. Yeah the acting is not always the greatest and the effects and sets are dated, but the stories and characters are epic, iconic. I see something new in the telling of the human story each time I watch each episode. Gene Roddenberry's vision of hope compels me to visit these old friends often.
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David Justice
November 28, 2015
60's Cheese sprinkled throughout and also some individual episodes were...just plain bad. Some episodes were great explorations of the human condition. Most were excellent TV-craft. The remastering is mostly replacing the space models and artwork with CGI models. It doesn't look foreign at all.
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