Queer As Folk

2000 • Showtime
374 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (14)

1 Episode 1
Season three begins as Michael and Justin face uncertainty over the future of their comic book, "Rage." Brian doesn't seem to care that Justin chose Ethan over him - at least initially. Ted and Emmett explore the possibilities of a relationship.
2 Episode 2
Having left Brian, Justin must find a way to pay for school. Much to Lindsay's surprise, Melanie expresses her desire to have another baby. Emmett discovers a loophole in his relationship with Ted in order to honor a previously arranged liaison.
3 Episode 3
Brian lends his expertise to the Center's "Carnivale" fundraiser and considers Lindsay and Melanie's sperm-donation request. Ted and Emmett divulge priceless gay-man secrets to Deb, who's nervous about intimacy with Carl. Ben's former partner dies.
4 Episode 4
Lindsay and Melanie ask Michael to father their second child. Brian's accused of molesting his nephew. Ted loves having Emmett in his heart - but his condo's another story.
5 Episode 5
Brian wins Police Chief Stockwell's mayoral race account much to his friends' dismay. Ethan is offered representation after the Heifetz competition. Melanie and Lindsay try for a second child thanks to Michael's donation.
6 Episode 6
With Brian's help Stockwell takes the lead in the polls. Ted readies Jerk-at-work.net for any surprise police raids. Michael confronts Ben about his steroid use. Ethan gives Justin a surprise performance.
7 Episode 7
Ted is out on bail and begs Brian to talk to Stockwell on his behalf. Justin confronts Ethan. Melanie is pregnant, much to everyone's delight. Ben promises to stop using steroids.
8 Episode 8
Michael and Ben help out a young hustler. Justin begins an internship at Vanguard and is on a quest to win Brian back. Lindsay is blossoming in her new job at the gallery. Ted reacts to a sudden role-reversal with Emmett.
9 Episode 9
Woody's is closed down after an Amateur Strip Contest. Stockwell discovers Brian's gay. Ted's humiliated when he tends bar at one of Emmett's soirees. Melanie promises Lindsay she'll work less during her pregnancy, then lands the case of a lifetime.
10 Episode 10
Brian and Justin clash over Stockwell. Ted takes a dangerous detour on his way to a weekend getaway. Melanie finds Michael's "doting dad" routine annoying. Hunter, the street hustler, calls in a favor from Ben.
11 Episode 11
Brian is fired when he's caught undermining Stockwell's campaign. Ben and Michael tell Hunter he's positive. Ted's tempted to go to his first White Party with his new "friends."
12 Episode 12
Brian investigates the death of Dumpster Boy based on a tip from Hunter. Emmett is furious when Melanie and Lindsay insist Ted's an addict. Ted asks Emmett to share his experience.
13 Episode 13
Hunter collects evidence tying Dumpster Boy's murderer to Stockwell. Justin risks expulsion when he refuses to apologize for his anti-Stockwell posters. Emmett confronts Ted about his drug use.
14 Episode 14
Brian risks everything to bring down Stockwell on the eve of the election. Ted finally hits rock bottom. Hunter's mother arrives to take him away from Ben and Michael. Lindsay learns of Melanie's superstitions about getting through her first trimester.

About this show

Brash humor and genuine emotion make up this original series revolving around the lives, loves, ambitions, careers and friendships of a group of gay men and women living on Liberty Avenue in contemporary Pittsburgh, PA. The show offers an unapologetic look at modern, urban gay and lesbian lives while addressing the most critical health and political issues affecting the community. Sometimes racy, sometimes sensitive and always straight to the heart, QUEER AS FOLK is groundbreaking television at its best.
374 reviews
Shane B
May 18, 2016
When it aired on Showtime is was the only program, series, book, porn (it really is just a show with mail nudity and women nudity for that matter), my point is I started watching this around 2001 ish and now that it is 2016 ish we as a society still do not have an accurate depiction of gay life, the struggles, the lessons, heroes, inspiration, etc etc. I mean come on. All these apps are so sensored. We want more than just porn ya know :-/
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Elena Menagarishvili
November 13, 2017
This show is way deeper than it may seem for the first time. I had a feeling that in the beginning it was all about sex, drugs, partying - to attract the attention of the youth - but in the later seasons they raise so many important issues, it is basically about everything: human rights, gay marriages, adopting kids and raising kids in love, HIV problems and lack of education in this field, violence and response to violence, finding your own path, setting your carrier goals, friendship, honesty, life values... Great show!
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August 20, 2014
I bought this years ago on DVD, and I love this show! I would highly recommend this for any one who's gay, or any one who's open minded with two guys kissing and to how the gay community is like, how we're just like any straight person, just gay, which is ok. Besides that, this show should have earned an Emmy Award back in the day, but it didn't. Anyway and again like I said, I would highly recommend this show to anyone! :)
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