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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 The Rabbit Hole - Part 1 and Part 2
In the two-part series premiere episode, we meet Jake Epping. Burned out and lost, his ex-wife has moved on, his students are always distracted, and his novel has gone nowhere. Then one of his dearest friends, Al Templeton (series star CHRIS COOPER), shows him the “rabbit hole,” a secret time portal that leads back to 1960. Al asks Jake to head back to the past and create a better world by stopping the Kennedy assassination. Jake heads down the rabbit hole to begin his mission, but finds that changing the past is far more dangerous than he ever would have dreamed.
2 The Kill Floor
Thrown by the enormity of his goal, Jake decides the one thing he can do to make a real difference is to save the family of his friend Harry Dunning (series regular LEON RIPPY), whose family was murdered in a small Kentucky town by Harry’s out-of-control father, Frank (series star JOSH DUHAMEL). But does Jake have what it takes to kill a man? And what are the consequences of violence – even against someone as dangerous as Frank?
3 Other Voices, Other Rooms
Jake finds an unlikely ally in his quest in local drifter Bill Turcotte (series star GEORGE MacKAY). He gets a teaching job in a small town near Dallas and discovers romantic spartks with a school librarian Sadie Dunhill (series star SARAH GADON). Meanwhile, Jake constructs a double life – spying on Lee Harvey Oswald (series star DANIEL WEBBER) at night, as the potential assassin within Jake builds. Trailing Oswald takes Jake into the dark side of Dallas where he realizes Oswald may not be the only threat Kennedy will have to face.
4 The Eyes of Texas
Jake and Bill’s partnership shows signs of strain as they discover more secrets surrounding the unpredictable Lee Harvey Oswald. While romance blossoms for Jake and Sadie, the conspiracy deepens involving Oswald. But by becoming involved with an innocent bystander, has Jake placed his new love in danger?
5 The Truth
Everything begins to fall apart as Jake struggles to live two lives – as teacher and time traveler. When Sadie’s life is threatened, Jake has to make a terrible choice, leaving Bill to his own devices. Meanwhile, Lee Harvey Oswald takes steps that will lead him toward his date with destiny.
6 Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald
It’s October 1962, and the gathering storm of threats in Dallas continues to build. While Jake must take drastic action to establish the full dimensions of the threat to Kennedy, he’s hit with an unexpected death and a bitter betrayal from one of those closest to him.
7 Soldier Boy
The end is near…and Jake is not up to the task. Sadie scrambles to pick up the pieces, but no one knows the mission as well as Jake. While Kennedy is still on a collision path with his assassination, Jake is concerned that he might not have changed things enough in the past to alter the course of events. The days are counting down as 11.22.63 draws near.
8 The Day in Question
In the finale, the Past pulls out every weapon it has to keep Jake from reaching Dealey Plaza in time to save Kennedy. If he fails, it could mean death for Jake or others close to him. But if he succeeds, it could create a world in which he loses everything he’s ever known. What is the true cost of doing the right thing?

About this show

On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy was killed, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? James Franco stars in this epic time-travel thriller from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods. based upon the bestselling novel by Stephen King. 11.22.63 delves into the darkness of the American dream.
110 reviews
Zack A Isaacs
June 11, 2016
Great mini-series project. Without spoiling the plot, I will say that there is a greater focus on the fictional characters than the real-life historical figures. That's because we won't ever know what life would be like if we could change the past. It's the bitter-sweet part of life. Changing the past could cause us to lose what we have right now. Yet, we always yearn to turn back the hands of time. In my opinion, "11.22.63" is very thought-provoking and well-done. A few of the characters are not properly developed (Ms. Mimi, Christy Epping) and come off as just token characters for the purposes of Affirmative Action. But the producers make up for it with the amazing special effects and recreation of life in the 1960s. Very dark, yet inspiring.
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July 6, 2016
Since this show is a miniseries there is no filler. Which means no waiting around for the amazing story line to progress. 10/10
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A Google user
May 30, 2016
James Franco went all in on this role. It was quite a remarkable cast. It's definitely worth watching from start to finish.
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