Good Witch

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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Starting Over Again
After the tragic death of her husband, Chief of Police Jake Russell, Cassie is raising their daughter Grace (Bailee Madison), who is now a bright teenager with her own supernatural intuition, something she undoubtedly inherited from her knowing mother.
2 Apologies and Remembrances
As Cassie continues to be at odds with Sam, Grace experiences trouble with Nick Samuels when she is blamed for stealing her school's mascot.
3 Running Scared
Middleton's favorite raven-haired enchantress Cassie (Catherine Bell) encounters a troubled young woman named Ashley (Rayisa Kondracki), who shows up to Grey House looking for a place to stay or hide.
4 Do the Right Thing
The enchanting Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) follows her intuitive charm to learn the painful reason behind Sam's (James Denton) recent divorce, while Grace (Bailee Madison) discovers Nick's (Rhys Matthew Bond) vulnerable side when the Heritage Ball stirs up emotions among Middleton's residents.
5 All in the Family
Relationships in Middleton remain tense after the Heritage Ball when an unexpected guest returns to the Grey House that tests Cassie's (Catherine Bell) intuitive charm. As Grace (Bailee Madison) butts heads with her mother in an
uncharacteristic fit of teenage angst, Cassie’s troublemaking cousin Abigail (Sarah Power) blows into Middleton with her signature mischievous smile.
6 The Truth About Lies
Middleton's good witch Cassie (Catherine Bell) quickly finds her enchanting powers put to the test by her cousin Abigail (Sarah Power). When Grace goes missing, Cassie turns to Sam (James Denton) for help, and he is convinced his rule-breaking son Nick has something to do with it.
7 The Storm
More than just magic is brewing in Middleton as the town prepares for a blizzard, and both Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Grace (Bailee Madison) forebode the bad winter weather is only the beginning of trouble. As Sam (James Denton) prepares for his ex-wife’s visit, an unexpected change of plans makes him the target of Nick’s (Rhys Matthew Bond) anger.
8 Together We Stand
With Middleton in the throws of a winter storm, Cassie and Sam must work together to deal with a medical emergency, while Grace and her friends confront truths while trapped inside the library.
9 Homecoming
While Cassie faces the possibility that she might lose the Bell, Book and Candle, she does what she can to help Sam as he deals with an unexpected visit from his ex-wife Linda.
10 True Colors
Cassie fights to keep her beloved Bell, Book and Candle store, while working her magic to help Sam deal with his ex-wife Linda and keep custody of his son Nick.

About this show

"Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale (Bell) and her bright, young-teenage daughter Grace (Madison), who shares her mom's special intuitive charm.
663 reviews
Maria Griggs
September 10, 2019
I just love this show, it takes me to the small town life I love. It makes me forget my real problems and makes me believe there are people in this world who are still kind and forgiving. I guess you can say it takes me to a magical place even if just for a while. It's a nice clean show, one can watch with kids around. Thank you Hallmark ❤ we need more shows like this... Please
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Nicholas Romney
November 7, 2021
This was a great show that my wife and I enjoyed watching almost every night. There were some things we wish they wouldn't include, like alcohol or jokes about Christian beliefs and God. However, we couldn't finish season 7: we had an uneasy feeling when one of the female main characters met another female. Before watching more episodes, we did some research and found Hallmark had decided to introduce homosexual relationships in this series. With that, we no longer can recommend this show.
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Grace Lemke
August 28, 2017
I have really enjoyed this show. It's light, wholesome, and has a healthy message. It's nice having a program the entire family, including young children, can enjoy. I enjoy the lack of cussing, and while there is romance, it's not overly sexual. I appreciate that the writers do tackle some hard issues, loss of a parent, divorce, infertility. I also approve of the image portrayed by the cast; they take pride in appearance while being tasteful and modest with attire. Again, a really refreshing show for the whole family.
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