Deep Fried Dynasty

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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Welcome to The State Fair of Texas! (#101)
It's opening day at the State Fair of Texas, where food is bigger, better, and deep fried! Fried Jesus and the Stiffers serve up Fried Butter, Fried PB & J's and Fried S'more's.
2 Funnel Cakes and Football (#102)
It's game day at the Cotton Bowl in the center of the fairgrounds. Chef Cassy creates social media buzz, while a bad batch of funnel cake mix shuts down the fryers at Fernie's.
3 Deep Fried Reviews (#103)
The reviews are in! Fernie's Funnel Cakes take honors for their Toffee Coffee Crunch Cake, but run out of their main ingredient, donuts! Gulf Coast Grill's "Deep Fried I-35" gets trashed, and Chef Cassy struggles with employee problems.
4 Will Sing for Fried Food (#104)
When Smokey John's is short on staff, they enlist Abel to help sell their new Crispy Crazy Corn; Gretchen pushes an employee's jingle to help promote the Deep Fried I-35; and the Stifflers are busted for unknowingly selling alcohol to a minor.
5 Deep Fried Emergency (#105)
Abel struggles to run his booths after his top manager suffers a kitchen accident; the Stifflers struggle with organization as Rick micromanages some of their staff; and we meet Nevins Concessions, who bring us into the world of "Meat on a Stick.
6 A Storm is a Brewin (#106)
A storm strikes fear at the fairgrounds. Tami-Jo Nevins leaves daughter Josey alone to see if she can handle the business by herself, while Cassy uses the rain as an excuse to pick up her new dumpling machine.
7 There's No Butter in the Fried Butter! (#107)
Poor quality control threatens Abel's fried butter and pancakes; after getting her dumpling machine, Cassy challenges an employee to a dumpling making contest; the women at Fernie's create a spiked cocktail to pair with their Toffee Coffee Crunch Cake.
8 Biggest Day of the Fair (#108)
The Oklahoma-Texas "Red River Showdown" is the backdrop of an ultimate battle between the Stifflers and Fernie's to see who can outsell each other on game day! Meanwhile, Smokey John's unveils a new Crispy Crazy Veggie Bowl.
9 Six Burgers in Three Minutes! (#109)
Brett at Juicy's hosts a hamburger eating challenge; Clint and Gretchen argue over staff bonuses; and after weeks of tension, Cassy fires two of her long term employees.
10 Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich (#110)
On "Thrifty Thursday", Fernie's introduces a new Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich; Gulf Coast Grill unveils their Brisket Cheddar Ranch Fries; and Juan & Brent at Smokey John's play hooky to eat their favorite fair food.
11 The Battle of Big Tex
Gulf Coast Grill, Fernie's Funnel Cakes, and Nevins Concessions compete in the Battle of Big Tex while Abel battles a bee invasion that affects his sales.
12 Fire At The Fair
Cassy finally gets her booth working with the help of Brett from Juicy's; Juan & Brent deal with a kitchen fire; and Tammy Stiffler goes to the Emergency Room.
13 Last Day Of The Fair
All the vendors try to unload inventory on the final day of the fair; Abel goes on a "biscuit run" when his fried butter supplies are low; and after finally turning her business around, Cassy gets a new business opportunity from Brett.

About this show

Deep Fried Dynasty is all about the big personalities behind the mouth-watering food at the State Fair of Texas. These grease-soaked geniuses have just 24 demanding days to turn deep fried delicacies into major profits. The series is an inside look at how these imaginative foods come to life and the millions of dollars on the line for these family-run small business.

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