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Birds of a Feather

2014 • ITV1
26 reviews
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Birds of a Feather Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Gimme Shelter
Sharon and Tracey have not spoken for years, since Sharon called Tracey's new husband Ralph a bad lot - which he was, hence Tracey's divorcing him. Now, in a meeting engineered by Tracey's schoolboy son Travis, they both turn up for a book signing by sexy authoress Foxy Cohen - who is actually Dorien.
2 Slave
Everybody is feeling the pinch and Sharon feels as if she is Dorien's slave so, to raise cash, the sisters force their house guest to sell her designer clothes at a boot fair. The sale does well but Tracey still has bills to pay so Gareth gets a job as a chef whilst Marcie starts up her business as a masseuse.
3 Hot Stuff
When Marcie complains that she and Garth have no privacy Tracey moves Poppy into the spare room so she and Sharon end up on the sofa downstairs. Constant interruptions lead Sharon to sleep in the attic, where she finds a bag containing fifty thousand pounds. After Sharon has spent some of it, getting Dorien into trouble, Garth discovers that the money was being guarded by his father for the fearsome Coker brothers whilst they are in prison and must not be touched at any cost.
4 Hearts for Sale
Garth plans to open his new restaurant but the building is in poor condition and Tracey is happy to date Robin, the plumber in charge of renovation. Dorien goes to visit the very elderly Stanley, whom she hopes to marry for his money whilst Sharon surprises a burglar who turns out to be old flame Lenny.
5 Tattoo You
Tracey is angry when Travis gets a tattoo to impress a girl at school but when it is revealed that she spent money on Botox - hence her inability to change expression - he accuses her of hypocrisy. Sharon fears she is going deaf so Tracey gives her money for a hearing aid, which she spends on having her own tattoo removed. After all the deafness was just a pork ball stuck in her ear.
6 Blinded by Love
Sharon gets a visit from estranged husband Chris, seeking a quick divorce so that he can marry his new love Angie, a blind woman. Angie and Dorien hit it off and she, along with the sisters, is invited to the engagement party. Here however Dorien learns that Chris has inherited a villa in Cyprus and it is clear that he wants the quick divorce so that Sharon has no claim to it.
7 Back to Zero
An irate Dorien resigns from World of Quid after discovering that her racy novel has ended up in the bargain bucket and soon afterwards Sharon is sacked for suspected fiddling.
8 You Can't Always Get What You Want
In the supermarket Sharon and Tracey meet two elderly sisters, friendly Annie and grumpy Sadie, who lives with her, and hope this will not be them in thirty years time. Next day they accompany Dorien to court, where she successfully defends herself against the plagiarism charge by proving that her book is based on her own racy love life.

About this show

Comedy series following the lives of sisters Tracey and Sharon who are left to fend for themselves after their husbands are arrested for armed robbery.

Ratings and reviews

26 reviews
Edward Thomas
January 15, 2016
So glad this is back, but for only 8 episodes a year? We need at least 13!
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James Philip Oliver
January 3, 2022
Doriens (Lesley Joseph) Legs. 5 Stars. Nuff said
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Jay Mason
August 13, 2016
Birds of a Feather is extremely enjoyable to watch. So chill out relax sit back & enjoy.
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