Deadly Australians

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Season 1 episodes (4)

1 Forests
Lurking beneath the canopy of Australia's forests is a motley crew of silent assassins, con artists, and brutal brawlers, all fighting for survival in this predators' paradise. In this episode, we open the case files of the nation's fiercest jungle warriors, following invertebrates that wage chemical warfare, marsupials that tear flesh from bone, and even trees that sting and burn. Join us as we enter their secret lairs and reveal the unscrupulous strategies and deadly weapons they've each perfected over millions of years of evolution.
2 Wetlands
From highland streams to lowland floodplains and from isolated waterholes to brackish estuaries, Australia's waterways are complex, competitive, and deadly. In this episode, we open the case files of the continent's most notorious wetland killers, including the venomous tiger snake, the tiny but fatally cunning Portia spider, and the heaviest hitter of them all, the saltwater crocodile. We also enter the battlefields, witnessing dramatic interactions between predators and prey and revealing the weapons each assassin has in its arsenal.
3 Deserts
Our investigation of Australia's deadliest creatures takes us to hell on Earth: the harsh, desolate Australian desert. Here, cold-blooded killers ooze venomous drool from their mouths, aerial assassins attack with switchblade-like talons, and creepy crawlers set one of the most efficient death traps in the animal kingdom. Witness this criminal line-up of perenties, death adders, wedge-tailed eagles, spiny-tailed gecko, antlions and more, and discover their ingenious adaptations that have allowed them to survive in this brutal environment.
4 Oceans
Beneath the surface of Australia's pristine waters, marine assailants of all shapes and sizes battle it out for supremacy. Some strike from the shadows. Others wield biological weapons that kill with efficiency. Others conquer with brutish strength and fierce jaws. Join us as we scan the oceans of this island paradise and produce a criminal line-up of the continent's deadliest cold-blooded killers, including the blue-lined octopus, the peacock mantis shrimp, and one of the most feared predators on the planet, the great white shark.

About this show

Australia is a world of wildly diverse landscapes and stunning beauty. But beneath the surface lies a seedy underbelly brimming with some the most toxic, ruthless, and dangerous creatures on the planet. This four-part series explores the continent's forests, swamps, deserts, and coastlines, gathering a murderer's row of merciless predators. From rainforest scorpions and Tasmanian devils, to great white sharks and redback spiders, to perenties and desert pythons, we shine a light on the Deadliest Australians found on land, sea and air.

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