The Drew Carey Show

1995 • ABC
157 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Pilot
Drew meets Mimi for the first time.
2 Miss Right
The best candidate for an available position at the store is an attractive female whom Drew likes, but if he hires her, company policy prohibits him from dating her.
3 The Joining of Two Unlikely Elements is a Mixture
When Kate becomes depressed about all of her friends getting married, she and Drew have a fake wedding.
4 Nature Abhors a Vacuum
Drew inadvertently terminates Mr. Bell's girlfriend, and Mr. Bell's lecherous attention focuses on Kate.
5 No Two Things in Nature Are Exactly Alike
Drew's tasteless interoffice cartoon offends an employee.
6 Drew Meets Lawyers
Drew resorts to representing himself in a lawsuit pending against him.
7 Drew in Court
Drew defends himself against charges that his cartoon created a hostile workplace.
8 Lewis' Sister
When Drew tells Lewis that his sister is coming on too strong, it causes some hostility between the two.
9 Drew and Mrs. Louder
Drew's new position as assistant to the store's founder soon turns compromising.
10 Science Names Suck
Drew's birthday party is jeopardized when Kate has a fight with his old school friend who has come for a visit.
11 The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree
Drew's dad pressures him to join his lodge, but Drew is not eager about the idea, especially when he discovers that many of the members are bigots.
12 Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics
Drew, Mimi and Oswald are forced into duty on the sales floor when the department store employees go on strike at the height of the holiday shopping season.
13 Drew and the Unstable Element
Drew accidentally hires a criminally-insane applicant and now has to find a way to fire him.
14 Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew
Mr. Bell's nephew shows his true personality while training with Drew.
15 There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God
When Drew is mistakenly believed to have been killed in a car accident, he ponders his life's purpose and considers becoming a priest.
16 Drew's New Assistant
Mr. Bell assigns Mimi as Drew's personal secretary.
17 The Front
Because office dating is prohibited, Drew and Lisa ask Kate and Jay to go with them on their date so that no one will think that they are together.
18 Playing a Unified Field
When Lisa decides to date other people, Drew dates his wild hairdresser.
19 An Atomic Cat Fight
Drew must decide between Kate, Lisa and Mimi when hiring for a new management position.
20 Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom
Kate's meddling mother wreaks havoc on Kate's relationship with Jay.
21 Drew Gets Motivated
A motivational speaker gives Drew some ideas, which create havoc for Drew at work.
22 Buzz Beer
When it seems like Drew and his friends will lose their jobs, they develop an idea for a business of their own--making "Buzz Beer."

About this show

One of television's brightest comedy sensations, DREW CAREY headlines as an average, single everyday Cleveland guy struggling to stay financially and romantically afloat. This half-hour comedy depicts the life of a wannabe upwardly mobile guy and his lifelong pals, Oswald (DIEDRICH BADER), Lewis (RYAN STILES) and Kate (CHRISTA MILLER).

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157 reviews
Skylar Karrasch (Ytse)
May 19, 2017
From what I understand, there is some right issues with the music they used in later seasons... but come on! Hulu paid 8 Million dollars for the rights to Seinfeld and look how many people are going to Hulu just to watch that! I think adding the entirety of The Drew Carey Show and if at all possible Whose Line is it Anyway, all original british, original american, and new american, you will make a lot of Google users happy, including me!
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Jim Worick
July 14, 2022
This is absolutely iconic piece of American television history this needs to be released in its entirety even if you have to dub over copyright songs Drew Carey and his friends are more than enough to overshadow a different score
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Ralph Medeiros
July 25, 2021
I miss the drew carey show,especially the ones with joe walsh,one of my favorite guitarists.My favorite scene was after he meets mimi,and says to Drew,ohh,you saw her too!!Too funny.
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