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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

2001 • BBC
42 reviews

Season 7 episodes (8)

1 When Jonny Met Sharky
After the Archer reopens following a refurbishment, all the girls decide to apply for the new barmaid's job. Jonny leaves for Hawaii to go shark-jumping, after winning a competition, leaving Gaz to try and find something more exciting to do.
Janet tries to find a quick way to recover from her grief, following the death of her husband Jonny, so Gaz offers his help.
3 Homophobia is Gay
Janet takes desperate action to stay safe for baby Corinthian. Gaz seeks a new friend to replace Jonny and Louise consorts with the spirit world.
4 Dead Jonny Walking
Pregnant Louise finds out she's carrying a girl, not a boy. When Donna fires bitchy Tim she has to work with depressed Janet and mad Munch. Gaz struggles to train Munch to be his best man. Janet picks a theme for Donna and Gaz's wedding: "dead Jonny".
5 Here Bums the Bride
Gaz works through his list of three things he must do before he dies, including being a porn star. Donna gets work in a charity shop to try to overcome her fear of death. Louise stumbles across a massive secret about Corinthian. When Munch wears an old tracksuit of Jonny's, Janet invites him round for fish fingers.
6 Six Months Later
When the bailiffs come to repossess her house, Janet has just 24 hours to get some money or lose her home. Louise finds a rich criminal who seems keen to help but all he offers Janet is a spit roast. Gaz struggles to babysit his son Corinthian. Donna desperately awaits the call to an interview for her dream job.
7 African Death Face
When Donna goes to London to get her dream job, Janet and Gaz are left alone together. After a night of Lambrini and candles they wake up and realise they've shagged... again! Donna learns to bluff her way into her dream job and Louise starts having contractions. Yes, it's baby time!
8 Borry
With Donna about to go to London, the secret of Janet and Gaz's relationship comes out. Then Donna reveals she's got a secret of her own. Meanwhile Louise finally has her baby, enthusiastically assisted by Munch.

About this show

Five penniless young adults have come up against some unanswerable questions. What happens when being a bloke actually takes effort? When the only porn mag you've got is 'Fat Chicks' from 1986? Or when you're jealous of your friend because she had a boyfriend once? Janet, Jonny, Gaz, Donna and Louise play the game of life in this brilliantly observed, highly engaging comedy for the Playstation generation.

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42 reviews
Chloe Neal
August 3, 2016
I only enjoyed seasons 1 to 6 plus the aftermath after that It didn't seem to interest me much. Such ashame that that they are missing.
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Allana-Skye Evans
May 31, 2018
Favourite tv show of all time! Came out a year before I was born and basically grew up watching the amazing cast❤
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Paul Varney
February 2, 2015
Missing season 1,2,3,4,5,6 the aftermouth parts 1&2, when janet met johnny, comic releif special, would like to see coming of age uploaded
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