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2013 • Sky1
15 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Panic on the Streets of Yonderland
Rumours of Imperatrix's presence in Yonderland bring about rioting in the streets, sending the Elders into lockdown. Debbie must quell the spiralling panic before the Yonderlanders destroy their home and the Elders start eating each other. Meanwhile, Negatus is given financial 'carte blanche' by Imperatrix, leading to an investment in weaponry that redefines 'overkill'. Meanwhile in 'our' world a mysterious old man on his deathbed sends a package to Debbie that will change everything, not least because of the bizarre messenger within it.
2 The Winging Detective
A murder at the Meadowlands Festival calls for the deductive powers of Yonderland's best (or rather only) detective, Mountebank. But when he turns out to be an unqualified charlatan, Debbie must find a skilled replacement to avoid being lumbered with the job herself. Meanwhile Negatus endures the Imperial equivalent of an Ofsted inspection from Imperatrix's number two. The heat is on for Debbie as husband Peter suspects something strange is afoot in the house. Little does he know how strange - an eccentric creature has taken up secret residence, with a message for Debbie from Yonderland.
3 A Vicious Circle
Mistakenly believing Debbie to be responsible for his brother Philip's death, Ellis of Woolworth comes to avenge him. He takes Debbie to the Vicious Circle, where she will be slagged-off... to death! But will Ellis realise he does not have his brother's killer instinct before it is too late? Meanwhile Admiral Anous is now addressing Negatus' numerous inefficiencies... with fatal results. At home, after a close call with the messenger creature, Peter starts to think that the house is haunted.
4 Up the Workers
Discovering a Yonderland sweatshop, Debbie finds that the wisdom of books has transformed ninnies from hapless idiots into capitalist pigs. She must find a way to save them from themselves, without anyone being fired into the sun. Demon Jeff has been banished by Negatus, leaving him short-handed when it comes to convincing Imperatrix that Admiral Anous is still alive. The creature in Debbie's house is finally able to reveal the message from Yonderland, and Debbie learns shocking information about her past and the second scroll. Jeff unwittingly gets back into Negatus' good books by bringing this information back to him and Imperatrix.
5 Nanny La Roo
Debbie refuses to be ejected from Yonderland until she is given a glimpse into her newly discovered past. But on reaching her childhood home, she finds that her disappearance has left a lasting scar on her childhood nanny, which is now affecting the next generation. Meanwhile, Negatus makes a big impression at the Overlords' convention, leaving his hapless demons to fight over who's in charge in his absence. Back at home, Peter's obsession with ghosts reaches a head and Debbie starts to understand the impact that Yonderland is having on her home life.
6 Game of Crones
Debbie is sent on a secret mission into the Imperatrix-controlled Darklands to rescue an eccentric scientist who's been hoodwinked into building a WMD. But, when the local resistance are found to be uninterested in any actual 'resisting', it is left to a disguised Debbie to pull off the plan right underneath the nose of Imperatrix. Meanwhile, Negatus sends his bickering minions on a team-building course, and becomes a willing (if hopeless) participant himself when he claps eyes on the attractive course leader. When Debbie returns home a rogue man's shoe from her disguise makes Peter worry again: could Debbie be having an affair?
7 The Last Fahl
A troublesome monster is preventing a caring tribe from picking the mushrooms that sustain their resident 'Fahl' - the last of a noble breed. But when Debbie discovers that the monster is in fact a female Fahl, her monster hunt becomes an exercise in match-making... complicated by the fact that the two Fahls utterly hate each other. Meanwhile, capitalising on Imperatrix's apparent disappearance, Negatus stages an inept coup. At home, Peter's meddlesome father makes an unexpected visit and shares his suspicions about Debbie's whereabouts with his son..
8 Careful What You Wish For
The discovery of a fruit tree that grants wishes sounds like a god-send, but not when it is put into the hands of the hapless Elders. Even Peter gets his wish to know exactly what Debbie's been getting up to. Thankfully, Debbie intervenes before the wish-fest ends in disaster, but not before all the wish-fruit are eaten... which is a pity, as they could really use a wish now that Imperatrix's latest creation is poised to destroy the world. But what will the culmination of the prophecy hold in store for Imperatrix and for Debbie?

About this show

In a far away land hidden in her cupboard Debbie must fulfil her duties as the chosen one and save Yonderland.

Ratings and reviews

15 reviews
A Google user
January 25, 2016
Funny, silly, heartwarming... this has everything you could ever wish for in a TV programme. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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Nancy Edwell
January 2, 2017
I love it, the actors are good, the story is good, and It's so funny! It is in a word awesomely incredible or incredibly awesome!
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rufus phillips
January 27, 2017
It's awesome and my whole family loves it too so they should keep doing them
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