Cyrus Vs. Cyrus: Design And Conquer

2016 • BRAVO
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Elegant and Kid Friendly
Interior designers and Nashville natives, Tish and Brandi Cyrus, take on their first clients. The catch? Their challenge is to redesign the living room and bathroom to not only be kid friendly, but to also be on par with the homeowners' luxurious taste.
2 Creating a Forever Home
Tish and Brandi need to create a "forever" home for a military family by upgrading the kitchen, living room and den. But a renovation isn't the only surprise, as Billy Ray Cyrus shows his support with a special impromptu performance in the redesigned space.
3 Foyer, No It's FoYea!
A single mom and her son challenge Tish and Brandi to complete existing construction in their foyer, living and dining room, while also creating a cool "tween" friendly place to hang out in the den. Tish has a moment of nostalgia when she surprises her clients with the same cheer squad that Miley Cyrus was a part of when she was growing up in Nashville.
4 Battle of the Styles
Tish and Brandi are given a design dilemma when they have to merge the opposing styles of their newest and fussiest clients, one of Nashville's top music execs and his fashionista wife. Can Tish and Brandi make their design styles of Native American meets Hollywood Glam work?
5 Young Love
Tish and Brandi deal with their biggest project yet - a unique duplex layout that needs to be transformed back into a single family home for a young couple wanting to expand their family.
6 Family is Everything
Each of the Cyrus clan has a place to call home in Nashville, except for Miley Cyrus. Hoping to entice Miley to come visit more, Billy Ray challenges Tish and Brandi to convert their old barn into a surprise for Miley, and make it a home in Nashville she can call her own. Nothing on this project will be easy, especially keeping it a secret from Miley. When everything goes wrong, they must race the clock to finish before Miley arrives.

About this show

Interior designers Tish Cyrus and her daughter, Brandi Cyrus, face off against each other in this design competition series. Mother and daughter hit the streets of Nashville to lend their design expertise to those in desperate need of guidance. While they share a passion for décor, their individual aesthetics are quite different. Tish and Brandi begin each episode by pitching their contrasting renovation proposals to the owners. The clients must then decide which of the two concepts they would like to turn into reality. Whichever Cyrus is on the losing end of the competition must work as the winner's assistant to bring the plans to fruition.

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