Melissa & Joey

2010 • Freeform
719 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (30)

1 Pilot
Mel must hire a manny when her niece and nephew are sent to live with her!
2 Moving On
Joe deals with getting his stuff back from his ex-wife, most importantly his flat screen TV. Mel dates a guy with ulterior motives. Lennox tries to make friends in her new school.
3 Nanny Love
Joe finds it difficult to meet women while working as a nanny. Mel helps Joe lie to score a date.
4 Boy Toys 'R' Us
Lennox starts dating a bad boy that Mel disapproves of, while Mel is also dating a bad boy of her own.
5 The Perfect Storm
Mel's father's visit causes lots of tension in the house.
6 Spies and Lies
Mel starts to spy on Joe when she becomes suspicious of his intentions. Meanwhile, they both suspect Ryder is victim to a bully.
7 Up Close And Personal
Joe dates a TV reporter working on a human interest story about Mel's life!
8 Dancing With The Stars of Toledo
Mel agrees to dance with a dancer from Dancing with the Stars at a charity event in Toledo, but needs to learn how to dance first.
9 Seoul Man
Joe was born at an Army base overseas and lost his birth certificate proving that he is a US citizen, and Mel has to protect him from getting in trouble with the law.
10 In Lennox We Trust
Mel brings Lennox to a convention where she meets the mayor's son, Brett. Brett dates Lennox, but winds up being more than Lennox bargained for.
11 A Fright in the Attic
After hearing spooky noises coming from the attic, Mel discovers her brother-in-law, Lewis Scanlon, has been hiding in there. Mel tries to convince Lewis to turn himself in while the neighborhood celebrates Halloween.
12 Joe Knows
Joe starts his own business and Mel gets to be an investor.
13 Enemies With Benefits
Joe's ex, Tiffany, tries to rekindle their relationship, but might be hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Lennox works on her popularity in school.
14 Don't Train on My Parade
Joe takes an interest in Mel's personal trainer. Lennox tries to be friends with Beckett.
15 Lost in Translation
A dinner between Mel, a Japanese businessman, and Joe, who acts as a translator, turns awkward; Lennox and her nemesis are forced to take on a project together.
16 Joe Versus the Reunion
Mel surprises Joe at his college reunion, pretending to be his girlfriend, after discovering he's embarrassed about his life.
17 Toledo's Next Top Model
Lennox is approached in a mall to be a model but has to persuade Mel for permission, while Joe helps Ryder ask a girl out.
18 Auction Hero
Mel volunteers Joe for a school charity auction, but the winner of the auction may have ulterior motives.
19 The Mel Word
Mel plans a wedding at her home; Lennox and Ryder work on a documentary together.
20 Waiting For Mr. Right
Mel feels the pressure to find someone when her last single friend gets engaged.
21 Young Love
Mel starts a romance with a younger man; Lennox challenges a classmate to be the editor of the school blog.
22 Mel and Joe's Anniversary
George throws a party for Mel to meet his friends; Joe confronts his ex-wife for going on a date at their spot on their anniversary.
23 Going the Distance?
Mel contemplates her relationship with George; Ryder meets Holly's parents.
24 All Politics Is Local
Mel's father returns to lobby for a bill Mel is against; Lennox's poems garner the attention of a popular classmate who wants to be a singer.
25 Teacher/Teacher
Joe gets Ryder in trouble with his teacher; Mel sneaks Lennox into an 18-and-over concert; Andy Lawrence guest stars.
26 The Other Longo
Joe's younger half-brother visits, and takes an interest in Mel.
27 Play Ball
Mel recruits Joe to play on her office softball team; Ryder asks Lennox to post Holly's story on the school blog.
28 A House Divided
Mel and Joe get into a property dispute with their neighbor; Ryder films a PSA starring Lennox.
29 The Settlement
Mel and Joe are faced with difficult decisions after Joe comes into some money.
30 Do as I Say, Not as I Did
Mel convinces Joe to follow Lennox to her school dance; Holly gets jealous of Ryder.

About this show

In this hilarious new original series, Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) is a former wild child turned local politician. When her sister ends up in prison and her brother-in-law goes on the lam, she takes in her teenaged niece and nephew. Spread too thin to manage by herself, help comes in the unlikely form of Joe (Joey Lawrence), a former commodities trader who is out of work. Desperate for a job, he moves in and becomes the family's manny.

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719 reviews
Frank Collins
May 7, 2015
Maybe it was Melissa. Or maybe it was Joey himself, maybe even both of them together; either way I`m sad this show is going away. The writing was off a couple of times but all of the actors on the show made it all work! Very sad and empty days lay ahead.
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amanda goslette
April 10, 2015
The best tv show made in a long time. wish it could never end. love to romantic funny drama to it. cant get enough of this show. makes you laugh from beginning to end of the episode. great job with this tv series
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Charity Nicole
September 15, 2017
I loved this sitcom. Bring it back! Mel & Joe's lives we're just starting out together and for it to end the way it did, leaves plenty of room to work in a continuation of where it was left off. Please bring it back!!! If you are going to end it, at least end it properly with a proper ending and conclusion, not something that leaves room for a continuation.
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