1988 • ABC
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Season 1 episodes (24)

1 Life and Stuff
In the series pilot, Roseanne is summoned to a parent/teacher conference after Darlene has been barking in class.
2 We're in the Money
When Dan receives a $500 advance on a drywall job, everyone hopes there will be money left over for something extra for themselves. When it turns out that, after the bills are paid, there will barely be enough left to buy one thing, Dan and Roseanne each buy themselves a luxury item on the sly. Darlene is scolded for lying, but they each ask her to hide the truth about something.
3 D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Roseanne and Dan plan a romantic dinner date out, and run into an old friend that they were unaware had been divorced. When they learn that her divorce was because her husband refused to allow her to follow a dream, that Roseanne inspired, Dan wonders if Roseanne will grow to feel the same way. When Jackie is late for baby-sitting, Becky is allowed to cover, much to the delight of the kids.
4 Language Lessons
While making his famous chili, Dan awaits a phone call about a badly-needed construction job, and has to run Jackie off the phone. Dan expresses his annoyance with Jackie always being over at their house to Roseanne, but while Dan and Roseanne are taking a relationship test in the back of a teen magazine for fun, his annoyances about Jackie come to the surface in front of her. When she comments that he wouldn't even notice so much if he had a job, Dan is pushed too far. Darlene is making a castle for extra credit because she is flunking History, but D.J. accidentally destroys it, causing a fight between the two.
5 Radio Days
Roseanne wants Dan to enter a country music song-writing contest sponsored by the local radio station. Dan is reluctant to do so until he finds out that the grand prize is a hundred dollars. Unable to come up with a new idea, and not pleased with anything he wrote in the past, Dan chooses one of Roseanne's old poems to put to music. Sexual tension between Jackie and Booker heat up in the workplace. Becky and Darlene are at each other's throats.
6 Lovers' Lane
Roseanne talks Booker and the women from work into going bowling. Becky gets dolled up for the night out, because she has a first crush on a boy from her school that works at the bowling alley, but is mortified at the thought of being embarrassed by her parents. Jackie and Booker make a "friendly" wager involving a sleepover vs. toilet bowl scrubbing.
6 Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
The annual Halloween Lanford event finds Roseanne following her neighbor Kathy Bowman, convinced she's planning a prank, and Jackie flirting with an unknown man in a moose costume.
7 The Memory Game
Dan hires a photographer to take a family portrait at the house for an upcoming high school reunion. Everyone is dressed up and posed when Jackie lets the cat out of the bag about a fling Dan had back in high school with Roseanne's nemesis.
8 Here's to Good Friends
Upset because she got dumped again, and certain she will never find a good man, Crystal turns to Roseanne and Jackie for support and advice. Booker turns down a date with Jackie because his "Mother" is in town, and turns up at the Lobo Lounge with another woman. Jackie decides not to turn the other cheek. Praying for a snow day, Darlene procrastinates doing a book report she has to turn in the next day.
9 Dan's Birthday Bash
The kids plan a birthday breakfast for their Dad. Roseanne plans a birthday bash for Dan at the Lobo Lounge. What starts out as a great party, soon turn sour, when a drunken bar patron picks a fight with Dan over use of the pool table. A furious Roseanne prevents Dan from brawling with the bruiser, leaving Dan humiliated and angry. Becky is nervous about meeting and having diner with her boyfriend's parents.
10 Saturday
Dan plans to spend another Saturday working on his truck in which more drinking with friends gets done than any actual work. Roseanne is fed up and bets Dan he can't get the truck fixed by the end of the afternoon. If she's right, he has to take over all oven-cleaning duties; if Roseanne's wrong, she has to take over all snow-shoveling duties. Meanwhile, Dan's drinking buddy Dwight tries his hardest to impress a disinterested Jackie.
11 Canoga Time
Roseanne and Dan clash over what will be donated to a charity drive. Dan has trouble letting go of his stuff, so he plots ways to keep it. Darlene is worried about a bad grade on her report card getting her into trouble, so she plots to conceal the truth from her parents. Jackie is upset with Booker for nearly standing her up... again.
12 The Monday Thru Friday Show
Darlene is discovering that her job delivering newspapers is not the easy way to make money she thought it would be. Roseanne and Dan each try to plan a second honeymoon, and disagree on which one they should take, leaving Jackie to step in and save the day. Becky is stuck with a moral dilemma at school.
13 Bridge Over Troubled Sonny
Dan and Roseanne contend with a miserable Crystal who can't get over her husband's death years earlier.
14 Father's Day
Dan's father arrives for a visit, and old resentments and hostility are brought into the light. The first of Ned Beatty's appearances as Ed Conner.
15 Nightmare on Oak Street
After Dan and the kids stay up late watching a horror movie, Roseanne must contend with a terrified Darlene keeping her up all night but soon learns there's more going on with her growing daughter than simple night terrors.
16 Mail Story
A day at the mall finds Becky giving Roseanne the silent treatment, Jackie lamenting about her life's lack of direction and Dan waiting in vain to buy a new pair of shoes.
17 Becky's Choice
Dan and Roseanne discover a difficult new side to Becky when they invite Chip and his parents over for a dinner party.
18 Slice of Life
Roseanne takes a guilt trip when Darlene faces a sudden, emergency appendectomy and the two have been at each other's throats for weeks.
19 Workin' Overtime
While Roseanne has to work overtime at the factory, Dan struggles to keep the house and family running with mixed results.
20 Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore
As a tornado blows through Lanford, Roseanne & co. work to keep their cool amidst potential disaster.
21 Death and Stuff
Roseanne's hospitality bites her in the behind when a door-to-door salesman she lets in the house dies in their kitchen and the family must contend with the corpse all day until the coroner can arrive.
22 Dear Mom and Dad
The Conner household is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Roseanne's parents who do nothing but criticize their daughters behind their backs.
23 Let's Call It Quits
A firm, no-nonsense supervisor takes charge at Wellman's, demanding a quota of 8,000 units. Roseanne, Jackie and all the women feel it's a tough load to handle. However, the boss will come down on his demands if Roseanne can swallow her pride and be humane.

About this show

This is the story of a working class family struggling with life's essential problems: marriage, children, money and parents-in-law.
301 reviews
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October 26, 2019
Hilarious and honest show that took place in the late 80s, early 90s. Roseanne kickstarted the careers of all of her costars. They repaid her with zero gratitude (excluding John Goodman, who still lives Roseanne) over politics. Not race. POLITICS. AND THEY KNOW IT. ONLY blind and stupid sheep dont see what really happened. Roseanne was hilarious. Still is. These people are ungrateful morons
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V dub
August 15, 2020
One of the best shows ever made. It was so ahead of it's time,. When other sitcoms were sickly sweet, Roseanne tackled teenage sex, unemployment, gay relationships, periods, and the general real life issues. And did it hilarilously! Top actors (apart for DJ, but he was young) and awesome writing. Seasons 3-5 are my favourite. I never get sick of it. The first time round, I related to Becky and Darlene and had a major crush on David. Watching it as an adult, I can relate to the adults more. Darlene still cracks me up.
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Pamela Darlene Woodward
April 26, 2019
Dan"John Goodman"was a father I wished I had growing up.I wanted 2b in that house. Sara Gilbert&Johnny Galeki were my inspiration for following my goals of writing.I love the conners,but it's not a real home without the loudness of Rosey"like her or not".And Jackie still is one of my favorite actor's along w/J.Goodman.I really hope Darlene&David become a fam/with there kids.The best eppisode ever "brain dead poets society"season 2. "Darlenes poem".I treasured this household coming up&Judy bloom
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