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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Starring Samuel Beckett, Albert Camus and Dr. Alois Alzheimer
The day after his 44th birthday, Thom Payne comes under pressure to rebrand himself after his agency hires a pair of young Swedish creative directors to evolve the company (skinny jeans are an option). Meanwhile, Dani, a headhunter, advises Thom to admit he's hit his joy ceiling.
2 Starring Marc Chagall, Abuela and Adolf Hitler
Thom loses his couch and gets a lesson in corporate America from Jonathan - it involves German pornography. The Swedes push a new campaign, and Lee's bubble is invaded when her mother sends Julius a package.
3 Starring Vladimir Nabokov, Hippocrates and God
When Julius gets ill, Thom's Catholicism and the Geico Gecko offer dueling takes on the meaning of suffering. MGT departments begin the downsizing process. And a sh*t fan hits New York Life.
4 Starring Sigmund Freud, Charles Bukowski and Seven Billion A**holes
While waiting for the mothership that left him on this sh***y planet to return, Thom is overrun by a**holes. The Swedes (a**holes) continue to castrate him at work, Jonathan (occasional a**hole) introduces the official Nazi handbook at a meeting and Julius gets suspended for hitting Fitzgerald Miller (a**hole).
5 Starring Josey Wales, Jesus Christ and the New York Times
When Thom's train strikes and kills a commuter, he gets a life lesson. Gottfrid questions Thom's priorities when he misses his morning meeting. And Lee finds a new studio with a Holocaust survivor landlord.
6 Starring Helen Keller, Moses and Lenny Bruce
A new store at the local mall sends Lee into a tailspin. Thom takes over a campaign and consoles Larry. And the Swedes attempt to steal Lorna while offering Thom another big account.
7 Starring David Ogilvy, Anton Chekhov and Gluten Enteropathy
Thom travels to LA and promises Julius he'll bring him back a toy. Lee gets a new cell phone and comforts Julius when Thom is forced to stay in town till the next week by Gottfrid.
8 Starring Rene Descartes, Adweek and HRH the Princess of Arendelle
Thom gets forced out of his office for the new "Ideation Room." Lee vents on Frozen while helping out as lunch mom and meets Sandy. James Deen gives three fool-proof tips on success in porn/corporate America.
9 Starring Mr. Mike, Joseph McCarthy and Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Tragic news greets Thom this morning, as the agency tries to sell the Army on fear as a marketing strategy. Thom wants to quit. Lee wants Julius to be a Jew. Also: lobotomies, ISIS, and the meaning or not meaning of Life.
10 Starring Christopher Hitchens, Philip Larkin and Josef Stalin
Thom writes a story involving meaning, underpants, a church and a cop. Then he quits. Also: "Radical Capitalism", the New Yorker, hopes, dreams and a big red slide.

About this show

Thom Payne is a 44 year-old man whose world is thrown into disarray when his 25 year-old "wunderkind" boss arrives, saying things like "digital," "social" and "viral." Is he in need of a "rebranding," or does he just have a "low joy ceiling?" Maybe pursuing happiness is a fool's errand? Maybe, after 44 years on this ludicrous planet, settling for happyish is the best one can expect. Bitingly funny and raw, HAPPYish features a stellar cast led by Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn, and Bradley Whitford.

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15 reviews
Linda Everist
September 17, 2016
I can't believe this got canceled! Changed my thinking.
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Sean Domici
May 23, 2019
Cancellation after 1st season shows the truth behind the shows content...
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Peter Keres
September 16, 2016
Great show
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