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Buffering: Series 1 episodes (6)

1 Back on the Horse
After recently breaking up with Olivia, Iain launches himself into the dating scene. Greg naively enlists Thalia to help him to sext his own girlfriend Ashley. And Rosie plays scrabble with her dead boss (obviously).
2 Mixing Bowl
Iain and Olivia debate whether they are ready to become co-parents, as the first scan looms. Ashley gets the three-year itch as Greg tries to celebrate their anniversary. Rosie takes care of Tamagotchi toys with Thalia's reluctant help.
3 Adult TV
Iain makes his move into prime time television as a guest on The Chase. Ashley attends her school reunion with Thalia and reconnects with her ex-boyfriend Robbie. Rosie has an unorthodox way to help Olivia with her trauma.
4 Throuple Goals
Iain meets up with an old friend and accidentally ends up in a throuple. Ashley attends a boxercise class with Thalia and inexplicably invites Robbie. Olivia avoids dealing with her own trauma by helping Rosie overcome her complimentary condiment kleptomania.
5 Tate Peckham
Rosie hosts a pop-up art gallery at the house, which is hijacked by Thalia. Iain gets roped in as the 'mystery celebrity guest'. To deal with her trauma, Olivia drags Finn on a healing mission. In Greg's absence, Ashley and Robbie get close.
6 Screen Test
Iain screen tests for a prime time dating show with Vicky Pattison. Ashley attempts to shut the door on her relationship with Robbie, before Greg's return. Meanwhile Rosie tries to convince Iain and Olivia to finally open up to each other about the miscarriage.

About this show

Buffering follows Iain (Iain Stirling), a children's TV presenter with an aversion to kids and in an up and down relationship (mainly down) with TV producer Olivia (Elena Saurel). Iain's housemates Rosie (Jessie Cave), Greg (Paul G Raymond), Ashley (Rosa Robson) and Thalia (Janine Harouni) alongside Ashley's old flame Robbie (Sean Sagar), are all navigating that age where they're too old for nightclubs but too poor for mortgages. Part of a generation who are told they must live the perfect life, these friends discover it's not only ok but healthy to fail, over and over again.

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