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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Fun and (S)laughter
British detective and recovering alcoholic Jim Worth is adjusting to the quiet life in the Canadian Rockies after moving from London to the mountain idyll of Little Big Bear with his family - his wife Angela, teenage daughter Anna, and five-year-old son Petey. As the new chief of police, he finds there is little to occupy himself with at work, until North Stream Oil sets up a refinery near the town. Jim struggles to protect his family and the town from the wave of organised crime that follows. When a local doctor who previously launched accusations against the corporation turns up dead, Jim suspects foul play and opens a murder investigation. After Jim's family suffers a shocking tragedy, dark, dangerous secrets emerge and vengeance arrives in paradise to unleash a very particular kind of hell.
2 The Kid
The Worth family is left devastated by the tragedy that has taken place. Racked by guilt at escaping the bullet meant for him, Jim begins a slow, inexorable slide back to the comfort of a whiskey bottle. Fearing the house is no longer safe, he secures Anna in a hotel, and attempts to bury his grief in work by picking the North Stream murder case back up, instinctively believing there is some connection to his own loss. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the botched assassination choose to stay in Little Big Bear to finish what they started, hiding in plain sight as North Stream refinery workers. However, one member of the group - the erratic Johnny - slips up and provides an unwitting Anna with a piece of evidence that could implicate them all. Whitey, the group's leader, looks to tie up the loose end.
3 Comfort of Strangers
Utterly consumed by grief, Jim's anguish becomes too much to bear, and he loses his battle to stay sober. After a night of heavy drinking and blackouts, he returns to the hotel only to find Anna has disappeared. In a narrative that unfolds in a non-sequential order, we slip backwards and forwards through the events of that day. Cutting between carnage on the reserve, a heart-stopping showdown on the edge of a dam, and a grisly scene by the shore of a river, where Whitey holds a bloodied rock in his hands, hell has broken loose in Little Big Bear.
4 Jack
As Whitey's infatuation with Anna deepens, the family must endure their loved one's funeral and process their grief and respective guilt over what happened. Despite his conflicted feelings for the police chief's daughter, Whitey sets in motion a violent plan to ensnare Jim. Meanwhile, Louis Gagnon, head of security at North Stream Oil, gets wind that national media outlets will be printing a story about the oil company bringing organised crime to Little Big Bear. He demands the vice president of stakeholder relations, Elizabeth Bradshaw, spikes the story by leaking details of Jim's activity during his blackout. Knowing that it's a story that would utterly destroy the shattered Worth family, Bradshaw faces a moral and professional crisis. Do her job, exert her power and protect the reputation of her employer or protect a family slowly drowning in grief.
5 Bait
With Jim banished from his family home, Angela decides to take the security of her family into her own hands. With his original plan in tatters and completely out of his depth, Whitey's uncle Frank attempts to take advantage of the oil boom by presenting local bar owner Randy with a business proposal (although the relationship rapidly becomes more than just professional). Meanwhile, with Jim at breaking point and in a constant state of grief-laden inebriation, Whitey and his right-hand man Godswill attempt to take advantage of the situation, and execute a plan designed to lure Worth to certain death. Little does Whitey know that Jim isn't running the show any more and that his fearless, devious, violent, undercover handle, Jack Devlin, long suppressed by years of sobriety, has finally emerged. And Whitey isn't the only one who can lay a trap.
6 Cuckoo
Devastated by the consequences of Jim's swift and violent response to his kidnap attempt, Whitey's anguish drives him deeper into recklessness. Like his quarry, he is now consumed with rage and grief and utterly out of control. Knowing Angela and Anna are alone, off plan and entirely off the reservation, Whitey heads to the Worth house, armed. However, once again he finds himself on the back foot. Jack's back and Whitey finally comes face to face with his target for what may be the tensest family dinner in history. Meanwhile, Elizabeth confronts Gagnon regarding his questionable interest in bringing down Jim Worth. Disturbed by his response, Bradshaw begins to look into the background of the enigmatic Quebecois. As she digs deeper, dangerous secrets begin to emerge regarding her employer's activities in the region, and she realises her position offers her perilously little protection.
7 Exposure
Jack's excessive reaction to the burgeoning connection between Whitey and Anna succeeds only in driving his daughter further away from him. Once again thrown out of his home, and out of whiskey, a bruised, bloodied, but temporarily sober Jim wakes up to a message from Jack scrawled on the bathroom mirror. Sensing an unnamed danger in Whitey, and intent on seeking revenge for the tragedy perpetrated against her family, Angela makes a shocking decision. Calling on Jack, not Jim, to finish the job of finding the one who tore their family apart, Angela summons the demon of her husband's dark, alcoholic past. Meanwhile, Elizabeth investigates a lead in the local First Nations Reserve of Reverie, and uncovers a dreadful event North Stream Oil was responsible for.
8 This Be the Verse
Despite the ravages of alcohol taking hold, Jack is starting to piece events together. Long-buried horrors from his past are resurfacing, offering tantalising glimpses of the truth of his present. Connecting Frank to the family tragedy, Jack looks to extricate information by applying pressure to his Achilles heel - the local bar owner Randy. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has found an eyewitness who can corroborate Jim's allegations against North Stream Oil, and attempts to drive her to Calgary to testify. However, Gagnon finds a weakness, and will stop at nothing to ensure all trace of North Stream's involvement in the allegations is eliminated. As each player seeks to either find the truth or bury it, Little Big Bear descends into chaos, with lethal, explosive consequences.
9 Fortunate Boy
In an extraordinary episode, we go back 10 years, and across the Atlantic, to meet Jack Devlin, undercover and at the peak of his drug and booze addiction. All the while, Angela and Anna are living a matter of miles away. His operation culminates over one fateful night, leading to a traumatising series of events, the ramifications of which follow him all the way to Little Big Bear.
10 My Love Is Vengeance
A trail of broken promises has led to this moment. Jack, upon learning the identity of the killer, abandons any remaining semblance of being the town's symbol of law and order. Both he and Angela head into the mountains to bring things to a conclusion. For Angela, the goal is to bring a runaway Anna home. For Jack, there is no family, only revenge. And blood will be spilled.

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In a remote mountain town filled with migrant oil workers, a police chief is forced to confront a rising tide of crime, in so doing becoming a victim of an unspeakable act of violence. The aftershock of that event leads the police chief on a self-destructive path, culminating in the appearance of a ruthless alter ego.

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March 2, 2022
Love this show! I just do!
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January 26, 2022
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